Vacuum cleaner, reviews and features

Washing vacuum cleaners have long ceased to be an elementluxury. If even 15 years ago they could only be found in the apartments of wealthy people, now more and more of the average families are acquiring this miracle of technology. What is so attractive to the buyer washing vacuum cleaner? Consumer testimonials indicate that they are often taken to clean up apartments with many carpets and upholstered furniture. No matter how carefully the owners vacuumed the floor covering or the carpet, still with time the mud is eaten deeper and deeper. And the carpet from light beige turns to dark brown. A separate conversation about families with young children. It's no secret that kids constantly draw something on the floor, leave puddles 5-6 times a day during the period of schooling to the pot, constantly spill something, smear and crumble. Of course, the coating can be removed and washed in a bathroom or carried to a dry cleaner. However, if it is a large palatial 3 * 4 meters, this is not so easy. The way out of this difficult situation is to get a washing vacuum cleaner. Customer testimonials indicate that this unit is a real salvation. It can be used for daily cleaning as well as for weekly general cleaning.

The endless leader of vacuum cleaners forfor many years it's German Thomas. Models of this company are quite heavy and voluminous. Such a vacuum cleaner is usually equipped with a brush for upholstered furniture, for a floor, a narrow brush, a crevice, two transparent nozzles for washing the floor and upholstered furniture, a telescopic tube, and a nozzle for washing windows. With its help you can not only get rid of the dirt on the carpet, but also wash the windows, tile, ceiling, clean the spilled water, clean the furniture. Thomas is a washing vacuum cleaner with a water filter (aquafilter). In dry cleaning, all garbage settles in a special container of water. In addition, the kit includes several coarse filters and one thin - hepa filter, which detains even the smallest particles of dust, which means that this device is indispensable for allergy sufferers.

What disadvantages can a vacuum cleaner have? Customer testimonials indicate that its main drawback is the dimensions, weight, sluggishness and complexity of care. The length of models of this brand is about half a meter, for such a machine it is difficult to find a place in an ordinary Khrushchev. Weight - about 10 kg, it will be hard to get daily a fragile woman or child.

If cleaning should be done in one-roomapartment, it can be put in the center of the room, and if it is a question of 3 or 4 rooms, the water vacuum cleaner will have to be moved from one room to another, and this is also quite difficult and inconvenient. However, the large size and weight is a common disadvantage of all vacuum cleaners of any model. It is also not easy to take care of him. After cleaning, it is necessary to rinse the hose and tube, all used attachments, wipe the vacuum cleaner from the inside, wipe the containers, after pouring out dirty water from them, and wait for all the parts to dry.

It turns out that the cleaning itself takes 15 minutestime and as much as it takes to remove the vacuum cleaner. Of course, not every hostess will want to bother with him for so long, how much easier than usual vacuum cleaners with a bag - coped for 10 minutes and immediately put in a corner. Another thing - a general cleaning, you can walk a vacuum cleaner around the apartment and then wash it.

What else can a vacuum cleaner be? Customer testimonials indicate that, in addition to Thomas's models, Zelmer, Kercher and Ariette are very popular. They differ in power, configuration, size, appearance and type of container for dust collection, tube type (metallic telescopic or composite plastic) and, of course, at a price.

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Vacuum cleaner, reviews and features Vacuum cleaner, reviews and features Vacuum cleaner, reviews and features Vacuum cleaner, reviews and features Vacuum cleaner, reviews and features Vacuum cleaner, reviews and features Vacuum cleaner, reviews and features Vacuum cleaner, reviews and features Vacuum cleaner, reviews and features