"Unwarmed" how to spell?

Natalya Chekanova
Natalya Chekanova
March 15, 2013
"Unwarmed" how to spell?

Writing complex words is often difficult. And a word with a negative meaning, that is, with “not”, simply leads many into a stupor. For example, "not liable for military service" how to spell?

This word can frighten even a literate person, not to mention constantly spelling difficulties. What is its complexity? Consider the word "liable for military service". The first problem is a very long adjective, formed from a combination of words. According to the rule, if in such words one submits to the other (obliged to be military), then the adjective is written together (not through a hyphen and not separately), that is: liable for military service.

The second difficulty is a double double nn. The first time: the root of the war- and suffix -n-. The second time: the second root is obligatory and the suffix -ann-. Well, with the help of the connecting letter “o” we get the word “military service”.

If we are talking about a civilian, then he is a non-military person (s).In this case, “not” is a prefix, it is written together.

Now, filling out the questionnaire, you will not be wondering how to spell unmilitary. The correct option: unmilitary.

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