Vladimir Larin: biography and books

Vladimir Nikolaevich Larin is a well-known geologist andwriter, who wrote more than 40 interesting, cognitive and scientific articles. Vladimir Nikolayevich - Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences and the author of several books.


About the life of this outstanding person factsbiographies collected a little. It is known that he was born in 1939. After graduation Vladimir Larin entered the Moscow State University at the Department of Geology. In 1962 he successfully graduated.

vladimir larin

For seven years Larin Vladimir Nikolaevich wrotehis thesis on the deposit of rare minerals, already in 1968 successfully defended it. After that, he immediately starts writing the next dissertation, which he submitted to the Academic Council already in 1989. This time the theme of his doctoral dissertation was the Earth, its composition and development.

The doctoral dissertation was not only successfully defended, but was soon printed in one of the prestigious editions of Canada in English.

Scientific discoveries

One of the main scientific discoveries of VladimirNikolaevich became his hypothesis that the Earth was originally hydride. Russian geologists not only became interested in this hypothesis Larin, but even supported it. Vladimir Larin believed that the composition of Earth's geospheres was originally hydride.

Books by Vladimir Larin

At the heart of it were basically only metals,silicon and hydrogen. But the planet developed further under the influence of hydrogen, which was released from the depths of the Earth. This hypothesis of Larin gave grounds to believe that the volume of the planet is represented by a sphere containing metals, their alloys and compounds, but without oxygen.

His vision of the planet, the hypothesis of Vladimir Larinconfirmed the scientific opinion of Academician Vernadsky, who expressed the same assumption about the structure of the planet. Many universities have developed their teaching and methodological complexes on Larin's hypothesis.

Larin's scientific articles

Vladimir Nikolaevich in 2013 is included in the editorial boardelectronic version of the journal "Deep Oil", in which he published many of his scientific articles. To date, Vladimir Larin has written a large number of articles on the Earth, its structure, development and future.

In his scientific works the author tried to show andthe model of the planet that may be in the near future. Vladimir Larin showed how from the point of view of geology and chemistry our planet will soon look.

The scientist was interested in the origin of the mountains andvolcanoes. He also devoted this topic to his research and scientific works. His research concerned not only what is behind the eruption of volcanoes, why the mountains are so stretched, but also considered the issues of the mineral deposit, which, according to the geologist, can be ore and non-ore.

Writing activities

Vladimir Nikolaevich Larin wrote severalremarkable books of scientific content, in which he declared himself not only as an outstanding scientist, but also about a talented person. To date, he has written five books, but all of them are devoted to his scientific work.

One of Larin's books is called "Our Earth", inwhich the author sets out his new conception of the vision of our planet. The scientist tries to trace not only the formation of the planet (how it originated, what processes took place on the surface and in the deep structures of the Earth), but also to understand what changes await this planet in the future. Vladimir Nikolaevich, as already mentioned, has five books written: "The Hypothesis of an Initially Hydride Earth," "Red Meteorite Granite Formations," "Our Earth," "The Hypothesis of an Initially Hydride Earth, 2nd Edition," and "Our Earth: A New Geology of Our Native rich hydrogen planet. "

Larin Vladimir Nikolaevich

Among his works there are books and articles devoted tohydrogen degassing of the Earth and the way oil is formed in the bowels of the planet. But for a very long time the works of this Russian geologist were not involved and were not taken into account. Only recently his scientific works and books began to be popular. Vladimir Larin made new and great discoveries in hydrogen energy. The importance of his books and works for the development of modern science and industry can not be overestimated.

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