Water leakage sensor: types and reviews

In both small and large cities, accidents often happen in an apartment, a country house, or an office in almost every emergency case — this is a leak. That is why the water leakage sensor is one of the most sought after. With this sensor, you can protect an apartment or office from flooding. There are a large number of different devices from completely different manufacturers. However, not all of them are effective. Some of them are not able to catch minimal moisture, others are highly sensitive to various interferences. The article will talk about the most popular sensors, as well as the principles of operation and features.water leakage sensor

How it works?

Water leakage sensor has a simple principle of operation. After its installation, in order for it to work, it is necessary to close the contacts. In the original position, they have an open view. But when water gets on them, which is an excellent conductor of current, a short circuit occurs. This is the signal that goes to the controller.After that, this device gives commands to the mechanisms. Valves or other devices may be similar. Due to this, the water will be blocked throughout the house. It should be noted that the sensor is an active protection against flooding, while if you use waterproofing, you can achieve a similar effect, but several times weaker. Sensors that react to changes in potential difference are now common. That is, it is about changing when the liquid gets on the sensor. In this case, the internal resistance changes, and again the information is fed to the main device. gsm water leakage sensor


It is necessary to talk about the capabilities of water leakage sensors. Modern systems can perform several functions at once. For example, a sensor may block the operation of the entire system that is related to the emergency site. Due to this, heating boilers and pumps will be turned off. In addition, the power is turned off in the controls. Due to this, the solenoid valve completely blocks the water supply line.

The second special feature is the alert.If the system has such a function, it is possible to send a signal to a mobile phone or computer. If we are talking about the system type of smart home, it provides for the supply of sound and light signals. water leakage sensors in the apartment

Types of leak sensors used

At the moment, there are several types of distribution:

  • linear and autonomous;
  • wireless and stationary.

They differ from each other in design and capabilities. Below are all water leakage sensors.

Linear sensors

Linear sensors are called umbrellas, cable, tape. However, this does not change the essence of their work. Thanks to him, you can control the condition of the water mains. It should be noted that in these devices the sensor is as sensitive as possible, and a special cable is laid for its correct operation. It has the appearance of a ribbon. It must be laid along the entire pipeline in order to have maximum effect.water leakage sensor with valve


Such a sensor is independent. In order for it to work, there is no need for a controller. Its main task is to give sound or light signals when water is leaking.Quite often autonomous are wireless water leakage sensors.

Views by signaling method

There is also a classification according to the method of signal transmission. It's about wireless and landline. The latter work in such a way that with the help of wires they are connected to center equipment. The wireless device can work at a distance of up to 300 m. It will be the ideal solution if the room is too large and the length of the pipes is also maximum. However, such sensors will cost much more.wireless water leakage sensor

Fibaro Flood Sensor

This device can work using the standard smart home. This device in appearance will resemble the lampshade rather than the sensor itself. In addition to the fact that the device is non-standard in appearance, it is also characterized by the presence of a fastener that adjusts the inclination. Is there such a leakage sensor in the apartment that someone moves, then the owner will quickly find out about it. Specially installed the application that works when there are some extreme situations. Such a device measures the temperature, gives an emergency siren and a light indication.Moreover, this device can be used in completely different ways. You can even control the warm floor, also if you want to install it as a fire sensor. Such a unit is installed on completely different surfaces, as it has a telescopic probe.

Given that the device has mobility, it can be installed on any uneven surfaces. In addition, the sensor can be synchronized with any professional alarms. You can install it yourself. Also this device, having additional equipment, is capable of closing valves.aster water leakage sensor


This manufacturer creates GSM water leak sensors. This device differs in that it does not use the traditional smart home protocol as a communication standard. A special separate protocol was developed for it. Often this device can be used as an antenna that connects to the wiring. In this case, the sensor sends all the information to the controller. In order to use the system, it is necessary to install a hub and install sensors in places where there is a risk of water leakage. As a rule, this place is under the sink, near the refrigerator and dishwasher. You can also put it around the washing and drying machines.If an accident occurs, the sensor will quickly inform the owner of the problem. This is done via the Internet using a special application. The sensor can fix both large-scale accidents and small puddles, it can also report that a mold has formed.

Unfortunately, this device is almost incompatible with other complexes of the smart home. According to buyers, this drawback is the most significant. However, I am glad that it is not difficult to install this water leakage sensor yourself.


This system performs well when performing its mandatory functions. So, the sensor will emit a sound signal or notify through the controller in case of leakage. The device can also initiate the automatic closing of special devices in order to shut off the water supply. You can turn it on immediately after the leak is fixed. In the basic configuration of the Neptune water leakage sensor, there is one device that can be wired or wireless, as well as actuators that can block the flow of water and give a signal. You need to install the complex where there is a maximum risk of leakage.It is about the place near the washing machine, near the bath. Buyers report that this sensor is very compact. That is why this device can be easily installed anywhere. Among the functions should be noted the presence of electric drives that can quickly report on the accident. In the reviews, the buyer notes that the taps instantly respond to all signals.

Now the most popular are ball devices that are electrically driven. Installed such devices on the risers. It should be noted such an advantage as the presence of a battery, which allows the device to operate autonomously. If the electricity is OK, then the battery can operate in charging mode. In order to install such a device, special knowledge is not needed. Installation is easy.


Astra water leakage sensors are among the most popular. They are designed to operate the system for smart homes. It works on the principle of increasing operating currents when water comes in contact. Due to this, the alarm is triggered. Immediately after this, an SMS will be sent to the person’s phone.It is in this mode that the Astra 361 water leakage sensor works.

Astra 361 water leakage sensor


This electronic system has a special circuit as one of the controlled elements. Thanks to her, water is detected. There is a sensory wired and wireless. It is installed in completely different conditions. If water enters the space between the contacts, the mechanism automatically starts working. The resistance indicator drops, and the controller transmits an alarm. Wired devices can instantly report that a leak has occurred with a cable. In the reviews they write that the device has excellent quality and a high level of reliability.

If you need to put the sensor in difficult places, the installation will be very convenient due to the design of the device. Sometimes there is not enough cable. Even with the fact that there are such disadvantages, people still acquire such devices. Given that the cost is only 460 rubles, "Siren" has become very popular.

Water leakage sensors with a valve are currently among the most sought after. They allow you to create high insulation, they do not need additional power and their cost is lower than that of stand-alone devices.

Wireless sensors from this manufacturer communicate with the controller using radio waves. As a power supply, you should use ordinary finger batteries. The advantages of such a device include the fact that there are no wires and cables. Also, their small size will be a plus for many.

Making a sensor with your own hands

Sensor adjustment of water leakage can be done independently. The main thing is that a person be familiar with electronics and be able to safely control a soldering iron. A homemade device can work much better than what is bought in a store. It is necessary to use a special chip and radio components. In order to make such a device, you will have to spend no more than 100 rubles.

These devices can detect the presence of water using two contacts. They must be made of copper and coated with tin on top. It should be noted that the contacts must be protected from oxidation. They must be connected to the positive power contact. If water gets on the contacts, then the resistance will fall, the current about to grow. Due to this, the LEDs will light up, and the person will know that a leak has occurred somewhere.Create such a device will be very easy and cheap. Therefore, it is better to prefer this type of sensor if you want to save.

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