Volvo XC70 - owner reviews

Volvo has recently released a car,which is a continuation of the line of all-wheel-drive station wagons having increased cross-country ability. The current generation was called XC, replacing V. Manufacturers decided to emphasize these notes of an off-road xc70 reviewsNow it can be placed next to suchcrossovers like the XC60 and XC90, but it remains a station wagon that has increased patency, and the main competitors are Volkswagen Passat Alltrack and Audi A6 Allroad.

In the CIS countries it comes with a 3-litergasoline engine, which has a power of 304 horsepower and diesels, the volume of which is 2 and 2.4 liters, having a capacity of 163 and 215 horses, respectively. The car with a gasoline engine is installed only 6-speed automatic, but on the diesel version you can see both the mechanics and the machine. In any case, this is Volvo XC70. Reviews of the owners of both diesel and gasoline engines are only positive.

Manufacturers took care of safetydriver and passengers, equipping the car with a wide range of optional security systems. Among them, and tracking cruise control, and tracking system for dead zones, and a distance control system, and tracking the road markings.

Despite the fact that since the times whenThe car was recognized by square forms, a lot of time passed, it can still be recognized from any direction. At the same time, designers tried to emphasize its off-road plastic uncoated "skirt" Volvo XC70. Reviews often cover this detail of the car, showing its positive attitude towards it. The rear auto bumper is generally made of plastic, which is resistant to various scratches.вольво хс70 reviews

The machine is very elevated above the ground. Its clearance is 209 mm, which can be envied not only by competitors of its class, but also by some off-road cars. These manufacturers once again emphasize the purpose of the Volvo XC70. Reviews say that this is felt not only externally, but also from the inside.

The interior has not changed much, has remained sothe same conservative. At the same time, the addition of some of the optional elements of luxury added the missing grace. In the car you feel at home. This feeling is due to the presence of various pleasant trifles, which immediately you will not notice inside the Volvo XC70.

Reviews note that due to high ground clearanceyou feel like in an off-road car, and not in the universal. Impressive and range of adjustments of the steering wheel. On the right, left and above nothing presses. In the car you feel very free and comfortable. This applies to both the driver and passengers, which are located on the rear seats of the Volvo HC70, reviews say that it can easily fit 3 adults.

The most popular engine on this modelis a diesel, with a capacity of 215 horsepower. Together with a 6-speed automatic they organize a wonderful duo. The dynamics of its not much inferior to the petrol version, and the consumption is much xc70 specs

It's nice to drive the new Volvo XC70. The characteristics of this station wagon are impressive. He very quickly gaining speed, just as he develops it on the move. Everything is extremely easy and at ease. In the salon you will not hear any unnecessary noise. An additional pleasure is driving in sports mode.

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