Want to learn how to put music on a video?

Designing your own video clips is a common hobby of people of different generations. New technologies allow you to make your own film and share it in the global network. In order for the video to be interesting, it should be processed: trim unnecessary scenes, connect significant fragments, add special effects and more. This raises the question of how to put music on the video. You will find the answer in this review.

Description of the program Movie Maker

You took an interesting fragment from the life, and the accompanying sound does not fit at all? The situation can be corrected, but to do it right, you need a handy video editor. The easiest option that does not require any costs is the Russian-language Movie Maker program, which is in the Windows system. It allows you not only to make music, but also to create original special effects.

how to lay music on video

How to work in Movie Maker?

This editor is intuitive, even for inexperienced users.If you want to figure out how to put music on a video using Movie Maker, first of all you need to import the file from the window on the left “Movie Operations”. After the download is complete, left-click on the video that appears in the “Wildlife Collection” section and move it to the storyboard scale below. In the same way, add music and place it on the time line. Changing the position of the red arrows at the edges, edit the duration of the melody (video) playback. Reduce the volume of the movie using the Sound Level tool by moving the slider to the right. When the work is done, go to the "Completing the creation of the film" section and save the file on your computer, choosing the best quality.

how to lay music on a video using movie maker

How to lay music on a video with Nero Vision?

It is very easy to create a background music in the application Nero Vision, which allows you to create simple, but at the same time high-quality amateur movies. Run the program, in the main menu select the item "Create Movie". Go to the new page. Add a video to the project using the Media Search button and move it to the timeline.After that, open the audio file and drag it onto the Audio 1 track. The program has prompts accompanying each step, so you will not have any problems with creating a video clip.

Movie Studio Windows Life

All users of the Windows 7 system have the program "Windows Life Movie Studio", which allows to get an answer to the question of how to put music on the video. To start, go to the "Start" menu - "All Programs" and click on the appropriate caption. Then click the button "Add videos and photos", select the desired video. After that, insert a melody using the "Add Music" tab. If necessary, go to the “Parameters” section to set the start and end time for playback. Log into the "Tools for working with video", in which you can adjust the volume. Save your work (section “Film Studio”) by selecting the recommended parameters.

Pinnacle studio

You can overlay the sound on the video using the program "Pinnacle Studio 17". It is a convenient and multifunctional tool for processing films, editing, creating special effects, many of which have a dual version for 2D and 3D projects. To apply them, just drag the icon to the video file.The product allows you to choose one of the ready-made templates created by the developers of Pinnacle Studio 17. Focusing on the buttons from the control panel and the tracks below, you will now easily understand how to make your own video clip.

how to lay music on a video with pinnacle studio

Photo DVD Maker Professional

The program in question is another tool that allows you to overlay audio recording on a clip from photos or videos. As a background music can be selected a specific melody or part of it, cut out using a special editor. The frame duration is set automatically; all you have to do is press the “Synchronize” button. You can burn a finished project onto a CD or place it on your social network page (view online).

Editor "Video editing"

The program allows you to process high-quality video, shot on a simple camera or phone. After launching the editor, you will see in the left window a list of folders located on the computer. Find the right video among them and move it to the bottom toolbar. Then open the “Edit” tab and select “Sound change” in it. In this section you have the opportunity to impose a melody selected from folders on the video. If desired, the duration of playing audio files is reduced.To make a video clip interesting, add different titles or images, cut off unnecessary scenes. When you achieve the desired result, go to the "Create" section and select one of the options to save the file. Set the conversion settings and click "Create Video". After some time, the new film will be ready for viewing.

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Ways of audio overlay on video in VirtualDub

The considered program can create an author's project from video files connected to music. From the File menu, open the desired movie and audio recording that you intend to overlay. After that, switch the video to streaming mode by performing the combination “Audio” - “Wav Audio”. Save the file in AVI format. After performing these simple steps get the original video.

The program for the imposition of music to music

You can combine several melodies using the Sound Recorder program located in each computer. It is located in the section “Start” - “Programs” - “Standard”. When you open it, launch any two players (for example, Media Player and WinAmp). In each of them, load the tracks you want to combine. After that, turn on the sound recording by clicking on the red circle.As a result, you will receive files with the wma extension.

program for imposing music on video

Free Wave MP3 Editor

If you need mp3 songs, use a special program for work, for example, Wave MP3 Edictor. It has a lot of special effects, filters and editing tools. The work is available to each user and does not present any difficulties. You just need to move one melody to the top window, and another to the bottom one. If desired, you can choose the desired time and add special effects. To listen to the result, click on the "Play" button. When the project completely suits you, record a unique single (REC).

Application Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition allows you to not only connect songs, but also to impose a voice or sound on a melody. After launching the product, you will need to click on the first time line, select the “Open” command and add the first audio file. Then click on the second temporary track and repeat the operation for another track. Next, you need to adjust the duration of playback. If one melody sounds louder than another, double-click the voice wave image and adjust the sound. If necessary, remove excess noise. When the work is ready, run the following combination: “File” - “Export” - “Audio”. In the window that appears, enter the name, the desired format, the file directory and save the project.program for imposing music on music adobe audition

We reviewed the most common programs for the imposition of music on video or other music, got acquainted with recording systems. Now you can create your own unique video clips with bright special effects or original remixes. All of your work will be the perfect complement to special occasions, parties and other significant events. The result depends on your fantasies and efforts!

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