Useful properties of feijoa. How to eat the fruit?

Feijoa - an unusual exotic fruit, appeared on the shelves of our stores relatively recently. It not only has a pleasant taste, but also contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals.

Useful properties of feijoa, and how to consume fruits

The composition of feijoa includes a large numberpectin, fiber and vitamin C, which makes it incredibly useful for the gastrointestinal tract. The energy value of the fruit is small, so it can be included in the diet. Minerals and vitamins, which are also part of the berry, stimulate immunity.

feijoa how to use
High content of vitamin C in fruits helpsto fight against colds, supporting the body's immune system. In addition, the iodine is well absorbed by the body, making the fruits of the plant useful for the thyroid gland with regular use. Certain benefits are provided by feijoa and the cardiovascular system: vitamins and trace elements contained in it maintain the tone of the vessels while simultaneously counteracting the development of cancerous tumors in the organs. Antioxidants are contained in the fruit peel.

What are the useful properties of feijoa and how to use itfruits in food? This information is very useful for hypertensive patients, because the substances contained in fruits reduce blood pressure and purify the blood of toxins and cholesterol, preventing the development of plaques on the walls of the vessels and having a beneficial effect on the work of the heart muscle. Fruit is widely used in cosmetology as one of the most effective anti-aging agents.

Equally beneficial is the rind of the fetus - in itsthe composition includes almost as many vitamins as in the pulp itself. When asked about how to eat feijoa in food, it should be noted immediately that the skin is undesirable, but it can be used as an additive in tea, compotes or jam.

Despite the large number of useful properties,has certain contraindications feijoa. How to use this fruit and to whom is it contraindicated? First of all, because of too much sugar, it is not recommended to eat diabetic and obese. With caution, it should be eaten and allergic: the berry practically does not cause allergic reactions, but it's worth it to be reinsured once again.

how to eat feijoa in food

Vitamins contained in feijoa

Since the pulp contains a largethe amount of vitamin C, it is recommended with a low level of hemoglobin in the blood and to support the immune system. A vivid example of how to use feijoa for medicinal purposes is the use of fruit pulp in cosmetology and pharmacy: the oil obtained from berries has an anti-inflammatory effect, and the extract increases the softness and elasticity of the skin, hiding various disadvantages.

Feijoa is a unique plant, fruitswhich contain a large number of vitamins, folic acid and trace elements. The whole complex of nutritious and useful substances has an incredible health and strengthening effect on the human body. Conducted medical studies have proven that lowering blood pressure, antibacterial properties and effectiveness against E. coli and staphylococci - all these beneficial properties have feijoa. How to eat it properly? This can be asked from a dietitian.

Feijoa: how to use in cooking

Despite the fact that this plant for ourlatitude is exotic, its taste is familiar to many - strawberry-pineapple, with tart notes. Before you talk about how to use feijoa for food, it is worth noting that the culinary uses usually use the whole fruit. The peel is dried and added to teas, compotes, jams from other fruits. You can use feijoa as a normal fruit - to do this, cut it and gently take out the pulp with a spoon.

 useful feijoa and how to useThe fruits of this plant are often used asingredients of various salads with fruits, berries and vegetables. As a dressing for these dishes, sour cream and yogurt are ideal. Berries are used in cooking not only in fresh form as a delicious fruit, but also as the main ingredient of various dishes - bakery, jam, jams, salads, compotes, wine and tinctures.

The composition of feijoa includes fast-digestible fats,so its fruits are classified as dietary products. It also refers to hypoallergenic products that do not cause an allergic reaction. However, he also has his limitations: there is no one who can suffer from the individual intolerance of feijoa. How to use it in this case, you can check with your doctor. It is possible that a small amount of pulp is still allowed.

Feijoa in folk medicine

People's doctors well know how to correctlyto use feijoa. It is often used as a remedy for the treatment of thyroid diseases due to the high content of iodine in the fruit. With diseases of this body it is desirable to eat 200-300 grams of pulp daily. It is worth remembering that in its raw form, the beneficial properties of feijoa remain only for one week. If you plan to prepare the fruit in large quantities, then the berries are passed through a meat grinder and poured with sugar. The mixture thus prepared retains all useful properties for a long time.

how to use feijoa for medicinal purposes
Despite a large number of useful properties, feijoa is characterized by contraindications:

• The maximum daily dose of berries juice for an adult is one glass, for a child under 7 years - 0.5 cups.
• It is advisable not to eat berries in large quantities during pregnancy and during an exacerbation of chronic diseases.

How to choose feijoa

When buying such an exotic fruityou need to focus on the color of his skin and the hardness of the fetus. The berry should not be damaged, the skin should be smooth and smooth. The degree of ripeness is determined by the color of the pulp: in the mature fetus it is transparent.
Preserved fresh fruits on average from seven to fourteen days. For more long-term storage, the billets are usually made of fruits - jam, jams, compotes.

Feijoa with honey

It is useful to know how to use feijoa with honey. This is not only a treat, but also a good medicine, which strengthens the immune system and has a beneficial effect on the human body. Among other things, this dessert is easy to prepare and will be a very original and unusual treat on the table.

how to use feijoa with honey
For the preparation of feijoa with honey, you will need:

• honey;
• feijoa;
• walnuts.

Feijoa fruits are thoroughly washed under a coolwater and dried. If desired, the skin from them can be removed, since it retains its tart flavor even after the heat treatment of the berries. The fruits are finely cut into several pieces and placed in a container, mixed with walnuts and honey. The resulting mixture is insisted in the refrigerator for several hours, after which it is used for food.

Growing Feijoa at Home

Feijoa can be raised at home, despite the fact that this exotic plant. The main condition for its growth is competent care.

how correctly to use feijoaFeijoa loves damp bright places, but at the same timedoes not tolerate direct sunlight. As the plant grows in size, it is transplanted into large pots. The first fruits of feijoa will come after 4-5 years. Externally, the plant is very beautiful and compact, perfectly complement any room or office, regularly supplying tasty and healthy fruits.

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