Unusual abilities like. Laika breeds

Laika - a breed of dogs, characterized byextremely long history. Laeks are very easy to distinguish from other breeds. A long and thick hair, standing sharp ears, a pointed muzzle and a tail twisted in a ring are characterized by a dog of the Laika breed. Photos of this dog can be seen below.

huskies of the breed

Thanks to thick wool, absolutelyinsensitive to cold huskies. The breeds of these dogs are very well adapted to the severe Russian climate. They are not afraid of any frost. They sleep in the snow, completely freezing. Laiki are able to hunt all day and carry sledges, while remaining fat, almost not eating. This fitness was developed in the process of natural selection, because the huskies, unlike other dogs, until recently lived in semi-free conditions. Each family of indigenous inhabitants of the North had several dogs of this breed. Sometimes animals were not given food for a long time, and they had to search for food themselves. As a result, they adapted to catching mice and group hunting for animals. Laikas are inherent in an innate hunting instinct. Therefore, they are almost not required to teach hunting. Severe conditions made the Laeks balanced and extremely mobile. They differ in their excellent ability to orient the huskies: their breeds, unlike other dogs, are never lost in the forest. They are capable of a quick and clear reaction, they always find the master.

Laiki - the best hunting dogs

Laiki have a very good flair. They developed acute sight, hearing and smell. They can follow the animal's trail for several hours. And when they find it, they start barking loudly to get the attention of the owner. Laiki are able to hunt for a variety of animals. They can follow the tracks to find squirrels, martens, sables, elks and wild boars. Laika is taken during hunting for black grouses and wood grouses: dogs bark, distracting birds, and enable the hunter to approach game. When hunting for ducks, huskies are driven out of reeds and brought to the owner of the dead. With several dogs you can hunt and bears. Of course, the same dog is not suitable for hunting all animals. Every dog ​​is trained to catch a certain type of prey.

dog of the breed like

Different professions of Laikas

Until recently, huskies helped people graze deer. But now they are under threat of extinction. There are ride horses. Breeds harnessed to sledges: East Siberian and West Siberian. They can move easily and quickly among the deep snows. If the husky is trained, then it is possible to detain the criminals with her help. Representatives of this breed were also used during the war: they found mines, carried items and provided various assistance to soldiers. Can be good watchmen and protectors of husky.

puppies of Laika breed

Laika breeds

Karelo-Finnish Laika

Its color is very similar to a fox. Because of the fear that the dog can be confused with this animal and shot, hunters very rarely keep representatives of this breed. But she has greater mobility than other likes and very temperamental.

Russian-European Laika

Although husky are like wolves, they are calm and balanced. The exception is the Russian-European Laika. It is very evil and fierce, and only hunters can keep it.

West Siberian Laika

She is better than other fellow hunted by moose,deer, wild boars, sables and ducks. Characterized by incredible endurance and adaptability to deep taiga snow. The same hardened and puppies of the Laika breed.

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