Vyacheslav Murugov: biography, filmography and photo

Not everyone knows this person in person. But many know his name and surname - Vyacheslav Murugov. And this is not surprising, because thanks to him, viewers have been enjoying interesting series for several years, revising their beloved stories more than once.

Who is this stranger?

It took him only fifteen years to become one of the most significant people in the Russian media business. It was under his strict guidance that over the past 16 years, over a hundred of various serials and full-length films have been released on several channels, which quite seriously and very successfully can compete with recognized Western films. Vyacheslav Murugov (biography, photo of this person doesn’t appear “on the air” so often, because he is sure that his best portrait is not written by the artist, but what he does with his own hands and his mind) became the producer of the already legendary series - “Margosha”, “Soldiers”, “Eighties” and many others.

Vyacheslav Murugov

He can surely be called a pioneer, because he quite talentedly adapted foreign series for domestic, Russian television.

And his career began from the stage when he was a member of the KVN team of the Belarusian State University, moreover, he is a multiple winner of the “TEFI” award.

Vyacheslav Murugov is a Russian director, producer, screenwriter and even a little actor. A man well known in narrow circles. It can be considered the engine of entertainment television in Russia of a new era. Most ordinary viewers do not know anything about him. But it was thanks to this man that the most popular shows of recent years appeared.


At the end of January 1969, the firstborn son, Vyacheslav, was born in the family of military officer Alexander Murugov. Parents really wanted a son, with love and hope awaited his appearance. Little Vyacheslav Murugov, biographywho says that this person is responsible and hardworking, was really welcome baby. From the first minutes he was surrounded by love, warmth and care.

Despite the fact that he was given every kind of concession, the boy from his very childhood understood that discipline was first of all. He always respected the decisions his father made.

Study, KVN, career ...

He was still very young when he decided that he wanted to study only at a military school. From Novosibirsk (his native city), he moved to Tver, because there was a Kalinin Suvorov School. He graduated at the age of seventeen, and then became a student of the military high school of Penza. This is what became for him a new stage in life, a certain starting point. After all, it is within the walls of the Penza Higher Artillery Engineering School Vyacheslav MurugovI realized that he not only knows how to write, but also does it with great pleasure. The young man joined the local KVN team. Vyacheslav went on stage, wrote jokes, invented interesting numbers.

 Vyacheslav Murugov photo with his wife

In 1995, he was invited to the BSU team as a young screenwriter. Murugov felt success, an inexplicable lightness of being and ordinary human happiness. Now he no longer wants to become a military man. Vyacheslav Alexandrovich decided not to renew the contract with the Belarusian army.

Two years later, he received a civil status. Thinking that you should not waste precious time in vain, he gets a job at the same time on two channels, and the federal ones. After working for RTR and ORT for a couple of years, Murugov went to the Ugra television company, becoming one of its producers.

The birth of new projects

Back in 1999, he came up with his first full-fledged project, which was the comedy series called "Accelerated Help". A year later, Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich was one of those who founded the production center “Lean-M”. From this point on, one after another a variety of series appeared. And in one of the first shows called “Pisaki” Vyacheslav Murugov played a small role.

Vyacheslav Murugov biography

2004 was especially successful for him: the series “Soldiers” is coming out, which has riveted the attention of millions of viewers. The same success was repeated two years later, when Murugov released another series that narrated about life, thoughts, hobbies and accomplishments of beginning military men. It was the same Kadetstvo. Yes, it was an exact hit in the target: there were no such TV shows on Russian television, and this fascinating story that united the lives of several children who entered the Suvorov school did not leave anyone indifferent.

From “Kadetstvo” to “Kitchen”

Vyacheslav Murugov, director of the television channel STS, whose filmography includes more than a dozen of fascinating works, became in 2008. Now he had a lot of completely new, almost unlimited possibilities. He had no reason for which he could refuse them.Therefore, Murugov immediately began to use them.

Vyacheslav Murugov biography photo

Thanks to such opportunities, the audience saw many popular shows and TV shows today - “Voronins”, “Margosha”, “Once in the Militia”. Interesting was the continuation of the story about the grown-up cadets. In the new multiseries picture, which is called “Kremlin cadets”, it is told about how the children study further. Not all the characters remained, someone left the project, someone added. But in general, everything was no less fascinating than before.

The producer continues to move forward. Since all his projects are megapopular, then on this wave he conceives and implements several more successful series and produces full-length films of his greatest hits. And again he was not mistaken. In 2014, "excellent" was the show of the comedy "Kitchen in Paris", and the next was scheduled to premiere "Daddy's Daughters."

Awards and family

For several years, Murugov received three TEFI awards. For example, in 2010 - for the "Voronin", "Brain-ring" and "History of Russian show business." In 2012 - for the "Closed school", "Traffic light" and "One for all." There were also awards for "Kitchen", "Molodezhka" and his other projects.

Vyacheslav Murugov filmography

The year 2015 was marked by another promotion: Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich becomes an advisor to the CEO of the huge CTC-Media holding. And since May of the same year Murugov has been one of the owners of the Art Pictures Group company. A year later, he holds the post of general director of CTC-Media.

Vyacheslav Murugov (photo with his wife, despite the ardent desire to see the inhabitants, who genuinely admire this man, almost none) is a family man. With his wife, Eugenia, they raise a daughter and two sons.

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