Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls - an outstanding landmark in Africa and one of the most mysterious waterfalls in the world. It originates from the mouth of the Zambezi River, abruptly descending into a narrow crevice about 100 meters wide. Victoria is the only waterfall in the world that is more than one kilometer long and more than a hundred meters high.

Victoria Falls

Its noise can be heard at a distance of about 40 kilometers, and fog and splashes from falling water, which rise to a height of over 400 meters, can be viewed from a distance of 50 kilometers. Rainbows on the waterfall are formed "moon", which broke all existing records, they are the result of the lunar refraction of light rays.

Victoria. Waterfall and history

English missionary and doctor David Livingston discovered this waterfall in 1855 and gave it a name in honor of the British queen. Locals in Africa called the Victoria Mosio-ao-Tunya waterfall, which means “booming, boiling water,” and were afraid to approach it to death. Brave Livingston was generally the first European citizen to cross the black continent from the south to the north.His expedition, whose goal was to “Christianize” Africa, was accompanied by about 300 warriors of one of the tribes, but only two of them ventured to come closer to the waterfall itself.

Victoria Falls

However, the brave researcher was not at all satisfied with his discovery. Livingston considered this water wall an obstacle that prevented Christians from reaching the indigenous tribe in the depths of the mainland. For a long time, Victoria Falls was hardly visited by anyone until, in 1905, railways did not run through it. Today, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the natives of Zimbabwe and Zambia have ceased to be afraid of "thundering water" and are now successfully developing the tourism business on both sides of the legendary river.

Victoria Falls Photo

Amazing sights

It is surprising that in the dry season, which lasts approximately from September to December, the water level of the Zambezi River drops sharply, and you can walk through a large part of the waterfall on foot, simply jumping between flowing streams. However, at other times, Victoria Falls is a roaring colossus, striking any imagination with its power.One of the curious entertainment on this waterfall, which is not known to the average tourist, is a natural pool, whose width is about ten meters, and it is located near the cliff near Livingstone Island. It is separated from the bottomless abyss only by a narrow jumper. It is not by chance that they nicknamed this place the “Devil's Pool”. Having been in the waters of the pool, bathing people feel how near there are tons of raging flow of water. This pool during the high tide does not work, as the current can carry bathers into the bottomless abyss. Victoria Falls, the photo of which you probably saw, is not the largest on Earth, but deserves great fame, thanks to its mystical history and rapid flow.

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