VAZ 21103 - the same ten, but better

At the turn of the XX-XXI centuries, the plant in Tolyatti produced cars, which later received the general name - "Lada 110". The next after this family is considered to be “Priora”, which received many details from the “dozens” and its deeply modernized blocks with different possibilities and sores. As in earlier or later cars, VAZ was not limited to one version. The tenth had modifications, one of which was the VAZ 21103. We will consider the technical characteristics of this car a little later.

VAZ 21103

This car did not have climate control, an onboard computer and other things included in the basic equipment of a modern car. Nevertheless, it was the first car that looked like a foreign car. The plant uses this building today, only current machines no longer have digital indices.

The main differences

In addition to the body, "a dozen", and then the following models received other innovations. Almost 2110 became the car-firstborn, as in his time "penny". The car received ventilated brakes, galvanized body, gasoline vapor recovery system, space for air conditioning and other innovations.VAZ 21103, in addition to this, received more powerful heaters, ABS system. To him it was possible to order air conditioning and power steering.

VAZ 21103 specifications

But besides this, all 103 cars received injection engines from models 2111-2112 (ka picture). The installation of this system immediately allowed to save on fuel. The current vases have already other volumes, but 21103 still runs, and it is easy for owners to find information on their car.

Salon and external data

Like the older model, VAZ 21103 received a front-wheel drive, sedan, 4 doors, 5 seats. The car could be chosen in three trim levels - “Standard”, “Norma”, or “Lux”. "Standard" was not much different from the base model and described above. "Norm" - the average grade, got power windows, metallic colors, rear head restraints and velor trim, which many users thought was so successful that there was no need to wear seat covers. The luxury kit received all the features of an average configuration, as well as electric mirrors, fog lights, alloy wheels (14 inches) and an on-board computer (!!!). Also among the little things can be noted a slightly improved block between the front seats and heated front seats.

VAZ 21103 1 5 16v characteristics

On the basis of the VAZ 21103 appeared a few piece options for the executive class. Limousine 21109 "Consul" and stretch sedan (extended sedan) 21108 "Premier". Both have a partition between the front and rear seats, characteristic of cars of this class. Lincoln also has a middle section between the front and rear doors, and stretch - an elongated roof and rear doors, as well as a small window behind them.

We also note that under the license of VAZ, other plants were engaged in this machine. So were born armored sedans and even all-wheel drive 4x4 "Lada Tarzan-2". This model is also interested in tuning studios. It produces about 5 separate sets for tuning.

Engine parameters

As already written, the injector has become the main difference between the new VAZ 21103. 1.5 16v - characteristics of other engine parameters. We decipher them: volume 1.5 liters; 16 valves (against 8 for the first "dozen"); V-shaped arrangement of pistons.

VAZ 21103 1 5 16v specifications

Additionally, you can specify that the engine itself has 4 cylinders, 4 valves per cylinder. Note that now almost all modern cars get the same piston layout. In the urban cycle of traffic will require 8-9 liters per 100 km. Outside the city consumption does not exceed 6 liters.Since the car is quite old, the engine is designed for refueling the AI-92 (in some reviews 95 are indicated). The volume of the gas tank is 43 liters, the engine power is 93 hp, which gives acceleration to 100 km in 12.5 seconds. Gearbox mechanics, 5 steps.

Other technical data

We considered the interior configuration and engine capabilities of the VAZ 21103 (1.5 16v). The technical characteristics of the other features do not need special decoding, so we simply rewrite them in a few lines. Trunk volume 450 liters. If we consider that the cover reaches almost to the bumper itself, and there is an opportunity to fold the rear seats - here you can put both standard and long loads. Clearance 160 mm. Width is 1700 mm, height is 1400 mm, length - 4300. Front disc and rear drum brakes. Front suspension independent McPherson, rear wheels slightly recessed, so the front track 1410 mm, rear - 1380.


"Ten", and then the VAZ 21103 did not become truly new cars. It is unlikely that this was due to the presence of the VAZ badge on the grille, however this car, on the one hand, has a wide range of components from previous models, on the other hand, a high cost of original components. Also, the suspension solution is not a very good solution, which is why a car, even with such a high enough clearance, can cling asphalt to the engine cover.

But despite all these flaws, this car has become a transition between the old Union cars and the new "foreign cars." In addition, this is probably the only model of VAZ, on the basis of which several piece Lincolns were assembled.

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