Traveler's note: which sockets in Cyprus

Going on a trip, the tourist alwayscalculates every little thing, but something will for sure forget. If you go to Cyprus for the first time and do not know which outlet in Cyprus, you are in for a lot of disappointment when your phone plug does not fit into the power outlet.

What's wrong with a socket in Cyprus?

The supply of electricity to the rooms of the Greek hotels differs from the classical Russian scheme. We are used to seeing standard hotel rooms in hotel rooms, but in Cyprus everything is different.

Being occupied in a hotel late, you, most likely,lose the ability to recharge your phone or another gadget at night. "So what are the sockets in Cyprus in hotels?" - you ask. Here, not Russian and even European models of outlets, and not with two, as all are used to, but with three holes. To connect through such a socket to electricity, you need a special adapter. You can bring the adapter with you or ask the administration for it, but this service can be paid, and not everyone is willing to give additional money for the already paid service package.

what sockets in cyprus

Such "tees" are sold in almost everystore in Cyprus. They are compact, made of plastic and metal, and are not at all expensive, only about 1-2 euros. Without such a thing in a European country will have to be tight.

If you did not know about which sockets in Cyprus, andsettled in the hotel at night, the adapter will be given at the reception, but such a service will cost up to 10 euros, which is a lot cheaper than buying an adapter.

If the tour operator sent you on vacation, you should have been warned about what outlet in Cyprus.

Features of electricity supply in hotels in Cyprus

In many world countries that are actively involved intourists, the scheme of power supply in hotels is very different from the one to which we are accustomed. Here and Cyprus is no exception, and without the presence of a special adapter, you can not use the outlet to connect your electrical appliance or gadget. Look closely at which sockets in Cyprus (photo below).

Which outlet in Cyprus photo

The switch is next to eachelectric appliances in the room. The peculiarity of the power supply is the following: while the washing machine is running, the kettle is in the "off" mode. This approach to electricity supply is explained by the high price of electricity. This partly explains which sockets in Cyprus and why such a system.

The secret in the adapter

In fact, the adapter is not intended foradapting your device to the Cypriot voltage standard in the electrical network. In the country all electrical equipment is powered from 220 watts. In addition to the non-standard form of the socket on the box, there is a button, the so-called switch.

The structure of the outlet is also unique. After looking at it, you will see three holes, one of which is closed. From the inside it looks like this: two parallel - contacts that allow the current to flow to the connected plug, the third - the lock. That's why, if you do not know which outlet in Cyprus, you can expect disappointment, you will not be able to use the power grid to recharge your devices. Save only a special adapter.

Which sockets in Cyprus in hotels

What you can not forget, going to Cyprus

Going on a trip to Cyprus, about suchThe device, as an adapter for connection to the outlet, must be taken care of beforehand. If you travel with a tour operator, you are sure to be warned about the nuances of living in the country, but if you go on vacation on your own - prepare. Study the news, reviews, read the rules to be sure to feel comfortable and not spoil the rest with such trifles as a discharged phone or camera.

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