Vitamins "Aevit": composition, instructions for use, benefits for women and customer reviews

Without vitamins, our body can not fully function, this fact, we think, does not cause doubts among the inhabitants or the doctors. Every woman knows that a lack of vitamins and trace elements has a very negative impact on appearance. Sometimes a quick glance is enough to determine the increased need for certain substances. For example, brittle and dry hair, dull skin and exfoliated nails indicate that the body is in dire need of such vitamins as A and E.

Many fill their shortage by purchasing expensive drugs, but thrifty women prefer the Aevit vitamins. Reviews about them have been posted on the Internet for several decades now, which indicates their effectiveness. However, in all the comments left by users indicate the facts indicating the danger of overdose.We will give readers a complete instruction on the use of vitamins "Aevit", as well as tell you a few recipes for using this drug externally for cosmetic purposes.

capsules "Aevit"

What is "Aevit"

Vitamins "Aevit" significantly differ from those multivitamin complexes, which are sold in a large assortment in pharmacies. First of all, it is not recommended to take them without consulting a doctor. Of course, ideally, any drug should be prescribed by a doctor. Indeed, otherwise the risks of side effects increase. And in the case of vitamins "Aevit" you can also get a real poisoning. Especially if you break the recommended dosage.

In many reviews about vitamins "Aevit" consumers report their low cost. On average, one package costs from seventy to one hundred rubles, which is significantly lower compared to newfangled multivitamin complexes, the price of which is rarely less than 600 rubles.

Interestingly, there are many ways for the external use of Aevit vitamins on the Internet (they are not given in the instructions for use). If you have problems with skin and hair, but you are afraid to take the capsules inside, then masks will be the best way out.

I would also like to clarify that this drug contains fat-soluble vitamins that are perfectly absorbed by our body. But the excipients in it at least, which is ideal for people prone to allergic reactions.

Physicians, giving a characteristic of vitamins "Aevit", note that they have an immunostimulating effect. In addition, the drug has antioxidant properties, which especially attracts representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. For women, Aevit vitamins are a real find when it is necessary to quickly restore the beauty of hair, nails and skin after an illness, childbirth or long-term medication. It is also often drunk during the preparation for pregnancy. We will tell about this in more detail later.

The composition of the vitamin complex

The name of vitamins "Aevit" speaks for itself, it is quite easy to identify the main active ingredients of the drug. They are vitamins A and E, each of which has a powerful effect on the human body. You can talk about them for a long time, so we will show only the main advantages of these components of the drug:

  • Vitamin A.It is the main stimulator of immunity, and also actively participates in cellular and tissue metabolism. When taking this vitamin improves the condition of all mucous membranes, and also it has a positive effect on reproductive function. Doctors say that vitamin A promotes bone growth, activates the secretion of all glands and has a positive effect on visual acuity. In parallel, it contributes to the normal development of the embryo, is involved in the process of renewing hair and nail cells.
  • Vitamin E. Doctors are still studying this substance and are gradually discovering its new properties. For many years, it is known that the vitamin successfully inhibits the activity of free radicals. It activates the regenerative function and prevents the aging of the body. The positive effect of vitamin E on the vascular system is also noted.

As a result of research, it has been proven that these vitamins most fully manifest themselves together. Therefore, they are combined into a single complex, excluding other active substances. The instructions for vitamins "Aevit" noted that they contribute to the improvement of the overall condition of the body.It is noted that the drug increases resistance to stress, helps the tissues overcome the lack of oxygen, and normalizes fermentation.

Auxiliary substances include oils that help the body absorb vitamins. Most often, the manufacturer uses sunflower oil. The drug, produced in capsules, is composed of gelatin, from which the capsule itself is made.

Judging by the composition of the complex, it is not surprising that Aevit vitamins for the skin of the face, nails and hair are the best makeup. Thanks to this drug, women can be confident in their irresistible, regardless of what happens in their lives.

Drug release form

release form

The instructions for use of vitamins "Aevit" indicated that they are produced in two forms:

  • capsules;
  • ampoules.

Today, in pharmacies you can find a product manufactured by various pharmaceutical companies. Therefore, capsules packed in blisters and cardboard packaging, as well as packaged in glass jars, are on sale.

The solution for injection is Packed in ampoules of one milliliter. The dosage of vitamins in capsules and ampoules is standard.


