Biography Vyacheslav Bykov

Vyacheslav Arkadyevich Bykov - the legendary hockey player, the best mentor among domestic hockey coaches, winner of many sports trophies and titles.
As the central striker of the CSKA club, he was the champion of the USSR seven times, and in the national teams 5 times became the champion of the world and 2 - the Olympic Games.
Vyacheslav Arkadyevich BykovVyacheslav Arkadyevich Bykov
The renowned athlete is known to the public as a coach who revived in 2008, after 15 years of failure, the prestige of national hockey, giving the country a long-awaited and greatest victory in the World Cup, and as the culprit of a deafening failure in the Vancouver tournament in 2010, which became a bitter disappointment for fans. After all, they always believe that the team wins - but the coach loses.

Childhood and family Vyacheslav Bykov

Vyacheslav was born on July 24, 1960 in a Mari village on the banks of the River Turechka called Russian Sholner, Mari-Turek district. After 4 years, he had a younger sister Alain.Soon the family moved to Chelyabinsk. There they lived in the house of the grandfather and grandmother of Glory.
The parents of the future hockey star were simple workers. My father, Arkady Ivanovich, worked as a tailor, my mother, Galina Aleksandrovna, was a nursery school nurse.
Vyacheslav from a young age loved sports, did well in school, after which he became a student at the Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture. As the hockey player himself said, he decided to enter this university only because of the military department, he did not want to give up sports for a long time.

Hockey career Vyacheslav Bykov

Despite the success as a football player, Vyacheslav's passion for hockey won out. At first, he performed at Selkhovzuzovets, then at Metallurg, and from 1979, at Tractor, in the three Belousov - Bykov - Yezovskys.
Assessing the high individual potential of the player, Vyacheslav intended to pick up at CSKA. However, on the advice of the South Ural mentor Gennady Tsygurov, they deferred the transfer for a year - in order to consolidate Bykov’s success as the strongest in the team.
Vyacheslav Bykov in his youthVyacheslav Bykov in his youth
In the next, 1982, army coach Viktor Tikhonov personally came to Chelyabinsk for Bykov and took him to Moscow.
A performance at CSKA was the best option for becoming a young athlete. For 8 years of playing in the army trophy Khomutov - Bykov - Kamensky, not inferior to the first team Krutov - Larionov - Makarov, Vyacheslav became the 7 times champion, not once won high positions in the ratings of the leaders of the season.
Tikhonov taught him to understand that the most important means in preparing to achieve high results on the ice, along with professional skills in the theoretical, tactical, technical, physical and psychological sphere, remains discipline, the hockey player noted later.
Vyacheslav Bykov and Sergey MakarovVyacheslav Bykov and Sergey Makarov
In parallel with the brilliant performances at CSKA, Bykov participated in the USSR national team. The hockey player’s debut took place in September 1982 in Bratislava against the Czechs, where our team won with a score of 7: 4. As a striker of the national team, Bykov four times became the owner of the highest medals of the world championships and once the Olympics (Calgary 1988).
In 1990, together with his long-time partner Andrei Khomutov, Bykov moved to the Swiss club Friborg-Gotteron, but continued to participate in the games of our team (now the CIS).In its composition, he added the Olympic gold (Albertville 1992) and the 1993 World Cup to the collection of his international awards, playing in this tournament as team captain. In total, during participation in the World Cup and Olympic competitions, the hockey player has played 99 games, scoring 49 goals.
The Russian national team and its captain Vyacheslav Bykov World Cup 1993. Russian National Anthem
Since 1998, he became a Lausanne player, then, at the age of 40, one of the most talented world-level attackers - ended his acting career.
The farewell match of Vyacheslav Bykov - the team of the Swiss league against the stars of our hockey, took place in the city of Friborg. The hero of the occasion played for the period for each of the teams. His 12-year-old son Andrew spoke for the Russians. The attacker was accompanied by 8 thousand fans - in Switzerland they were admired and enthusiastically loved.

Coach Vyacheslav Bykov

When moving to Moscow, Vyacheslav transferred to correspondence courses at the Chelyabinsk Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture, and later he moved to the Leningrad Institute of Physical Education. After completing his studies, he received the qualification of a coach, and, while living in Switzerland, he completed trainer courses.Thus, during the transition to coaching, his skill and experience of the player were supported by a complete set of theoretical knowledge.
Coach Vyacheslav BykovCoach Vyacheslav Bykov
The work of the coach Bykov began in Friborg, in 2003, he took Swiss citizenship. In 2004, Bykov the coach was offered to lead CSKA. The first season in the new field in the home club Bykov failed, however, as experts noted, the young mentor instilled in CSKA a new recognizable attacking style.
Vyacheslav Bykov: about the problems of the Russian national hockey team
In 2006, having preserved this post, Bykov became the head coach of the national team and managed to revive the brilliant attacking hockey there. The following season, both Vyacheslav's teams waited for the success - the army team reached the semifinal of the playoffs of the national championship, and the national team won in three stages of the Euro Tour, losing in the final. At the World Cup in Moscow in 2007, our team showed an excellent game, although it won only the "bronze".

Personal life and family of Vyacheslav Bykov

Bykov got married before moving to Moscow in 1982. His wife Nadezhda was studying at that time in a trade college. The couple have two children. Maria was born in Chelyabinsk, Andrew - in the capital.In 2007, Nadezhda and Vyacheslav got married in Moscow, thereby securing the anniversary - 25 years of marriage.
Vyacheslav Bykov and his wife NadezhdaVyacheslav Bykov and his wife Nadezhda
The family of Vyacheslav Arkadyevich lives in Switzerland. Daughter Bykov - producer, the son is also a hockey player, having Swiss citizenship, stands for the national team and "Friborg-Gotteron."
Vyacheslav Bykov and his family: wife, daughter and sonVyacheslav Bykov and his family: wife, daughter and son
Bykov has government awards - the Order "Badge of Honor" and "For Services to the Fatherland" IV degree, a member of the Hall of Fame of the International Ice Hockey Federation.

Vyacheslav Bykov today

The peak of Bykov's career was Quebec 2008, when our team for the first time since 1993 won the gold in Canada. In 2009, the coach left CSKA to Salavat Yulaev. The team led by Bykov defended the title of world champion in Bern. But in 2010 in Vancouver, the Russian team lost to the Canadians in the quarter finals.
SKA coach Vyacheslav Bykov in the season 14/15SKA coach Vyacheslav Bykov in the season 14/15
In April 2011, the Ufa club led by Bykov won the Gagarin Cup, but in spite of this the agreement that had expired with it did not extend. Then in May, after a series of unsuccessful performances of the national team, the coach-champion was dismissed.
Having left the team, Vyacheslav Arkadyevich was out of work for some time.Starting the same duties as a mentor in the SKA St. Petersburg in 2014, he again made a no less vivid and spectacular breakthrough than in 2008, which was called a hockey miracle in the media. A brilliant hockey specialist in the very first season led the army team to the silver medals of the championship of the Russian Federation and to the highest achievement - the Gagarin Cup. According to the results of the 2014/2015 competition, an outstanding coach was declared the best among the clubs in the Continental Hockey League (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvian, Czech, Finnish Republics and Slovakia).
SKA celebrates winning the Gagarin Cup
Bulls, both during performances and during their coaching career, have always enjoyed sincere respect and well-deserved recognition from the players and the entire hockey community. At the moment, the titled mentor announced his resignation from his post as head coach of the army for family reasons (one of the alleged reasons for this decision is the birth of his grandson Ivan in Switzerland in December).

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