"Volvo SH 90": specifications and reviews

The first generation of SUV Volvo XC90 wassuccessful. An attractive and courageous crossover from the most reliable automaker quickly found its buyer. Production of the second generation was to start in 2009-2010, but due to the sale of Volvo Cars to the Chinese Geely, it was postponed indefinitely. So the updated SUV was released only in 2014. But specialists did not lose time for nothing. The new Volvo CX 90 turned out to be excellent in all plans, but I'd like to talk more about its most important merits.

Volvo 90


The muscular body of a crossover with a V-shapedthe hood, towering above the ledges of the wings, looks sportingly powerful and even aggressive. Dimensions are impressive, because in length the model reaches 4807 mm. The width of the SUV is 2112 mm (with rear view mirrors), and its height is 1784 mm.

It should be noted that the bearing body of thisThe car is made of high-strength steel. And for the production of beams roofs and racks used even more reliable material. And this is boron steel, which is 5 times stronger than usual.

Especially attractive sports version of the model.Its features are darkened windows and optics, stylish bumpers, exclusive 20-inch wheels, roof rails, a powerful grille and side mirrors accented with a matte-metallic hue.

"Volvo SH 90", photo of which is provided above,is the owner of a really interesting design. So do not just lovers, but also experts. It is not without reason that this car in 2016 won the "North American SUV" award, repeating the success achieved in 2003 by the first generation.

new Volvo C90

Diesel powertrains

The Volvo X-90 of the new generation is offered withfour engines. The weakest is the 2-liter 190-strong "diesel" with a turbo, which works in tandem with an 8-speed "automatic". The maximum speed is 205 km / h, and the first "hundred" crossover is exchanged after 9.2 seconds after the start of the movement. Especially pleasing is the expense, because this motor consumes only 5.8 liters of fuel per 100 "urban" kilometers. And if you move along the road, it will decrease to 4.9 liters.

Another economical unit is installed underthe hood of the crossover "СХ 90 Вольво". "Diesel" of another modification has a similar volume, but more power. This 225-strong unit with a turbo and 8-speed "automatic", which facilitates acceleration to a maximum of 220 km / h. A mark of 100 km / h arrow speedometer reaches 7.8 seconds after the start of the movement. The consumption is 6.4 liters of fuel in the city. When driving on the highway, about 5.5 liters are spent.

Petrol versions

There are two of them in the model line, as well as diesel ones.And both engines have the same 2-liter volume. The weaker is the 249-hp turbo-charged unit. The maximum speed of versions with this engine is 215 km / h. And up to "hundred" they are accelerated in 8.2 seconds. The consumption in the mixed cycle is 7.6 liters of gasoline.

The most powerful models are aggregated by 320-strongengine, which allows you to accelerate to 230 km / h. And the first "hundred" such cars are exchanged after 6.5 seconds after the start. The consumption in a combined mode is about 8 liters. These are the most expensive models, but many believe that the impressive dynamics justifies the increased consumption of gasoline. By the way, all models are equipped with an 8-step "automatic", as well as diesel versions.

Volvo C90 reviews

Interior decoration

The new "Volvo 90" can boastelegant interior, in the process of registration of which only high-quality materials were used. In addition, there are practically no buttons on the center console. The options are controlled via a multi-function touch screen with a diagonal of 9.5 inches. It should be noted that its interface Sensus supports voice commands and integration with phones based on iOS and Android.

It is also important to note that for the new VolvoSpecial seats were designed with increased ergonomics and thinner backs. Thanks to their installation, it was possible to increase the legroom for passengers in the rear row. By the way, behind the rear are 3 separate seats, each of which is equipped with adjustments. And in the third row, which is available as an option, two people will feel comfortable growing up to 170 cm. The higher one will have to cramp, or be placed in front.

CU 90 Volvo diesel

Standard equipment

The basic equipment of Momentum pleases with widelist of equipment. It includes everything that can only be required - starting with a 3-spoke steering wheel with leather trim and tempered glass, ending with halogen optics with a mechanical corrector and humidity sensor.

In fact, the list of equipment even in the baseA set of several dozens of items. In addition to the above, the car is equipped with a 2-zone climate control, motion and rain sensors, anti-theft system, rear parking radar, backlit cosmetic mirrors, cruise control, tire pressure monitoring, a lift assistance option, lanes and many other functions.

вольво сх 90 photo

Optional equipment

For a fee to potential buyersa few dozen different options are offered. Many install 4-zone climate control, electric passenger seat, 12.3-inch graphic instrument panel, the function of heating the nozzles of the washer, electric panoramic sunroof.

Another useful addition can be considered washershigh-pressure headlamps, a projection screen on the windshield, an adaptive "cruise", a visual assistance system for parking, a cigarette lighter with ashtrays, an electric folding and folding rear row of seats.

The most expensive thing you can get foran additional fee is a salon trimmed with Nappa leather with sports seats. And a pneumatic suspension on all wheels and light-alloy 20-inch discs matte black.

Volvo C90 specifications


Talking about what has the "Volvo XV 90" characteristics, you can not forget its price.

So, a new model with a 235-horsepower engine willcost about 4,850,000 rubles. For this price a person will get an SUV in the base with several additional options. Among which are air suspension, electric side support adjustment, Carbon Fiber trim and preparation for installation of thresholds with illumination.

Interestingly, the same model with a smallmileage will be much cheaper. Although the condition of the car will be new. But due to the fact that she already had an owner, it will be possible to save a good amount, which can reach one million rubles.

how to adjust the handbrake in the Volvo C90

Owner Comments

Finally, it is worth mentioning theabout the off-road car "Volvo СХ 90" reviews. Comments are mostly positive. Most of all in this car people appreciate its patency, reliability, easy handling and a high level of comfort with excellent noise insulation.

And, of course, special attention is paid torunning gear of this SUV. The pneumatic suspension is soft, besides it can be adjusted independently under the personal manner of driving. Just like the brakes with the engine and the wheel.

True, many people have a question aboutHow to adjust the handbrake. In the "Volvo SH 90" a very capricious parking brake system. Just like in many other Volvo models. If the problem gives real inconvenience, then you have to change all three cables. But this is the only unpleasant nuance faced by the owners of an off-road car, and that's not all.

In the rest the car delivers only pleasure. The engine runs smoothly, the review is excellent, especially well the car behaves on the track. On the road you can ride without worrying about the integrity of the suspension. It is moderately rigid, smoothing out any irregularities and bumps. Even after flying at a speed into a deep pit, it will not be possible to pierce the suspension.

If to conclude, then it is possible with certaintydeclare that this car is worth its price and fully complies with the declared description. This is confirmed both by the owners' feedback, and high sales ratings.

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