Each of the vitamins, entering the body, is absorbed in different parts of the digestive system. At the same time, they tend to be distributed in tissues evenly and almost equally. But their surplus in overdose is deposited in different organs. Therefore, with uncontrolled intake of vitamin A, a person can get liver problems. Vitamin E can settle in adipose and muscle tissues, as well as erythrocytes.

From the body of the active components of the drug are derived through the secretion of the gallbladder or kidneys. Keep in mind that this is happening very slowly, so overdose is so dangerous. Doctors warn that even after a single capsule intake, one third of the taken is eliminated from the body for almost a month. Be extremely careful and strictly follow the instructions for use.

Vitamins "Aevit": what is the drug useful for men and women


Briefly, we have already described the effects of vitamins on our body, and now let's talk about this in more detail. If we talk about women, then the drug has a targeted effect in addition to its tonic properties.For example, doctors often write it out during the preparation for pregnancy. We all know that during the carrying of a baby, the body is under serious stress and needs good reserves of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, pregnancy planning can not do without taking vitamin complexes. But “Aevit” needs to be drunk a few months before the intended conception, otherwise there may be an excess of vitamins in the body, which will only harm the future baby.

If everything is done correctly, then by the time of conception, metabolic processes will improve in your body, oxygen will be supplied to organs and tissues, and immunity will be strengthened. All this will have a beneficial effect on the development of the crumbs. During pregnancy, drink "Aevit" in no case willfully. In some cases, the doctor decides whether the future mother should use this complex. This usually happens when the process of oxygen supply to tissues and organs is disturbed, which causes hypoxia in the fetus. But the dosage for pregnant women is chosen extremely benign, and the doctor also sets it up.

Often, "Aevit" prescribed as part of complex therapy in the treatment of mastitis.Its main task is the normalization of hormonal background, in parallel, the drug prevents toxic cell poisoning. It helps to restore the glandular tissue and protects the mammary glands from complications that occur with mastopathy very often.

Men should also pay attention to vitamins "Aevit". For hair and skin, of course, they will not use it, but it can improve reproductive function. Future fathers can take the drug and to the intended conception, and in the process. In the case of men, the complex will not damage their seminal fluid, and therefore will not have a negative impact on the future baby.

Summing up, we can say that in some situations it is simply impossible to do without Aevit vitamins. What is useful for women and men this complex, you already know. But besides this, he also has general indications for use, which we will also discuss.

List of indications

vitamins "Aevit"

Since this complex contains vitamins that are involved in almost all processes of the body, they are used quite widely. First of all, the drug is prescribed in cases of limited nutrition and problems with the absorbability and digestibility of vitamins.

Also, doctors recommend "Aevit" for liver diseases, including cirrhosis.Good effect on the body drug with recurring diarrhea and impaired absorption of fat in the digestive tract. If you have been diagnosed with problems with the biliary tract, the doctor will prescribe "Aevit" along with other drugs.

In order to quickly recover from a long illness, this complex is almost perfect. Often, it is discharged and with frequent infectious diseases to raise the immunity.

Those who can not balance their diet on their own, constantly follow a diet or simply limit themselves, counting calories, are also shown a vitamin complex. It will help balance the hormones and support the body, despite a number of limitations.

In the reviews about "Aevita" often indicate that it is very effective for people who are in a state of stress for a long time. Vitamins strengthen the nervous system and maintain good health.

Doctors prescribe vitamins and with different types of addiction: nicotine, alcohol and drugs.

In cosmetology, Aevit vitamins are also often prescribed: for the face, hair beauty and strong nails.They take the complex mainly inward, but also introduce it into the composition of various home-made masks.

How to drink vitamins for adults and children

reception "Aevita"

In capsules, Aevit vitamins are taken most often. This method is convenient and economical, besides is available to all categories of the population. Drink vitamins once a day after meals. The capsule should be washed down with plenty of water and in no case be chewed. Keep in mind that the instructions indicate the dosage - one capsule for twenty-four hours. It can not be exceeded, it is very dangerous. If in the reviews about vitamins "Aevit" (for skin and hair, the complex can be applied externally), you will read about taking capsules three times a day, then do not rush to repeat this experience. It can end in tears, even death.

