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Turn on Awareness: BELIEF

The idea of ​​this article came to me after a deep study of my beliefs and realizations, how much they influenced my life and how closely beliefs are connected with human life.
Tell me what your convictions are and I'll tell you what your life is like.This expression maximally reflects the influence of beliefs on our lives and each of us has them, which are not realized, there can be many. So, first about what beliefs are and where they come from in our life.

At the heart of any belief, there is some kind of strong emotion and a generalization of the obvious fact, and this generalization adopted on an emotional wave becomes a conviction.

For example, there is a belief: “I’m not getting anything,” which arose from the first painful experience. How does this belief manifest in the life of this person? What is the life of this person? Most likely, the disorder in all areas and for which he will not undertake, will not have a result.

Or another example, a common belief among many women: “There are no normal men”. How does this affect the lives of women who have this belief? What happens in their life? They limit their perception, not seeing normal men around, this unconscious program builds their reality such that they see and notice only “not normal”, this leads to another conviction: “I cannot marry anyone,” etc.

In my life I had the following conviction: “All normal men have long been engaged” (married, in relationships) and for a long time I could not enter into qualitative relations because, because of this conviction, I did not see free normal men, but only those married or already in a relationship. And if suddenly met with a free man, in my head there was a thought that something was wrong with him, since he was still free.

Beliefs can be both personal and accepted on an emotional wave from the environment, family and friends, in moments of common interaction.

Actually,beliefs are a very powerful force that determines our lives. Beliefs become prophecies and are fulfilled. Our subconscious "sharpened" to confirm the existingbeliefs and works on this tirelessly, attracting relevant events into our lives and confirming these beliefs. The greatest number of limiting beliefs can be in relation to oneself, money and in relations with the opposite sex.

In my personal experience, more than five hundred limiting convictions in various spheres of life have been consciously and worked out, and still continue, due to which much has changed in me, in people's perceptions, attitudes and quality of life.

Each of you can now take any area of ​​your life, especially if something does not work out in this area, as you would like (work, money, relationships, family, etc.), and write down all your thoughts regarding this area, Can be on a tape recorder, and then transfer beliefs on paper.

Speak and write down what you really think about this sphere, add what your family, your loved ones, your surroundings said about this sphere (after all, if you remember this, it means it is deposited in you). Then take a break for tea / coffee and after this pause, listen / read everything that was recorded.

And now realize how it all manifests in your life. Realize where this belief came from - from personal experience or from the environment,how it manifests itself in life, what you get as a result of this belief, how to change (reformulate) this belief into a developmental one.

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