We cook homemade cakes!

Traditionally, any holiday is celebrated with a feast,which never does without a beautiful and simply delicious dessert - cake! In stores just a huge assortment of a variety of cakes. Honey, sponge cakes, with butter cream or with whipped cream. But is it possible to compare store confectionery products and homemade cakes cooked by own hands? Of course not! Only now many have completely forgotten the unique taste of the freshest, only baked cake. So, we are preparing celebratory homemade cakes!


Homemade cakes are not always difficult and this cake is a confirmation.

Two eggs are beaten (preferably with a mixer) tothe formation of foam, they add sour cream in an amount of about 250 grams, half a can of condensed milk and a half teaspoon of soda, which is extinguished with vinegar, again everything is shaken up. After that, two glasses of flour are poured into the received mass. All the dough is divided into four absolutely equal parts, in two of which add a spoonful of cocoa.

Biscuits should be baked on parchment paper in a special form or simply laid on a baking sheet. The oven should be heated up to 190 degrees, each cake is fried for 15 minutes.

Ready cakes grease cream with whipped creamcontents of a pack of butter and a can of condensed milk. Put in a cold place soaked for a couple of hours, decorate at your discretion, you can just rub it with chocolate.

Gingerbread cake with bananas

This cake refers to the category of cold cakes, that is, does not require baking at all.

A polylogram of gingerbread is cut along into thin plates, one of which will yield 3 - 4 parts. Three bananas are cut into circles, 70 grams of walnuts are crushed.

For cream half a liter of sour cream mixed with 2/3 cup sugar, whip whenever possible.

The ingredients are ready, it's time to startformation. Lay in layers, the first - the main of the gingerbread, the second - the bananas, the third - the cream and so on until the products end. Top pour the remains of the cream, sleep with walnuts and cocoa, remove the infusion in the refrigerator for 4 hours, or better at night.

Cake "Zeher"

This cake belongs to the famous category "Austrian cakes".

Dough. 150 grams of dark chocolate melt in a water bath. Half-cups of butter to beat the mixer for a minute, add to it 150 grams of powdered sugar, beat again for two minutes, then one by adding yolks from six eggs, after each knead. And the last is the seeds of the vanilla pod.

In another bowl, whip the remaining proteins and 300grams of sugar, whisk until smooth. The fourth part of the resulting mass is added to the melted chocolate and mixed. And the rest of the protein to combine with the dough from the butter, add 150 grams of flour and mix well.

Round shape or frying pan to overlay with paper forbaking and sprinkle with flour, put the dough and send the baked for 45 minutes. After letting the cake cool slightly and gently slice it along into three cakes.

250 grams of apricot confiture to bringboil in a small saucepan, pour into it two tablespoons brandy or cognac, cook for several minutes on low heat, stirring constantly. Ready mass strain through a sieve, half lubricate one of the cakes, cover with others and grease again with the leftovers, cover with the third.

Now you need to prepare the glaze. To do this, add 200 grams of cream to the bowl, pour 100 grams of sugar, crumble 200 grams of chocolate. Put the bowl in a water bath and stirring to bring to a homogeneous mass.

Spread the glaze over the entire surface of the cake, including the sides. Put in the refrigerator for at least an hour, but preferably at night. Before serving, decorate with whipped cream.

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