UAZ on low-pressure tires: description, specifications and reviews

Modification of domestic cars is not onplace. You can improve the car both from within and from outside. A striking example of this is UAZ on low-pressure tires. They can be ordered in specialized workshops or made by themselves. This design is successfully used on heavy soils, where it is difficult to drive on standard wheels.

UAZ on low pressure tires

What is a low pressure tire?

The considered element is an enlarged wheel,It is like a pillow, inside of which there is low pressure. This design creates an excellent grip with any type of soil and allows you to drive almost any off-road.

The UAZ-ATV on low-pressure tires has the following features:

  1. A significant area of ​​contact with the ground makes it possible to overcome obstacles that the normal wheel can not do.
  2. Low tire pressure avoids a significant load on the soil, which is actively used in agricultural work and geology.
  3. To manage transport with this modification requires considerable experience. The wheels are not designed for high speed, especially on asphalt and other stone surfaces, where they quickly wear out.

tire low pressure disks for uases

UAZ on low pressure tires: features of the modification

Before using the vehicle onlow-pressure tires, you should make sure that they are suitable for the climate of the region. Although this type of tires does not have a definite division into the winter and summer appearance, it should be taken into account that greater rigidity reduces the contact of the wheel with the road mark.

Simply simulate the construction in questionwill not work. It will require substantial refinement of the body, transmission and bridges. Although the increase in ground clearance when using such tires provides better stability of the car and gives a number of advantages that were considered above, there are certain disadvantages. First, tires are subject to severe wear on the hard surface. Secondly, the load on the transmission unit and the running gear of the car increases. Finally, low-pressure tires on UAZ, the price of which is incomparably higher than the standard, require special conditions of storage and operation.

Tire pressure

Remember that the balance is correct wheninstallation of tires. This moment is one of the most important factors that affects the competent operation of the machine. Special structures should be installed to help increase the running characteristics and reduce vehicle wear.

What to do after installedupdated tire? Low-pressure disks on the UAZ must be protected by debris, which are mechanical rings. They ensure the stability of the wheel in case of additional side loads. In fact, this is a rigid fixation of the tires to the side of the disk.

low-pressure tires on the UAZ with their own hands

Pros of the poor:

  • protect the wheel from being disassembled:
  • elementary installed and maintained.

The disadvantages of this element can be attributedThe impossibility of perfectly accurate balancing and some increase in the mass of the car. In addition, UAZ on low-pressure tires will feel more confident if equipped with a tearlock, which ensures reliable fixing of the tire along the edges of the disk.

Recommendations for installing tires on the UAZ

If you follow the following recommendations, the updated car will last for a long time:

  1. On all wheels should be mounted the same tires.
  2. It is necessary to maintain optimum pressure in them.
  3. Periodically, you need to check the wheels for air passage with a soap solution.
  4. To ensure uniform wear and tear, the front tires should be swapped with the rear after every 10-15 thousand kilometers of run.
  5. After running in new rubber, re-balance.
  6. It is necessary to monitor the compliance of tire characteristics with respect to seasonal changes.

tire low pressure disks for uases

Low-pressure tires on UAZ with their own hands

In order to make the consideredconstruction, it is necessary to select the appropriate material. Ideal fit "shoes" from aircraft or helicopters. However, this is a rather costly option. In most cases, you can use rubber from tractors or trucks. From the instrument you will need a sharpener, an electric winch, a knife, a hammer, nippers, an awl.

Then the following manipulations are performed step by step:

  • Select and cut out a new tread pattern at the discretion of the owner. The most popular is the likeness of the "Christmas tree".
  • An incision is made along the circumference of the machined wheel in such a way that it is possible to extract the reinforcing wire.
  • On the inner base are made gaps in the form of small rectangles through which the wire will be removed with the help of a winch device.
  • It is necessary to focus on the intended patterndrawing, using the winch and ticks, using an unnecessary layer of reinforcement. Taking into account the previously applied pattern, the drawn part is corrected with a knife.

The main process

Mastering how to put low pressure tires on the UAZ with your own hands, it is necessary to follow the following steps step by step:

  1. From the sidewalls and the tread rubber is removed layers.
  2. The prepared surface is peeled and pounded with a hammer.
  3. There is a new frame with the use of welding, metal disk and plate elements.
  4. Welds are polished.

Disks for new tires can be really doneyourself from improvised materials. For this purpose a basin of aluminum is suitable. The parts can be secured using the remnants of a conveyor belt or a fire hose. Then the camera is put on the frame, pumped and checked for air leaks and internal pressure. It remains only to install a new design and go to conquer any tracks that are too tough for the standard wheels.

UAZ ATV on low pressure tires

Features of operation

UAZ on self-made low-pressure tires canovercome various obstacles. This is due to the contact with the ground a large area of ​​the wheels. This rubber covers almost any surface, taking the form of an object that is on the way. Experts argue that an SUV on low-pressure tires has an efficiency that is 20% higher than that of cars with standard wheels.

Disproportionately large tires allow to avoidhigh pressure on land, which is important in agriculture and farming. The control of a machine equipped with the structure under consideration requires certain skills. On such wheels it is necessary to very smoothly enter corners, observe a moderate speed and try not to exploit the car for a long time on asphalt and concrete roads. This will avoid premature wear of non-standard rubber.


The UAZ car has a wide range of modifications. This machine was used, and in some places it continues to be used, in the following industries:

  • Medicine.
  • Hunting.
  • Agriculture.
  • Food and light industry.

Affordable price, easy operation anddesign features have made this car one of the most popular vehicles in rural areas. Modernization of the car makes it possible to expand its capabilities. For example, the UAZ "loaf" on low-pressure tires, makes it possible to move around in marshy areas and on all types of soils.

It is worth noting that, with some modifications of the body and undercarriage, low-pressure tires can really be installed on all "UAZs", including "classics" and "Patriot".

oas loaf on low-pressure tires

The financial side

Low-pressure tires on UAZ, the price of whichvaries from 50 to 100 thousand rubles apiece, it's more profitable to do it yourself. Given the pros and cons, this procedure is no less effective and much more profitable. Judging by the feedback of the owners, this modification is extremely suitable for any off-road. However, the use of such rubber on standard roads is unprofitable. On a hard surface, the low-pressure design wears out quickly. Also, these cars are not designed for high speed.

If we compare the optimal pressure in standard UAZ wheels with the same index that UAZ has on low-pressure tires, we can understand the conditions under which they operate.


Having considered all the advantages and disadvantages of low-pressure tires, we can note the following:

  • They are ideal for off-road.
  • Such wheels should not be used on asphalt and other smooth surfaces, due to their susceptibility to considerable wear and tear.
  • The possibility of manufacturing the product with your own hands will save a lot of finance.

Before deciding on installing tireshigh pressure, you should compare all the pros and cons of the modification, taking into account the refinement of the body, the chassis and the transmission of the car. Upgraded UAZ will perfectly cope with the assigned responsibilities in the field of agriculture, geology, study of localities where there are no standard roads.

how to put low pressure tires on a uaz

Its use on a hard surfaceis inexpedient and can lead to excessive spending of money and frequent replacement of rubber. Another important nuance is the compliance of the installed tires with the climatic conditions of the region.

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