Tushen fish: both tasty and healthy

Fish is one of the most useful products: it is digested much faster than meat, and contains useful amino acids, and the brain and cardiovascular system has a positive effect.

Especially useful fish stew. It can be offered to young children, and those who have problems with digestion, and the elderly. Many people like this fish simply because it is tasty.

It is not difficult to put out fish. The only subtlety - you need to have a good special dish for this. It is better if it is a pan or a chicken with a thick bottom and walls. Pre-gutted fish should be thoroughly cleaned from scales and fins, cut off the head and tail. Then, depending on the recipe, the fish are rubbed with salt, pepper and lemon. You can also use special sets of spices for fish. They are sold in large supermarkets. However, you can make a similar composition yourself. For this it is enough to buy and mix basil, mustard, rosemary and coriander. Such a mixture will make the meat of any fish incredibly fragrant and give it a specific taste.

After this, the fish (fillets, chunks, whole carcasses)fits into the prepared dishes and is filled with sauce and (or) water. For the sauce everything will suit: salted milk, sour cream, mayonnaise, tomato. There are also many special recipes for fish sauces. However, in our opinion, this is quite enough if you want to preserve the original taste of fish.

Then the dishes are put on the fire. The cooking time depends on the type of fish and the final result. Oily fish: salmon, shark, trout, - stewed quickly. More dry and hard, respectively, for a longer time. Usually stewed fish is cooked from twenty minutes to one and a half hours. In the latter case, you will get a virtually bones-free treat, which, however, will have to be eaten with a spoon rather than with a fork. Therefore, it's up to you to determine which fish stew is more to your liking.

Many housewives also practice adding fishvegetables and greens. Stewed fish with carrots are especially tasty. Prepared in this way, it acquires a sweet taste and is enriched with additional vitamins. You can grate carrots on a grater (if you prefer a soft side dish). You can - just cut into cubes and lay around the fish. Then the carrot will retain its original appearance and only slightly soften. Do not forget that you will need an extra pinch of salt and pepper, as carrots actively absorb all the spices. In addition to carrots, you can put chopped onions, garlic and greens. You can also pre-fry both the fish and vegetables, with which you will season the fish.

It is also very tasty fish, stewed with potatoes. In addition to the fact that as a result you get a ready-made garnish, the potatoes, extinguished in this way, will acquire a remarkable acute taste.

To prepare this dish you need to cutfish in small pieces, and potatoes and onions - in circles or small slices. Then everything fits in the dishes, seasoned with spices and sauce and put on the fire. If you do not want to shred fish and potatoes, you should try to extinguish all this entirely. This will take much longer, but as a result, you will get an aesthetically excellent dish in the best restaurant traditions. Some gourmets also add chopped apples to potatoes. Cooked fish in this way (especially if you have your own home apples) gets even more refined taste, because depending on the kind of apples, it can be either slightly sweet or tart and sour.

In any case, no matter how you do not extinguish the fish, in the end you will always have a healthy and tasty dish.

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Tushen fish: both tasty and healthy Tushen fish: both tasty and healthy Tushen fish: both tasty and healthy Tushen fish: both tasty and healthy Tushen fish: both tasty and healthy Tushen fish: both tasty and healthy Tushen fish: both tasty and healthy Tushen fish: both tasty and healthy Tushen fish: both tasty and healthy Tushen fish: both tasty and healthy