Trimmer "Carver": reviews, models, spare parts

If your lawn has a lawn, thenmaintenance of its order will be impossible without the use of appropriate equipment for cutting grass. Otherwise, this vegetation will be able to turn the territory into a wasteland, overgrown with weeds only for a season. The usual braid can help with this, but a rare master today has the skills to own it.

A successful solution

trimmer carver reviews

The most common today are trim tabs, whichare presented in the sale of gasoline models. It remains only to decide which model and manufacturer to choose. Everything will depend on the goals set and the estimated time of use of this equipment. For example, the trimmer "Carver", reviews about which can be not only positive but also negative, are offered by the manufacturer in a wide range. Some models will be discussed below.

Reviews of the model GBC-31F

trimmer carver

This Carver trimmer will cost the user in9000 rub. The equipment is equipped with a four-stroke engine, which is cooled by an air system. The engine, according to customers, has a long service life, which is provided by the chrome coating of the cylinder. Trimmer "Carver", reviews about which are only positive, has a handle of a bicycle shape, on which there are controls, which guarantees convenient handling of the tool.

According to the buyers, with the help of thisthe trimmer can mow the grass around the site while taking care of the territory. In the kit there is a shoulder strap, with which you can reduce the load. Trimmer "Carver", reviews of which often allow you to make a choice, has a capacity of 1.1 horsepower, and the engine capacity in cubic centimeters is 31.

Consumers like the availability of a drive shaft, as well as an impressive cutting width, which is equal to 43/23. The seed diameter is 25.4 mm. The power in kilowatts is 0.8.

Consumers especially emphasize that theyI like the possibility of changing the cutting tool, which may be a line or a knife. The volume of the tank is 0.95 l, and this device weighs 7.6 kg.

Feedback on the advantages of the model

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The above-described trimmer "Carver", reviews of which,Perhaps, you will be able to choose your choice in favor of this or that model, according to users, has many advantages. For example, the device is characterized by an increased engine life, and launch is facilitated by the availability of the Quickstart system. The engine allows for a reliable start-up, and a short-time deflection up to 360 ° from the operating position.

Consumers like that on the handlethere is a large "start-stop" key. The handle bracket is reinforced, and the protective cover prevents the grass from entering the operator. The disk knife has hard-alloy teeth, which guarantees durability and high productivity. According to buyers, the line can be replaced in just 10 seconds, which became possible due to the modern design of the quick-clamping spool. The line guarantees a low level of noise and vibration, which indicates a comfortable work. Without the use of an additional tool, any consumer can get easy access to the air filter.

Why else should I choose a model

spare parts for petrol trim tabs

Consumers like the durability and strength,which became possible thanks to a rigid shaft on six bearings. The fuel tank is semi-transparent, so the operator can control the volume of the mixture.

Comments about the model PROMO PBC-52

carver trimmer 052

Chinese petrol trim tabs are presented tosale also in the form of a model that was mentioned in the subheading above. For it you have to pay 5,700 rubles. According to users, this tool is a reliable and powerful equipment, with which you can cut not only the grass, but also shrubs. As a cutting element, a metal knife or fishing line may protrude. The casing has a rather large size, which, according to the buyers, prevents the grass from entering the operator.

The line is fed by pressing the coil on the ground. A comfortable strap that you can put on your shoulder makes it easier to work. The bicycle handle can be adjusted, which makes the control of the equipment more comfortable. Consumers note that the cylinder has a chrome coating, due to this the gasoline tank is characterized by a great resource.

Additional features

Chinese trim tabs for gasoline

To the air filter the manufacturer providedconvenient access, you do not need to use an additional tool for this. Users like that the power of 1.5 kW is enough to perform all the work in the garden. The equipment is equipped with a two-stroke engine, the capacity of the tank is equal to one liter, and the weight of the trimer is slightly larger compared to the above described and is 8 kg.

Reviews about the trimmer brand GBC-052MS

Quite common among consumerstoday the trimmer "Carver 052", for which the consumer will have to pay 7400 rubles. This tool has an improved design, and also has a higher working resource. According to buyers, the body is made of high-quality plastic. The unit is equipped with the Quickstart system, which is 70% able to reduce the effort at start-up.

The trimmer is equipped with a disk knife and a head,that allows you to mow even soft grass, dead wood and stubble. The rod is detachable, this allows for a compact storage and easy transport of the trimer. This petrol station "Carver" has a capacity of 2 liters. with., which is enough for the tasks assigned to the equipment. The manufacturer supplied the unit with a petrol two-stroke engine, the volume of which is 52 cm3. The weight of the device is not as impressive asof the equipment described above, and is 6.7 kg. Strength and durability was achieved thanks to a six-bearing rigid shaft. This petrol car "Carver" has a control system, with which it is convenient to work even in gloves.

The cylinder-piston group has a higherwear resistance and is ready to last 4 times longer due to the chrome coating of the cylinder. Consumers especially note the high performance of the disk knife, because it has hard-alloy teeth.

Consumables and their cost

No matter how good the equipment is, inIn the process of its operation, spare parts for petrol trim tabs will be needed. You can buy them at different prices. For example, the trimmer line, whose length is 15 m, and the thickness is 2.4 mm, will cost the consumer 161 rubles. It will be somewhat cheaper to have a round yellow fishing line with the same parameters, its price is 109 rubles.

Spare parts for petrol trim tabs are not soexpensive. As an example, you can consider a trimmer cord, whose length is 15 m, and the thickness - 2.4 mm. Its price is 243 rubles. A noiseless cord will cost the consumer 226 rubles, while its parameters remain the same. But the cord length of 15 m from the manufacturer Husqvarna is somewhat more expensive, its price is 261 rubles. In addition, you can purchase various knives for the trimmer. If the dimensions are equal to 230x25.4 mm, then for this consumable material it is necessary to pay 323 rubles.

The Carver Trimmer may require a four-parta knife for effective work in the garden. This spare part you can buy for 313 rubles. Steel 8-mm knife for bureliana will cost 1108 rubles. And a three-bladed disc for solving these problems will cost only 360 rubles. Sometimes the work also requires trimmer heads. They do not cost so much, one of them can have a cost within 290 rubles.

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