Vitek kitchen scales: product overview and customer reviews

Culinary experts know that creating a masterpiece is impossible without the knowledge of the recipe and the exact observance of the rules for preparing dishes. Spices and components are specially weighed on kitchen electronic scales.

Why in the kitchen scales?

Before the popularization of kitchen scales 80% of housewives do notknew what kind of instrument it was and how to apply technology in practice. In the absence of a smart electronic device, grams were measured by eye or a measuring glass was used. These methods did not give a reliable result in the end. It is better to equip the inventory with an electronic device - kitchen scales Vitek, occupying a minimum of space and allowing to expand the menu, not limiting the diet to primitive everyday dishes.

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Functionality of desktop electronic scales

The function of updating the container will help to remove the weight of the dishesand get a clean mass of loose products or liquid. Measure the weight of several components, stacking the products in one container, and after weighing each of the ingredients, simply reset the previous values. The containers that come with Vitek kitchen scales are marked with dimensional divisions, which allows you to determine the volume of the product with an accuracy of milligram.

kitchen scales vitek reviews

Electronic scales with a lithium battery are convenient to use. Because the device turns on, as soon as you put the product on them, and independently turn off after 1-2 minutes in standby mode.

Why is the kitchen scale useful?

In some models of kitchen scales Vitekthe function of displaying on the scoreboard information on the calorie content of food, from which you are going to prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner. Counting is important to those who lead a healthy lifestyle and monitor the diet.

Description of Vitek scales of brand VT2400

Kitchen scales Vitek made in Russia. Model VT2400 enters the market in raspberry, orange, yellow, green and white with a thematic print. The permissible load on the surface of the device is 5 kilograms, the accuracy of measuring the mass of the ingredients is up to 0.1 gram. The weight of the measured product or spice is displayed on the LCD display, the platform itself is made of tempered glass, characterized by strength.

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Advantages of using electronic scales

The use of kitchen scales helps to optimize cooking, which is facilitated by a number of advantages:

  • Modifications and compact dimensions. Scales produce: desktop and wall, which hang on the wall in order to save space.
  • A set of basic functions, providing simplicity and convenience in use.
  • Strength characteristics and reliability of machinery.
  • Combination of quality and price.
  • Assortment of goods.

Cost of kitchen scale

Going to the store, every buyer desiresreturn home with a bargain. Vitek positions products as warranty products manufactured according to standards and latest technologies.

Over the past 4 years, prices for kitchen scales Vitek dynamically changed (the diagram in the photo below).

reviews vitek vt 2400 kitchen scale

Today, the electronic device costs from 800 to 1700 rubles, and to buy equipment, do not necessarily go to the store, make a purchase online.

Reviews of kitchen electronics Vitek

The buyer wants the purchased goodsfunctioned not for 1 year. Reviews of kitchen scales Vitek, left on the Internet and online store pages, characterize the declared product as a reliable and durable product. It is said that the battery keeps even with continuous operation, and the surface of the platform does not give cracks, since it is made of impact-resistant glass.

Buyers, according to reviews on Vitek VT 2400 (kitchen scales), like a bright design, the function of switching units, the function of indication of overload and shutdown.

The company "Vitek" has established itself as a reliable manufacturer of kitchen appliances. Reputation of the brand played on the popularity of domestic technology, because buyers trust TM Vitek.

Using this technique for the kitchen, you will notmeasure products on the eyes, spoons, allocate a separate cabinet to measuring bowls, spoons and glasses. This space can be used for other purposes, because kitchen scales from the company "Vitek" are thinner than 2 centimeters and do not occupy even 10% of the useful space of the cabinet or box in which they are stored. The buyer appreciates this and chooses ergonomic models of scales for the kitchen of TM "Vitek".

Kitchen scales are an interesting idea for a gift to an amateur cook, a beloved woman or wife, if she is not already familiar with this technique.

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