Uniks is a dealer center. Customer Reviews and Employees are Real About the Uniks Auto Show

For any average personthe acquisition of a car (as well as other objects of relatively high cost) is a certain outstanding, significant event. This is normal, because in order to buy a car, it is necessary to work for several years, to save money, to strive to get the desired means of transportation.

Perhaps someone buys a car on credit,thus starting to work and save money (to give them to the bank) for the next few years. However, however it may be, most of us do not buy most of the cars. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in how cautious many of us are about this procedure, trying to take into account a lot of the moments.

And there really is something to think about: starting with whether you want a new or used car, and ending with the color and the issue of its equipment. Therefore, we are so responsive to choice, carefully weighing all possible options.

Uniks Dealer Center reviews

If you want to buy a new carcondition, you should contact the auto show. In this case, you may be interested in our article, which describes Uniks (the dealer center). Customer feedback on what kind of service is here; characteristics of the company's employees working here; indicators and information posted on the official website - all this we use to convey to you as much information about this center. Therefore, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with this material and draw up your own opinion on its basis.

About company

For starters, we give a little general informationAbout what is the company we are describing, which is engaged in the sale of cars. So, according to the data posted on the official website, we can say that Uniks (which we will refer to in the text below) is present on the market for several years, serving thousands of customers. At least, as of the beginning of 2016, here (on the website) the figure of 11 thousand cars sold is indicated. Agree, these are worthy indicators, which speak about the stable work of the center, well-established business processes and the mechanism of interaction with the buyer as a whole.

Dealer Center Uniks

About the services of the dealer center we will talkmore later, but in general we note that the list of tasks that the company's specialists are capable of performing is quite wide. For example, the dealer center Uniks (real customer testimonials confirm this) is not only implementing the car, but also their further maintenance. This is very convenient for a client who does not need to additionally engage in the search for STO and reliable, trusted employees who will be able to fix the problem in case of its occurrence. Through the company that sold the car, the owner will be able to perform all the tasks set faster, and most importantly - more reliable than when seeking help from strangers.

And it should be noted that maintenance- not the only vector of the company's activities. Also here are involved in the maintenance of customer contracts, the provision of insurance services, registration, lending and so on. More details about this will be indicated below. Another worth noting is the loyalty program.

Each client, who at least once made an order,the company can offer a further flexible system of discounts. This will at least interest the client, as well as give him the opportunity to purchase the next car with greater benefit from this company.


Uniks auto show reviews

The motor show is located at a single address - exactlythere are all the cars available for instant purchase. For those customers who want to make an order for a special color car or other equipment, this service is available. Within its framework, the Uniks dealer center (real customer testimonials also testify to this) can "drive" the car you ordered and, thus, provide the car you are interested in. Therefore, there is no need to do a whole network of representative offices - now the company is working in Moscow and Moscow Region. It is located at the address: 34th kilometer MKAD. Approaching here, everyone will see a showroom with a characteristic signboard.


In addition, the buyer can contactrepresentatives of the center. You can do it by the numbers indicated on the site. There is also a hotline, the call on which (if you are in Russia) is free. In response you will be contacted by representatives of the call center company and will help to make an order.

The same applies to the form on the site itself: with its help you can leave a ticket with the question that interests you.

The services

dealer center Uniks staff reviews

In the list of what options are available to the clientcar dealership, includes a large number of items. Describing the dealer center Uniks (Moscow) testimonials testify to the possibility to order in the company a service for any stage: from the selection of the car and ending with its registration and further registration.

This also includes options aimed atmaintenance of the vehicle, ensuring its safety, checking its technical condition and much more. All this in any case, useful to the owner of the new machine, so the salon and makes concessions, making various discounts.

However, about what Uniks (the dealer center) has to offer, customer testimonials given below will tell in more detail.


Of course, the main role of any dealercenter is the realization of auto. The center, which is described in this article, can offer the buyer a fairly wide selection of brands and models of various machines. The cost of them, as stated on the official website, is underestimated to the maximum due to exclusive conditions of cooperation directly with manufacturers.

Dealer Center Uniks Moscow reviews

Catalog of cars that can be ordered insalon, together with their technical characteristics is available directly on the company's website. Here you can see the cost of each model. Some offers discounts, due to which the price is reduced even more.

Describing "Unix" (dealer center) reviewsbuyers complain that not always the price on the Internet coincides with the actual value of the machine, which is called in the showroom. For this reason, people recommend additionally to make clarifications from sellers and consultants, asking them if the price that you see on the screen is real.

