Visa centers of France in Moscow

The most romantic place on earth isParis, so lovers from all over the world try to get to this wonderful city at least once and admire the beauty of the Eiffel Tower or the Notre Dame Cathedral. But the French state is very demanding and strict towards its visa policy. To Russian tourists to visit this European country, you need to get a Schengen visa, having submitted documents for its registration in the visa centers of France at the place of their residence.

Where can I apply for a French visa?

Many people who have never come acrossthe procedure for obtaining a pass to enter the zone of the Schengen, do not know where to initially go and where to start. To begin with, it is necessary to collect all the necessary documents and, having registered, take them to the specialized visa centers of France located on the territory of Russia in the amount of eighteen pieces. Each region and registered persons have their own company authorized by the French state to help Russian citizens in the design of the Schengen visa.

visa centers of france

For residents of the capital there are two waysobtaining permission to enter this European country. They can apply to the following institutions: the Embassy of France, the Visa Center (Moscow) and choose the best option for themselves.

Advantages and disadvantages

One of the cons of the Consulate is thatReception should be recorded for several months and to submit documents personally. But if you issue a French visa in this way, you will not have to spend extra money on the intermediary. And also you can get documents for your wife or husband, presenting a power of attorney, written by hand.

Visa centers in France have a number ofadvantages. First, the obvious plus is that you do not need to stand in big lines, a maximum of ten minutes. For consultations in the company you can go at least every day and get answers to exciting questions. And also, if it is necessary to make copies of any documents, the visa centers of France specially provided for the convenience of their customers provided copiers or a computer with a printer in case of need to print something from a removable media. Another advantage of this institution can be considered that it is possible to arrange the delivery of the passport by courier, having previously agreed this procedure.

The only drawback of this company is the need for additional costs for the services of the center, acting as an intermediary.

visa centers of france in moscow

Required documents: list

The first thing to do beforeto apply to the visa centers of France in Moscow, this is to download the application form from the website of the Consulate of the French State and fill it. This can be done electronically.

Then collect all the necessary documents, such as:

  • medical insurance;
  • tickets for a round-trip airplane;
  • hotel reservation, if there is an invitation to France;
  • references from work or study;
  • Passport and copies of civil passports;
  • also do not forget about the statement from the bank,confirming financial solvency with the indication of any amount, since the Consulate of the French Republic does not indicate anywhere the necessary figure of income, which will be enough to carry out a trip to the country;
  • photo in the number of two pieces, they should have a blue background and a size of 3.5x4.5 centimeters.

If you apply for a visa only for yourself,then in case of any inconsistencies or problems with the photo, the visa centers in France give an opportunity to be photographed inside their institution during the visit. But if a visa permit is issued for close relatives, it will be more appropriate to bring a flash drive with pictures taken at the photo studio, so that you can correct comments to the photos. However, since September 2015, a decree has been issued that the applicant must first appear on his own for the biometric procedure, and then all the necessary and missing documents can be delivered by the relatives according to the written power of attorney.

Before a visit to the center, it is better to pre-register by phone or online.

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Registration of a visa for minors

In the event that children are going to travel with one of the parents, then from another person not participating in this trip, you need a document confirming the consent to export the child from Russia.

If the whole family is going to travelin this case the period of the visa for a minor member will strictly correspond to the terms of the trip specified in the questionnaire. It can be extended in the event that you bring a notarized authorization from both parents for a longer period of validity of the visa.

In case of obtaining a visa for several trips within a short period of time without a power of attorney from both parents, the visa for the child will be issued only for the first trip.

visa centers of france in moscow addresses

Contact details of institutions

It is better to go through the visa procedure by contactingofficial visa centers of France in Moscow. Their addresses look as follows: Prospekt Mira, house 64, third floor, or Embassy, ​​located along Bolshaya Yakimanka Street, 45.

The office is authorized by the French Republicthe intermediary company can pay a visit by pre-registering by phone numbers: +7 (495) 504-37-05 or +7 (499) 681-13-60. The time of her work is daily from 9:00 to 16:00, except on weekends.

In the French embassy, ​​the entry is made by the following phone number: +7 (495) 937-15-00.

Customer Testimonials

The visa center of France in Moscow on Prospect Mirain his address receives a lot of positive feedback. Many clients who have applied for visa assistance here are grateful to the staff of this institution for the performance of high-quality and efficient work. Submission of documents takes place in just a few minutes, and a week later you can expect to receive notification of receipt.

visa center of france in moscow on the prospect of peacePeople speak about the staff working in the officethis company, as a friendly, correct and competent people. Those who spoke to them at least once, no doubt, will make their next choice in their favor.

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