Types of nuts. All about hazelnuts and not only

Nuts were eaten by humans long beforeas he became Homo sapiens. In prehistoric times, hunting was a rather dangerous way of extracting food. Since this "food" was not available every day, various varieties of nuts came to the rescue. A product that is incredibly long stored, has a great energy value, an incredible amount of vitamins and great nutrition could replace any food. Nowadays, the choice of food has become simply huge, and the nuts have somehow quietly gone into the shadows. Their use is not considered mandatory. And, by the way, in vain.

All kinds of nuts are incredibly useful and, of courseThey have their own rich history. So, walnut is used recently, and already known for a large number of medicinal tinctures made from it. Insist shells, cores and even partitions. You can treat a lot of diseases with such a product, or just keep your body always toned.

Also worth noting almonds. Not everyone likes his specific taste, but the benefits of using it for metabolic disorders, in particular cholesterol, are indisputable. This nut is useful for people suffering from hypertension, eye diseases, ulcers, heartburn or just lovers of well-being. Having eaten only 4 walnuts in the morning, you will ensure a charge of good mood until lunchtime.

Known for its properties and peanuts. Its consumption improves the functioning and condition of the heart, liver, nerve tissue. Naturally, the benefits are not related to its use as a snack for low-alcohol beverages. Peanuts improve memory and relieve insomnia.

It is necessary to consider separately one of the mostpopular and loved by us all kinds of walnut - hazelnuts. To our people, he is better known as "hazelnut". By popularity, it is equated only with peanuts, and even the Greek "fellow", with all its usefulness, does not reach the level of a competitor in terms of the mass consumption of food.

Ancient Greece "appointed" a symbol of wealth,well-being and health is this nut. Hazelnut was also greatly appreciated by the inhabitants of the Roman Empire, having the status of a blessed tree. In Russia, this nut was called a hazel and a double fruit was always kept at hand, since it was believed that such nuts attract good luck.

Hazelnut is widely used in medicine. As a raw material not only the kernels are selected, but also the shell, wrapper, pollen, bark, root, leaves and even shoots. Wood serves to make beautiful and durable furniture.

Walnut Hazelnut - nutritious to many of their brethren. Not all kinds of nuts can boast such a calorie content (700 kcal). The hazel nut is times more nutritious than chocolate, dairy products and bread. But this nut is incredibly quickly absorbed by the human body, since it has a large number of amino acids and proteins. Given the high number of calories, this product is not a "forbidden fruit" for those who watch the figure. This is due to the low content of carbohydrates in it.

Absolutely all varieties of nuts possessincredibly high content of iron, but only in hazelnuts it is more than in fruits, vegetables and even meat. Also, the hazelnut is just a storehouse of minerals. In the core is just an incredible amount of phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, fluorine, magnesium, zinc and manganese. Further it is necessary to allocate a considerable quantity of sodium, copper, chlorine, cobalt and iodine.

Different kinds of nuts are recommended by dieticiansfor consumption in food instead of fatty meat. And it's not surprising. The core of the hazelnut is one of the best sources of energy. Now it becomes clear that the slogan: "Charge your brains" is taken, as they say, not from the ceiling.

As for the health benefits, the dailyintake of 30 g of hazelnut significantly reduces the possibility of disrupting the cardiovascular system of a person, relieves anemia, facilitates the course of diabetes, varicose veins. Like other kinds of nuts, hazelnut has a very beneficial effect on the brain.

The use of hazelnut in combination with beehoney accelerates the treatment of urolithiasis and malnutrition. It was such a recipe that was incredibly popular with Greek athletes. Nutrition significantly increased the body's resistance to high loads, which means that it was much easier to win now.

Hazelnut is an incredibly tasty medicine and just a nut that can preserve the youth and strength of the body for a long time.

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Types of nuts. All about hazelnuts and not only Types of nuts. All about hazelnuts and not only Types of nuts. All about hazelnuts and not only Types of nuts. All about hazelnuts and not only Types of nuts. All about hazelnuts and not only Types of nuts. All about hazelnuts and not only Types of nuts. All about hazelnuts and not only