In total there are 19 brands in the interior catalog, in each of themwhich there are several more models of cars. We are talking, mainly, about the manufacturers of budget and medium class cars - the most popular in Russia.

In order to navigate thisa variety of equipment on the site "Uniks auto show" (reviews mention it - the site - as a very convenient system for choosing) created a special designer. It should specify which brand and model you are interested in, what you would like to know about the model's price of the year, engine power, body type and other indicators. Having made specifications, you will receive a ready answer in the form of those machines that may interest you.

Trade In

In addition to buying a new car, Uniks offerscustomers also have the option of exchange. It all works very simply - you need to specify which car you had before, after which it will be appreciated. In the future, you can exchange your old car (with the indicated price) to another vehicle that will be more expensive or cheaper. In the first case, incidentally, will have to make an additional payment in the form of a difference between prices.

As the characterizing Uniks (dealercenter) reviews, such a program is quite in demand among customers. With its help you can really get some money for your old car without bothering with the procedures of searching for buyers and reissuing. In all these processes, you can rely on the center; and your task is only to choose a new car.


Uniks Dealer Center customer reviews

Also Uniks takes part in thenational plan for the disposal of old machines. It's simple: you rent your used car for destruction, whereas in return the state pays you money depending on the original cost of the car and its price at the time of delivery.

This program is aimed at clearingstreets of our country from old cars harmful to the environment and to encourage citizens to buy new cars, including domestic ones. However, as practice shows, such a program does not use special demand because of low rates of payment. Although people continue to take the old transport in exchange for money; including through Uniks (the dealer center).

The testimonies also indicate that those who rent old cars through this company receive additional discounts on the following purchases, thus gaining another benefit.

Insurance, crediting

Uniks - auto show (reviews confirm this), whereYou can also design optional packages of services. In particular, this is the registration of CTP or CASCO, as well as obtaining a loan to buy a car. Both (in fact) are carried out by partner companies that work separately from Uniks. However, for the convenience of the client, all this can be done in the same building and in the shortest possible time. So worry about this is not worth it.

Discounts and promotions

By the way, about special offers. They are done very often in the cabin. Now, for example (at the time of writing the article), there is an action with the help of which it is possible to purchase a car of the year 2015 at a significantly low price. Similar offers auto shows are put forward regularly, at the beginning of the year. It is also beneficial for buyers that they can pick up an inexpensive, new car; and the center, which parted with the remains of unsold cars.


Unix Dealer Center reviews

We described that there is a wide choice in this center,affordable prices, lots of offers. Another feedback points to the fact that the salon has competent salesmen, qualified specialists and many other laudatory things.

And what about flaws? After all, they too are, and some reviews should carry a negative character in relation to this center.

Indeed, we managed to find such. In them people describe that the salon does not work as it would be desirable: someone was confirmed by the presence of a car, which in fact was not; someone is dissatisfied with the fact that they did not return the prepayment, other testimonies indicate the prices that are not actual on the site. This proves that "Unix" (auto show) does not always work well.

Reviews in Rostov-on-Don, for example, report onThe fact that repeatedly people receive an invitation to visit Moscow to pick up their car, come to the capital, and they are disappointed - there is no car, it will be only in N days. As the recommendations of users show, this is a fairly common practice, working with residents and other cities.

Work in a company

These were the Uniks (dealer's center) describing the buyers' reviews. I would also like to bring information from employees who work directly in this center.

However, to find any worthwhile informationwe did not succeed. The explanation is simple: the company apparently does not work so many people, so that on the Internet were distributed describing the dealer center Uniks reviews of employees. This is good, as it indicates the absence of loud scandals between the employer and employees of the firm.

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Uniks is a dealer center. Customer Reviews and Employees are Real About the Uniks Auto Show Uniks is a dealer center. Customer Reviews and Employees are Real About the Uniks Auto Show Uniks is a dealer center. Customer Reviews and Employees are Real About the Uniks Auto Show Uniks is a dealer center. Customer Reviews and Employees are Real About the Uniks Auto Show Uniks is a dealer center. Customer Reviews and Employees are Real About the Uniks Auto Show Uniks is a dealer center. Customer Reviews and Employees are Real About the Uniks Auto Show Uniks is a dealer center. Customer Reviews and Employees are Real About the Uniks Auto Show Uniks is a dealer center. Customer Reviews and Employees are Real About the Uniks Auto Show Uniks is a dealer center. Customer Reviews and Employees are Real About the Uniks Auto Show Uniks is a dealer center. Customer Reviews and Employees are Real About the Uniks Auto Show