Types of horses: the diversity of the Earth's fauna

Some of the most amazing, smart and beautifulanimals on Earth - horses. People have tamed them, made them domestic. Horses from time immemorial help a man in agriculture, they are a form of transport, and also participate in sports competitions. Of course, for each occupation there corresponds a certain breed of this mammal. We will understand the types of horses together.

Factory breeds

This group is divided into other species of rockshorses. Among them it is necessary to distinguish riding, heavy-duty and trotting. The brightest representatives of the first subgroup are the English and Arab thoroughbreds. The name "riding" predetermines the purpose of these horses: they are used in horse races and equestrian sport. This group of animals is used for crossing with other breeds in order to improve their riding qualities.

types of horses

Racebred horses can be used both in equestrian sport and cross with working breeds in order to improve their endurance and speed.

The heavy-duty group is designed to work inagricultural production and used for the transport of goods. Typical representatives of this type are Russian and Soviet heavy-duty trucks, as well as many other breeds that are grown on the territory of our state.

The transition group of rocks

Types of horses belonging to this category: Budennovskaya, Don, Kabardian, etc. The peculiarity of this group in the universality of animals. They can be used with equal success both in various sports competitions, and in the economy. Horses of this species are grown both in stables and in pasture conditions.

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Let's characterize some concrete breedstransition group. The Don's horse is a strong and hardy animal that was bred in the Rostov region in the 18th century by local Cossacks. This suit for a long time crossed with the oriental horses, which made it possible to breed a tall and beautiful breed. Don horses are mainly used for equestrian sports and teaching children riding.

Local horses

This group is characterized by a hugevariety of breeds. Types of horses belonging to this category: the Yakut, Vyatka, Altai, Transbaikal and many others. A characteristic feature inherent in each member of this group is the adaptability to a specific locality and a specific type of landscape. In this regard, horses have different physiological differences.

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Of particular interest is the Yakut breed. These horses easily survive in the harsh conditions of permafrost, can live for a long time in one place in the conditions of the herd, practically do not require artificial feeding. What else is remarkable about this type of animal? The horse of the Yakut breed during the summer period can build up a considerable mass, therefore the local population widely uses this mammal for productive purposes. In addition, animals of this species are very hardy. That is why they are particularly suitable for transporting goods and various agricultural works in taiga.

All kinds of crosses with the upper and othertypes of rocks did not bring the desired results, because the characteristics of the Yakut horses could not be improved. To date, all attempts to remove synthesized with them have ceased.

Heavy horse horses

Man was always particularly interested in the specieshorses, which can be actively used in economic activities. It was for this purpose that at the beginning of the 20th century a special breed, a Russian heavy-hauler, was bred. Representatives of this variety are incredibly endurance and power with a relatively small growth, not exceeding 155 cm.

view of a wild horse

The development of this breed reached its peak inSoviet times, when breeders managed to get a heavy truck with a higher growth and carrying capacity. So, a record result was established by a horse named Prazy, who managed to take out a weight equal to 23 tons.

It should be noted that heavy trucks are used in the farm not only for the transportation of goods. Another important characteristic is the high performance in milk production.

Forest type of rock

The main representative of this variety -Vyatka horse. The range of its habitat is the Republic of Komi, as well as the Kirov region. Her ancestor was a kind of wild horse, which was crossed with one of the local Finnish breeds.

The main advantages of the Vyatka breed are:good endurance, as well as productive lynx, which allows the use of horses of this type for agricultural work, and for equestrian sports and tourism.

The most beautiful horses of the Earth

From time immemorial horses are considered to be among the mostbeautiful animals on the planet. That's why there are regularly held various contests, where the best are selected among these mammals. The most beautiful species of horses have long been identified. Pictures of them flew around the world.

kinds of breeds of horses

The top three in aesthetic appearance closesArabian horse. This breed was bred in the 4th century on the Arabian Peninsula. This is a typical species of animals for equestrian sport, as well as for long-distance racing.

Akhalteke horse - the oldest of all known breeds. It appeared in Turkmenistan more than 5000 years ago.

The most beautiful breed is considered to beFrisian horse from the Netherlands. It belongs to the squad of heavy-duty trucks. In the West, it is called the "black pearl" because of the black color and long luxurious tail and mane.

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Types of horses: the diversity of the Earths fauna Types of horses: the diversity of the Earths fauna Types of horses: the diversity of the Earths fauna Types of horses: the diversity of the Earths fauna Types of horses: the diversity of the Earths fauna Types of horses: the diversity of the Earths fauna Types of horses: the diversity of the Earths fauna Types of horses: the diversity of the Earths fauna Types of horses: the diversity of the Earths fauna Types of horses: the diversity of the Earths fauna