"Trimetazidine": indications, instructions, reviews and analogues

The human body does not become younger over time. You look, then one or the other organ suffers from the influence of the external environment: improper nutrition, lack of rest, too fast and active rhythm of life. To drastically change the situation and force yourself to live in such a way that your own organism does not test for strength, a huge willpower is required. And if any system or organ has already declared itself, suppose, attacks of angina pectoris or ischemia, here you can’t do without antianginal medications. One of them is "Trimetazidine", the indications for use of which will give clear instructions on when this drug will be most effective.

Pharmacological effects

In general, this drug is quite extensive sphere of influence. It has antianginal, antihypoxic, metabolic and cytoprotective effects.The use of this drug can significantly reduce tissue hypoxia and effectively support the heart muscle.

trimetazidine indications

Instructions for the drug "Trimetazidine", indications for use (photo of the drug, see above) indicate its direct effect on cardiomyocytes and neurons of the brain, the essence of which is to optimize their functions and metabolism. Cytoprotective effects are expressed in ensuring sufficient energy potential, accelerating oxidative decarboxylation and rational use of oxygen (blocking the oxidative processes of fatty acids and activating aerobic glycolysis).

In addition, the components of the drug support myocardial contractility, do not allow the depletion of ATP and phosphocreatin inside the cell. In conditions of increasing the acidity of the body (acidosis), the normal functioning of membrane exchange channels and the volume of potassium contained inside the cell is normalized, which prevents the accumulation of sodium and calcium in cardiomyocytes.

With the established diagnosis of “angina pectoris”, the drug significantly reduces the incidence of seizures (a consequence of a reduction in the consumption of nitrates).After two weeks of therapy, the body's tolerance to physical exertion increases, and blood pressure drops decrease.

The main components of the drug and release form

The main component that contains the drug "Trimetazidine" (indications for use due to the action of this particular substance) is Trimetazidine dihydrochloride. Microcrystalline cellulose, granulated mannitol, copolyvidone, anhydrous colloidal silicon, magnesium stearate act as auxiliary components.

The manufacturer produces a product in the form of round biconvex tablets, coated in colors from pink to red-brown shades. The composition of its (shell) is red iron oxide, titanium dioxide, macrogol and hypromellose.

One tablet of Trimetazidine contains 20 mg of the main active ingredient. You can buy the drug in pharmacies. Packages contain 30 or 60 tablets.


drug trimetazidine indications

Bioavailability (the amount of the drug reaching the place of its influence in the human body) is about 90%. The drug "Trimetazidine" indications for use regulate as fully absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract.After ingestion, the maximum concentration in the body is reached after 2 hours.

Quickly enough, the drug overcomes histohematogenous barriers (the common name for physiological “filters” between blood and tissue fluid). Plasma protein binding is ≈ 16%. Half-life is 4.5 to 5 hours. From the body is excreted by the kidneys in the urine, with about 60% - unchanged.

Primary consumers: who is welcome?

The medicine "Trimetazidine" indications for use is quite extensive. In cardiology, health care providers prescribe it for the prevention of strokes (as part of complex therapy in combination with other antianginal drugs).

drug trimetazidine indications

Another area of ​​application "Trimetazidine" - otolaryngology. Here the drug has found its use in the treatment of various kinds of cochleo-vestibular disorders of ischemic origin. These include noise background in the ears, decreased hearing, and dizziness.

The drug is successfully used in ophthalmology to combat chorioretinal vascular abnormalities, provoked by ischemia.

Contraindications for Trimetazidine

When will I have to give up the Trimetazidine medication? Indications for use, instructions for its use prohibit the admission of patients with severe forms of liver failure. Insufficiency in the functioning of the kidneys with the QC parameter below 15 ml / min is also sufficient reason to refuse this medication.

trimetazidine indications for use instruction

Do not take the drug Trimetazidine in pregnant women and during lactation. There is no information on the efficacy and safety of the drug for patients under 18 years of age.

