Vasily Berezutsky: Russian football pillar defense

Throughout his career, he was the favorite target of ridicule and bullying of all football fans. External inconsistency, not the highest speed, the lack of filigree technology - all this, of course, is inherent in domestic defenders. However, today, looking back over the past years, one can be sure that all the weaknesses of Vasily Berezutsky were bathed by his reliability, tirelessness and athleticism. To this day, he is an indispensable link in the defense of the Russian national team and the main central defender of CSKA.


Future army men were born in Moscow, they began to engage in the children's school of the football club "Smena". However, after some time, the adult team flew to the lower divisions, and the brothers stopped training. For a time, Vasily Berezutsky, whose biography might have been different, even thought about his career as a basketball player, the good thing is that tall growth allowed him that.

The brothers often took advantage of their similarities. Vasiliy, who was a weaker student, sent Alexey to the board, who regularly earned the "five".Vasily Berezutsky

After a while, passion for football prevailed, and the brothers began to study at the Torpedo Academy in Moscow. A great contribution to this was made by Valery Kobzev, who personally persuaded promising children.

Carier start

From 19 years old Vasily Berezutsky begins his professional career. The first club of the player becomes the Moscow "Torpedo-ZIL". Soon, a promising defender with excellent physical data is in the field of view of scouts of CSKA. In 2001, he moved to a new team, where his brother Aleksey soon joined him. Vasily spent his first match in July 2002 against the Samara club. So he made his debut at CSKA.

Berezutsky Vasily after a year becomes the main defender of CSKA and spends all the matches from the first to the last minute. The then Moscow club coach Valery Gazzayev used a scheme with three central defenders. Sergey Ignashevich was located in the center, and Vasily, along with his brother Alexey, were on both sides of it.Thus, the central defense zone of CSKA was completely impassable for the attackers. As a coach and national team, Valery Gazzayev uses the club sheaf in the main team of the country.Vasily Berezutsky's wife

In 2004, a certain decline occurred in the game of Vasily. It is sent to the reserve. In addition, the voices of critics, who reproached the Berezutsky brothers for their excessive slowness and lack of technology, did not subside. The new coach of the team unhooks Vasily and Alexey from the squad, and they miss the opportunity to play at the European Championships in Portugal.

Victory with CSKA

Criticism of Vasily is not in vain. He worked hard in the offseason on his physical and technical training and again earned the trust of coaches. In 2005, Vasily Berezutsky returned to the main team of CSKA and since then has been playing for the team almost continuously.

The finest hour for Vasily and for all army team came in 2005. For the first time in history, CSKA reaches the UEFA Cup final. The rival of the army team were football players of the Portuguese "Sporting". It was a strong club, some players a year earlier in the national team of Portugal became vice-champions of Vasily Berezutsky

However, CSKA was unstoppable that evening and won with an undeniable advantage. A great contribution to the final victory was made by Vasily Berezutsky, thanks to which many attacks of the Portuguese broke on the defense of the army team on the approach to the penalty area.

In those years, CSKA was unstoppable. Not once did the army team won the Russian championship, took the cups of the country.

Bronze medalist of the European Championship

In 2008, the enchanting performance of the Russian national team in its modern history at major tournaments took place. The team reached the semifinals and shared the bronze medals with the Turkish team. Not to the side was Vasily Berezutsky, who was also a member of that legendary team. Unfortunately, Guus Hiddink, who trained the Russian national team at that time, relied on more speed and mobile defenders, so the player spent most of the tournament on the bench.Vasily Berezutsky biography

However, the soldier, like all the other members of the team, was captured in the final winning photo. Vasily Berezutsky still got his share of playing time in the last match of the tournament. Nevertheless, later the defender was able to prove his value for the team and since then has constantly gone into the composition.

The second decade at CSKA and in the national team

New young defensive players appeared and disappeared, but Vasily Berezutsky became a real indispensable element of the defense of CSKA and the Russian national team.

And in 2014 he became the captain of the national team. As a real leader, he led the team in the most difficult moments. From the defender do not expect action in the attack, goals. But it was Vasily Berezutsky who scored the only goal at the European Championships in 2016 against England, who saved the team from defeat. Unfortunately, the attackers did not support their captain and the Russian team flew out of the tournament ingloriously.

Personal life

The wife of Vasily Berezutsky is familiar with sports not only because of her husband. Her parents - professional basketball players, she herself was engaged in synchronized swimming, won medals at the championships of Russia. After the end of her sports career, she actively immersed herself in show business. She has participated in dance shows on MTV, staying in the Vintage group. Vasily Berezutsky did not approve of his wife’s vigorous activities outside the home, but he accepted her choice. In 2010, the couple had a son, Vladimir.CSKA Berezutsky Vasily

Despite the continuing criticism of the football player, his place in the center of defense of the club and team is firm.For fifteen years in the army, he managed to win six titles of champion of Russia, seven cups of the country. His brilliant career continues to this day.

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