We fix the water tap independently

To repair a water tap is often much easier than replacing it, so this simple operation is worth mastering every home master.

Before you start repair, you need toshut off the water with a valve. Usually he is in the apartments in the toilet, and if it is a garden plot, then in a place where your part of the water pipe is moving away from the highway. In the modern housing can be installed and separate valves for each tap. In this case, they should be looked for under a sink, sink or gas stove. After the water is blocked, you can start repairing. Before turning the knob, you need to open the water tap gently to allow the spindle and the shoe to move away from the saddle. It is most convenient to turn the crown with a gas wrench, but you can also use a wrench of suitable dimensions. After finishing the repair, it is necessary to take the head, remove the old seal from the groove, wind the flax string in the direction of the circular arrow. When the form of the seal becomes like a cone, it must be moistened with water, so the fibers do not turn. The head can be replaced. In general, in the crane head repair may be required four elements: a gasket, a valve, a spindle or an oil seal bushing. A plumber with experience can determine the problem without dismantling the crane.

We repair water faucets: gasket

In the event that the tap has flowed, and the leak lastsa few days, even when the spindle is completely screwed, in this case the fault is the gasket. It can wear or harden, and can also be cut by sharp edges of the saddle. It is necessary to turn out the head and turn the screw that secures the gasket. It is more appropriate and more convenient to use a gasket that has a diameter larger by a millimeter than a valve seat. So the gasket will hold tightly in the nest. The edges that protrude can be cut with scissors. Now you can collect everything.

We repair the water tap: valve

If the tap is not new, it can sometimes turn out so,that the walls of the valve or socket were crumbled. If the larger half of the circumference is damaged, the valve can not be repaired. In such a nest, the gasket is not centered, but constantly moves on the saddle, because of this the crane flows. The valve can be purchased in a shop or machined on a lathe. However, the easiest way to move the valve from an old head, which is usually available from a resourceful home master.

We repair the water tap: spindle

Sometimes it happens that from the tap constantlya powerful stream of water flows, and there is no possibility to block it: the handwheel turns very easily together with the spindle. After the water is blocked, the head can be turned out. There you can see that a few end threads of the external spindle thread from the handwheel side are erased. In the case when it comes to a common valve, you can wrap the head in place and pribintovat handwheel, feeding it forward as much as possible until you have the opportunity to do repairs.

We repair tap water: body and bushing

The body also has a thread that is exposederasing. Usually the body is in common with two spindles. Often when you open the tap starts to drip from the stuffing box. If the drops fall into the washbasin, bath or sink, it's not as bad as if they are dripping for other purposes. To begin with it is necessary to tighten the bushing with a key. You can not tighten strongly, otherwise it will stop spinning. In case the bushing is tightened, it is necessary to update the packing of the stuffing box groove. This must be done with the tap closed, the main valve can not be blocked.

Usually repaired water tapit turns out to be better than new in operation, so you should never throw out a head that has become unusable, as some of its elements may be useful.

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