The course of treatment usually lasts no more than 40 days, most often it is limited to one month. Re-taking vitamins can only be six months after the end of the first course. In rare cases, a doctor can shorten this period to three months.

Children do not prescribe a vitamin complex until the age of fourteen. The fact is that the concentration of vitamins A and E in one capsule significantly exceeds the children's need for them. After reaching the age of fourteen, adolescents can drink "Aevit" in the same way as adults.But this can be done only after consulting with your doctor.

Side effects list

Most often, the drug does not cause negative feedback, since when used correctly, it is well tolerated by all patients. However, this rule is valid when the dosage is observed and does not take into account the experience of people with individual intolerance to its individual components.

Side effects include nausea, vomiting, regular headaches and stomach problems. All these symptoms are accompanied by impaired stool.

Those who drink "Aevit" often and for a long time notice the aggravation of gallbladder diseases. If your body has accumulated excess vitamin A, then the side effects will be much more. In this case, the patient experiences irritation, sleep disturbances, mood swings and apathy. On the skin may appear cracks, there is increased dryness of the epidermis. Vitamins "Aevit" for the skin in high dosage have a negative effect. Long-term use of the drug is accompanied by changes in gait, pain in the joints, an increase in internal organs.

Are there any contraindications to the use of "Aevita"

vitamins for pregnant women

The drug can not be taken if you have identified intolerance. This is extremely rare, but in such cases it is necessary to immediately stop taking it.

With chronic problems with blood circulation, the drug is also not worth drinking. It can provoke a deterioration in the patient's condition.

There are a number of diseases in which the complex must be applied with great care and only under the supervision of a physician, regularly undergoing tests. These include the following ailments:

  • heart attack and other heart diseases;
  • vessel problems;
  • inflammatory diseases of the kidneys.

In pregnancy, only the doctor may prescribe a vitamin complex. In this case, the grounds for this must be extremely compelling. A patient expecting a baby is best to consult with several doctors before taking the drug.

External use of "Aevita" in cosmetology

"Aevit" for hair

Judging by the reviews, vitamins "Aevit" for the face, hair and nails are essential. But you can take them not only inside, they show themselves perfectly and as a cosmetic. Many women with the help of the drug returned youth to their skin and shine of hair.

In short, as an external agent, the complex is able to normalize cellular metabolism, improve blood circulation, retain the necessary moisture and improve the tone of the epidermis. Especially effective "Aevit" in the fight against fine wrinkles on the thin skin around the eyes. Reviews of such use of the drug is always full of admiring comments and numerous masque recipes based on the vitamin complex. We will give the most effective ones below.

If you want to nourish your skin around the eyes and make it more youthful, then make a simple mask that you need to apply for about fifteen minutes. It is very simple to prepare: you need to mix the contents of one capsule of "Aevita" with a teaspoon of honey and five milliliters of olive oil.

Those who suffer from acne and other skin problems may be advised to apply the drug in its pure form. This should be done pointwise to achieve a result. Usually two weeks is enough for the skin to clear and tighten.

Many women at home enrich their face cream "Aevitom." To do this, just squeeze a few drops of the vitamin complex in a jar with the tool and use it as usual.

Often in winter, girls complain of dry lips, this unpleasant symptom brings discomfort, so women use special balms and gels to soften and moisturize them. But a more effective tool can be prepared at home. To do this, the oils bought in a pharmacy (tea tree, coconut, shi, wheat and cocoa sprouts) are added to a convenient small-diameter dish and squeezed out Aevita capsules. Usually enough two pieces. The mixture is applied to the lips and left to fully absorb.

For hair, the drug is usually used in two versions. The first involves the application of "Aevita" on the hair at night. The tool should be distributed in locks and especially pay attention to the tips. If you want to enhance hair growth, then try a simple and effective mask. For it, you will need fresh onion juice (one tablespoon), mixed with the contents of capsules (3-4 pcs.). The mask is applied to the hair roots and held for about twenty minutes. It should be applied weekly for a month.

Cope "Aevit" also with brittle and weak nails. But in its pure form to put it on the nail plate is not worth it.Women write in reviews that it is very effective remedy mixed with hand cream. In this form, it must be rubbed into the nails once a day.

As you can see, the vitamin complex is used very widely. With it, you can get rid of many problems and regain beauty.

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