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Nha Trang is a city located in Vietnam. An ancient resort, whose name means "reed river", deserved wide popularity among aristocrats and connoisseurs of measured rest. The cozy atmosphere of the town is complemented by fantastic natural resources, picturesque bays surrounded by a chain of majestic mountain archipelagoes and tropical islands.

The beauty of the local landscape combined withlong beaches and oriental hospitality attracts millions of tourists. The hotel complexes of Nha Trang are distinguished by high service and versatile leisure. The price range in hotels is quite wide and allows each tourist to feel comfortable. To save budget, we recommend booking rooms in the three-star Violet Hotel.

violet hotel

This is a relatively new complex built in2008 in the modern style. Located in the central area of ​​the resort, close to shopping, souvenir galleries, business centers, entertainment. It is convenient to get to the complex from both the railway station (1 km) and the airport (20-30 km). The main contingent of tourists - business travelers, young couples, active tourists. The peak of visitors is in the winter and spring months.

Room types

Among the palm thickets and tropical plantations rustically housed a high-rise building of seven floors, consisting of 72 rooms. The following categories of rooms are available:

  • Suite.
  • Senior Deluxe.
  • Deluxe.
  • Superior.

 violet hotel reviews

Each room has a balcony openingan amazing panorama of the azure sea, mountains or parkland. For a comfortable stay, the rooms have air conditioning. In an individual use of a bathroom with a bath or shower - you do not have to share the toilet with strangers.

Rooms Violet Hotel 3 * (Nha Trang)is equipped with cable TV, bedroom furniture, large closet, writing / coffee table. In-room safe, refrigerator with bar, direct telephone, hairdryer. 24-hour room service is provided.

Catering services

In the payment of accommodation includes a morning meal. Depending on the workload of the hotel, tables can be served according to the "buffet" system or a custom menu operates. Dishes in the Violet Hotel are always fresh, full of confectionery, seasonal fruits and vegetables.

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Guests can visit the local restaurant and bar,where they prepare treats of national and international cuisines. Not far from the residential building are concentrated numerous cafeterias with different culinary directions. In the menu a rich selection of fish delicacies, rice cakes stuffed with interesting products, and other delicacies.


A 10-minute walk from the Violet Hotel(Vietnam) is a municipal coast, surrounded by tropical plants and coconut palms. On the beach are scattered a lot of bars, restaurants offering delicious national food. Those who wish can rent beach equipment and enjoy the whole day at sea.

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On the beach there will be entertainment for every taste andpurse. The most popular occupation is fishing. Many hire a boat or a yacht and go to catch scallops, tuna and other living things that go into the sea. In addition to fishing, you will be offered surfing, beach volleyball, water sports. Organized scuba diving.

Business services

Hotel Violet Hotel 3 * (Vietnam) isthe ideal place for a business traveler. The administration is glad to offer a full list of business services for productive work: unhindered access to Wi-Fi, multimedia technologies, delivery of fresh correspondence, workplace. The individual requests of each guest are taken into account.

If you need to hold an important meeting,organize a seminar, corporate event of any orientation or present a product, then for these purposes a conference hall for 80 persons with a wide screen, a large table, an air-conditioner, a microphone, video equipment is envisaged. Available - a copy machine, fax, telephone, printer.

Children's leisure

In the tourist complex of the resort Nyachang createdfavorable conditions for young children. The staff tried to do everything possible to make the children's vacations pass carefree and joyful. In the courtyard of the hotel is equipped with a platform with modern equipment: swings, slides, horizontal bars, sandpit. Parents can use the services of a professional nanny who will look after the children in their absence.

What to do in the Violet Hotel?

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Coming to the resort, forget about boredom. The complex has an outdoor pool with a seating area. To maintain physical fitness, a fitness room is open in the building, where modern fitness equipment is assembled. If you want, you can hire an instructor who will develop an individual training program and consult on proper nutrition.

To services - cosmetic procedures, manicure andpedicure salons. The hotel has a massage room. Internal infrastructure includes an exchange office, laundry, car park, dry cleaning. Closer to the evening, an entertainment program begins. Violet Hotel also organizes sightseeing tours around the city.

Visitors will have an unforgettable trip tothe island, an acquaintance with the cultural and historical heritage, tasting of national drinks and dishes. You will be taken to the nearby resorts: Silk and Monkey Island. Fans of wildlife will appreciate waterfalls, beautiful mountain hills, thermal springs with hot water.

Separately it is necessary to allocate an entertaining park"Vinperl Land" area of ​​200 thousand square meters. m. On a huge landscaped territory with landscape design, dizzy attractions are located, from which the spirit captures, water slides with a wave pool. Bright emotions will be delivered by visiting the aquarium with an acrylic tunnel: its inhabitants are about 300 species of various fish, including predatory ones. A pleasant end to the walk will be a light show of singing fountains.

Hotel reviews Violet Hotel

 violet hotel vietnam reviews

Guest reviews say that the service inthe hotel meets the world quality standards. Amazed by polite service, quick response to all comments, cleanliness throughout the building. Enthusiastic exclamations received a city beach with a gently sloping entrance, picturesque nature, and people were delighted with water activities.

The aura of the holiday and the positive reigns everywhere. The local population is friendly towards visitors. Liked the leisure activities at the Violet Hotel (Vietnam). The responses are positively evaluated also by the work of hospitable staff. You can safely say that the hotel is a prime example of the "price-quality" ratio and can even claim a category of four stars.

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