Want to know what women like men?

Is there anything in common in qualities and behavior?women, to whom men are not indifferent? Yes, attractive women have some characteristics that distinguish them from uninteresting women. And this is not always just the appearance. Although the "exterior" is looked at first. So, what kind of women do men like?

Green grapes?

Let's begin with appearance. If you are comfortable with an unprestigious man, you can safely eat sweet-fat at night and say that models like homosexuals. And high-status men prefer women with a beautiful figure. A smart figure is not always leanness, not with every type of build leanness is beautiful.

what women like men

Compromises are permissible

The most beautiful figures in women normostenicheskogoPhysique with a small (5-10%) deficit in weight relative to the norm. Especially if she has a wide pelvis and a thin waist at the same time. But this is an ideal, and in life men often make compromises. If a woman is composed harmoniously and she does not have wrinkles and cellulite, and her face is beautiful, then a man with an above-average status may well pay attention to her.

Beauty man-made

Even if a woman is not a canonical beauty, shestill can attract his appearance a man, if he looks very well-groomed. What kind of women like men, if they can not boast with the data of Angelina Jolie? Only some features ... Eyebrows natural, but at the same time beautiful shape, low-key lipstick, high-quality mascara. A minimum of blush on the smooth, beautiful skin. Fresh breath even without chewing gum. How? Cure teeth and digestive organs. All this indicates that the woman is attentive to her health and, most likely, healthy.

Elite Club

what women like male Capricorns

What women like men of high status? Brightly, unusually beautiful. But such in nature is not enough, much less than worthy suitors. Therefore, even if you are on the notorious ten-point scale of the men of the G8, you can well count on a good partner. Especially if you can offer him more than just appearance.

Sunny bunny

What women like men especially? Can lift the mood, enjoy life, despite any events. There are women who smiles so much light and warmth that men agree to overcome difficulties and help, just to see on their beloved face a dazzling sunny smile.

Conversational conversations

Not all men like frivolous women. Very many lack intellectually rich communication. And if a woman can be simultaneously beautiful, emotionally supportive and interesting, as a companion, then the man will cherish her and cherish it, as a real treasure, because the combination of all three qualities is a rarity.

Dark side

what women do not like men

What kind of women do not like men? Fallen, forgotten, how to give a man joy and pleasure. Horrible for men, women are hysterical and always unhappy. And quickly bother the wife, who are only interested in life.

And do not believe in horoscopes. Instead of thinking about, for example, which women like Capricorn men, find out better how to define a socionic type. So you can specify how best to build a plan for hunting a man you like.

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