Volkswagen Jetta, reviews and features

Volkswagen Jetta is a German car,manufactured by Volkswagen since 1976. Since the beginning of production of this model until 2013, 6 generations of cars have been produced, the latter in the summer of 2010. Volkswagen Jett is produced only in the modification of the sedan.

Volkswagget Jetta, reviewsSpecifications of the car with 1.4 TSI engine:

The length of the machine is 473.9 cm, the width is reclinedmirrors - 202 cm, and height - 148.2 cm. The machine's ground clearance is 16 cm. The total mass of the machine indicated by the manufacturer does not exceed 1870 kg. From the place to 100 km / h the car accelerates in 8.6 seconds. The maximum speed that this model can develop is 215 km / h. For every 100 km of country road the car spends 5.2 liters of fuel. On a mixed cycle, this figure increases to 6.3 liters, and on the urban cycle reaches 8.1 liters. In the basic configuration, the car boasts side airbags in the front seats, curtain airbags, heated mirrors, seats and nozzles of the washer, an audio system with four speakers.

Reviews about Volkswagen JettaReviews of Volkswagen Jett:

First of all, the owners are attracted by the confidentand the elegant appearance of this model. Many celebrate the spacious interior of the Volkswagen Jetta. The testimonies indicate that large and tall passengers can easily be placed in it. At the height of the quality of the interior: all the details are adjusted neatly, the manufacture used soft high-quality plastic, there are glove boxes and departments for small things. A spacious luggage compartment is another plus of the Volkswagen Jetta. The testimonies indicate that it easily includes sports and tourist equipment, large purchases.

 volkswagen jetta reviewsGood handling can also be attributed tovirtues of the Volkswagen Jetta. Reviews note that the car clearly obeys the steering wheel, smoothly enters the turns, quickly rebuilds when overtaking, well keeps the road at medium speeds. The car has excellent dynamics, confidently accelerates and quickly brakes. Fans of high speeds can, when driving, include the "sport" mode. Many note the high-quality climate control of the Volkswagen Jetta. The testimonies testify that he copes with both the thirty-degree frosts and the thirty-degree heat in a few minutes, normalizing the temperature in the cabin. In general, this model is quite reliable, the owners are only occasionally annoyed by minor breakdowns.

However, there were some shortcomings in thethe Volkswagen Jetta car. The feedback of every second owner confirms that the car is very noisy, at a speed of over 100 km / h it is necessary to raise the voice and ask the interlocutor. A rigid suspension can also be attributed to the shortcomings of this model - the driver and passengers on the road will experience all the irregularities and pits. Some complain about the floating rear suspension - at high speeds, the stern of the car pulls to the side, the driver has to steer regularly to keep the car smooth. Many say that for a machine of this class of TO, it is quite expensive. Also, we can note the lack of visibility, which restricts the front pillars and small rear-view mirrors. Cricket appears periodically in the salon.

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