Due to the fact that the medicament contains lactose, it is unacceptable to be taken by persons with congenital intolerance, as well as with lactase deficiency in the body, in the presence of glucose-galactose malabsorption.

And, of course, they do not prescribe medication for people with hypersensitivity to any component of Trimetazidine.

Dosing regimen and standard regimen

According to the medical instructions accompanying the drug, "Trimetazidine" is recommended to be taken orally with food and drink a glass of water.Depending on the severity of the patient’s condition, the doctor may prescribe a drug 2 or 3 times a day. The minimum single volume of the drug is 20 mg, the maximum daily - 60 mg. The duration of the treatment period varies and depends on the specific situation and the patient's condition. Selection of the dose and duration of treatment is entirely the prerogative of the doctor.

Negative manifestations

Almost all medications cause side effects. As a rule, this occurs when using as large as possible doses, when treating with the same medicine for a long period of time and when combining several drugs. Trimetazidine is no exception. The indications for use of this medication are quite extensive, so it is possible that certain negative effects may develop from its use.

trimetazidine indications reviews

The cardiovascular system can respond to the drug by increasing the number of heartbeats (tachycardia), rather intense headaches. On the part of the gastrointestinal tract, mild dyspeptic reactions may occur (nausea, vomiting, unpleasant pain - gastralgia). Allergic manifestations in the form of itching and skin rashes are possible.

Special instructions

The first thing worth mentioning here is that the drug itself from the German manufacturer and its Russian analogue Trimetazidine Biocom MV do not regulate the indications for use as a drug for the relief of angina, because they do not perform such functions. If symptoms occur that indicate the development of a stenocardial attack, the attending physician should review the treatment regimen and adapt the treatment.

People suffering from coronary heart disease, while taking Trimetazidine, significantly reduce the daily need for nitrates.

The use of the drug does not affect the ability to drive a car and the performance of work that requires a high concentration of attention and speed of psychomotor reactions.

Drugs analogues

Since Trimetazidine can have several effects on the human body (antianginal, antihypoxic, cytoprotective, and metabolic), it can also have a large list of drugs that affect it in a similar way. Belonging simultaneously to the groups "ischemic heart disease" and "vestibular disease" (Meniere's disease,motion sickness) gives the right drug "Trimetazidine" (indications for use analogs may have slightly different from each other) to consider drugs similar to themselves from both these groups. For example, the first of these groups include "Izodinit", "Kordi Kor", "Verogalid EP"; to the second - "Betagistin", "Vestikap".

trimetazidine indications for use analogues

Quite a lot of drugs can be considered similar due to the coincidence of the ATX code of the 4th level. These include “Maksikor”, “Preductal”, “Remicor”, “Triducan”, “Sulfocamphocain”, “ATP Log”, etc.

Opinions of medical workers

A large majority of cardiologists believe that improving the quality of life of patients with coronary heart disease already characterizes Trimetazidine quite well. Indications for use, reviews of doctors assign the drug a fairly modest role. However, for doctors working in the rural outbacks, where there is no opportunity to conduct full-fledged research, where there are no drugs and means to purchase them, Trimetazidine often becomes the only possible medicine that helps relieve pain and adapt the body to exercise.

This opinion has opponents who consider such means as “Trimetazidine”, “Preductal” and others like them to be absolutely useless medicines that are successful only because of the effectiveness of marketing.

What do patients think?

Opinions of patients taking this antianginal agent have a slightly more positive color. A history of people with angina pectoris and myocardial infarctions shows improvement in the body's adaptation to physical exertion and the possibility of reducing the amount of nitroglycerin used. Also, from positive feelings, patients mention a decrease in the number of angina attacks and stabilization of blood pressure indicators.

trimetazidine indications photo

Relief of headaches, dizziness, sensations of tinnitus are also positive effects from the use of the drug Trimetazidine. Indications for use and its analogues, and the drug itself is positioned as a means of improving the quality of life of patients suffering from serious diseases in the field of otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology and cardiovascular system.

Among other things, the drug Trimetazidine is relatively inexpensive, which makes it accessible to the general population with a very different financial situation.

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