Water park "Jungle". Hurghada - a paradise in Egypt

As you know, Egypt is one of the tropical countries in which the tourist business is the main income. And therefore, much attention is paid to coastal resort areas, where travelers and vacationers especially like to visit. There are several popular tourist regions, among which are the developing resort city of Hurghada. There are many attractions of historical and cultural importance, as well as various entertainment, such as water park "Jungle". Hurghada is the center of the tourist area, where the largest Egyptian water amusement parks are located.

Park location"Jungle"

water park jungle hurghada

On the coast of the Red Sea is a network of hotels "Albatross", with some there are facilities for water entertainment. In this resort area and is a water park "Jungle". Hurghada - the eastern city of Egypt, which is the center of the “Red Sea” province, is located about 15 km from the hotel. The international airport can be reached in 20 minutes.The hotel itself is on the way to Safaga - a beautiful resort town, about 30 km from Soma Bay. Around the hotel "Jungle Park" are concentrated other hotels of the company "Albatross".

Service hotel "Albatross" -"Jungle"aquapark

jungle water park hurghada reviews

Hotel "Albatross" offers a theme park of water attractions "Jungle", and therefore this institution is also called the "Albatross Jungle" water park. Hurghada can rightfully be proud of this second-line resort. The hotel has four stars of international quality; the year of construction was 2009; here, rest is offered mainly for couples with children. The reception is located in a two-story building, and guests are accommodated in chalet-style houses, mostly one- and two-story. The rooms are equipped with everything needed for a comfortable stay: mini-bar, TV, communication and air conditioning, as well as a shower and bath. The room provides safes for storing valuables. Cleaning and linen change is carried out daily.

Waterpark entertainment"Jungle"

albatross jungle water park hurghada

The hotel has the second largest water park in this region, “Jungle”. Hurghada also has other parks, such as Sinbad or Titanic.On the territory of the park there are more than 30 breathtaking rides, among which there are various types of slides and pipes, which can be descended on an inflatable circle. You can also splash in the pools, whose number reaches 14, there are also children's pools with playgrounds. There are also special heated tanks for the winter period. In addition, various leisure facilities are provided for visitors: tennis courts, aerobic classes, discos and more. Here you can sunbathe, for this there are comfortable sun beds and umbrellas, you can also use the beach of the neighboring hotel.

other services

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For visitors to the hotel there are such services as a hairdresser and laundry. There is also a SPA center and a treatment room where the hotel’s clients can be given first aid. In addition, you can do aerobics in specially equipped rooms and go for a massage. Beautiful interior design, fresh air, pleasant atmosphere - this is the water park "Jungle". Hurghada offers many water activities, such as windsurfing, aqualizing, and others, but Jungle Park has a special place on this list.


Rest on the sea is one of the best, because it is not only the recovery of sea water, but also a lot of pleasant experiences. Sunny beaches and extraordinarily beautiful landscapes - this is an advantage resorts of tropical countries. At the same time, you can get double pleasure at raising adrenaline water rides by visiting “Jungle” - water park Hurghada (reviews about it mostly positive) attracts many tourists from around the world. Here you can relax with the whole family and get excellent service for a small price.

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