Kvass "Vyatka" - a drink not only tasty, but also healthy

Recently, Vyatskiy kvass is gaining more and more fame. The article will describe in detail about this drink, its production and the history of growth of popularity.

What is kvass? Features "Vyatka"

vyatsky kvass reviews

Kvass is a traditional Russian frothy drink. It is prepared on the basis of fermentation of germinated seeds of cereals (malt) and flour. Malt is sometimes replaced with dry rye bread. To enhance the taste of various recipes include the addition of fragrant herbs, honey, fruit or berry juice.

Vyatskiy kvass is a product of natural fermentation without preservatives, sweeteners and dyes. It includes only high-quality raw materials: grain, sugar and ferment ("live" yeast or a mixture of them with lactic acid bacteria). These ingredients, together with the original recipe and unique production technology in the natural process of maturation, are responsible for the whole bouquet of Vyatka - a wonderful taste and aroma.

Do not forget that this drink is not only tasty, refreshing and invigorating, but also useful. Natural Vyatsky kvass contains many vitamins and minerals that the body needs, it destroys harmful microflora, boosts immunity, activates metabolic processes, and cleans the body from toxins.

Types of "Vyatka" kvass

Kvas Vyatka

On the shelves of the stores there are several types of product, which differ in their flavor tones (sweet, sour, more or less tart). Everyone can choose the ideal option for themselves:

  • "Khlebny" is a rye kvass, created on the basis of "live" fermentation according to an ancient recipe of monks, known as early as the 12th century. Ingredients: water, sugar, yeast and rye or barley malt.
  • "For okroshka" - the composition does not differ from the "Hlebny", but is made differently. Improves appetite and digestion. It is recommended for saturation of the body with vitamins in the winter-spring period.
  • "Home" - in composition, taste and aroma does not differ from the usual homemade kvass.
  • "Hot" - a unique product, which is described in more detail below.
  • "Timati. Tour Olympus" - is made according to a specially developed recipe.Designed for active people. Gives vigor, energy and good mood.
  • EXPORT - the composition of the drink is traditional, but to adapt the taste to the needs of a foreign consumer in the manufacturing process, a lower fermentation temperature is used, and the alcohol content in the product is reduced to 0.45% (the volume fraction of alcohol in ordinary kvass with natural fermentation is at least 1.2% ) ;.
  • "Living Gift" - has a very rich taste and aroma. It is the result of the creative work of a group of technologists of the Vyatich plant.

What is "Hot Vyatsky kvass"? Product Reviews

hot vyatsky kvass reviews

"Hot Vyatka kvass" is a unique warming drink. It is based on an old Russian recipe, improved by Vyatich technologists. The warming effect is achieved by adding spices and orange extract to the composition.

When consumed, it is recommended to heat the drink to 50-60 degrees, but in no case boil it, otherwise it will lose its beneficial properties.

“Hot” is pleasant to drink in the dank weather and feel how the invigorating heat spreads throughout the body. It is sold in the very heart of Moscow - on Red Square.

History. Production secrets

Vyatsky kvass photo

Vyatka kvass is made at the Vyatich plant, which is located in the city of Kirov (until 1934, Vyatka, from which the name of the kvass originated) of the Kirov region. The plant was founded in 1903 by GermanBy Karl-August Otto Schneider. Originally produced only beer of different brands. After the revolution of 1917, the company was nationalized. Production is constantly increasing.

In 1942, M.V. Koshkonkov became the factory director. He decided to expand the range of products, and in 1943 a new line for the production of kvass and non-alcoholic carbonated drinks was launched. Since then, the plant has been repeatedly upgraded, improved recipe. To search for rare ancient recipes, even a small expedition to the Russian provinces and monasteries was equipped.

In 2001, a program of full reconstruction of the plant was launched. In many workshops they installed new expensive modern equipment, energy-saving and cleaning systems. Reconstruction and expansion of production continues today.

Growing popularity

Kvas Vyatka

Vyatka kvass reviews have always received positive and enjoyed a well-deserved demand from the Kirovs.However, it was not possible to expand the market and take more significant positions among competitors among manufacturers.

Everything changed dramatically after Putin’s press conference in June 2015, when journalist Vladimir Mamatov live asked the president to assist in the promotion of “kvass.” Vladimir Vladimirovich laughed, but the popularity of the drink began to grow, sales increased, advertising appeared. Vyatka kvass, the photo of which is in the article, conquered Moscow, Peter, and in 2016 entered the international market.

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