"Transport" bank: reviews of investors and employees. Rating and reliability of the bank "Transport"

To support the national economy in the industryIn 1994 the AMFI Bank was established. After a while his administrative and organizational form was changed to CB Transportny Bank, which is still positive today. The commercial organization is small and focused on servicing customers from Moscow and the region. The territorial bank works with such cities of the country as St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg, Perm, Smolensk and Belgorod.

Main fields of activity

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"Transport" Bank, reviews of which are moreas positive as the financial institution fulfills its obligations, initially it was oriented to servicing a wide range of individuals and legal entities. Among a wide range of proposals, it is worth noting the most popular:

  • Financing and commercial structures and individuals.
  • Registration of deposits and placement of funds in the accounts of the financial institution.
  • KRO.
  • Investment proposals.
  • Sale of precious coins.
  • Rent of safe cells.
  • Complex servicing of bank cards and salary projects.
  • Various kinds of manipulation with foreign exchange operations.
  • Mortgage credit lending.

Internet banking and problems in its work

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A significant achievement in the work of the financialthe institute was the introduction of a service called Internet banking. Each client of the bank can independently carry out various kinds of manipulations with cash flows through the Internet. In the long term, such an innovation placed the Transport Bank on a higher level. Feedback about the institution is more positive, but here about the online service you can often meet negative feedback, because quite often it is simply not available.

Key points in history

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Financial institution easily survived the crisis of 2008year, and the main merit belongs to the financier Shishkhanov. To restore the bank's indicators to the pre-crisis level, it was necessary to spend at least two years. A significant role in this matter was played by the new president of the institution Lomanov, who was appointed to the post in 2008. Until 2011, the 99% stake was owned by the Lomanovs. After the sale of shares of Transport Bank, whose reviews in most situations have a positive connotation, continued the service of the broad-profile group of companies New Transport Technologies. At the moment, the bank's owners are several influential people at the same time. This is Serebryannikova and Sorokin, Mazanova, Genetliu and Fez.

A little bit about achievements and ratings

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Bank "Transportny" in 2013 carried outa significant financial breakthrough and increased its assets to 23 billion 600 million. This is almost a 2.5-fold increase in the capital available at that time. Extensions have been achieved through the active involvement of both private and commercial means. In 2012, the net profit of the financial institute reached 96 million rubles. The authorized capital in 2013 was only 800 million. It was during this period that the rating agency Expert RIA awarded the institution with a credit rating of "A". This characterizes the institution exclusively from the positive side, speaks of its stability, a high level of reliability and trust. There was a positive outlook for the future. According to the latest official data, the volume of assets amounted to 29 321 395 thousand rubles. Bank "Transportny", whose rating is quite good, took 144th place in Russia in this value. The volume of capital is equal to 2 402 169 thousand rubles, which corresponds to 195 place among the banks of Russia. The volume of loans - 20 626 429 thousand rubles, and deposits - 17 633 608 thousand rubles, which corresponds to 122 and 113 places. The total profit for the last year is 382 027 thousand rubles, which allowed to reach 144 places in the rating. According to the online project BankStars.ru, the financial institution received 4 stars. As for such well-known rating agencies as Moody's, Fitch and S & P, they did not appreciate the reliability of Transportny Bank, simply bypassing it with their attention.

Latest news or temporary difficulties

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A representative of the agency "Expert RIA"that the financial institution conducts payments on paper carriers, ceasing to use the electronic format. This is explained by the fact that starting from April 21 this year, it was the Central Bank that disconnected Transportny Bank, whose employee reviews are always presented in a positive way, from the urgent electronic banking payment system. As the agency's specialist suggests, this may indicate a lack of liquidity within the financial institution. Earlier, it was the agency "Expert RIA" that reported that the credit rating of the institution was gradually decreasing, and today it is already equated to the category "A" rather than "B". The decision to downgrade the rating was based on the use of paper carriers by the bank, which significantly prolongs the time for conducting banking operations.

Recent changes in work

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Despite the fact that by the end of 2014 the bank"Transport", reviews of investors who have always testified about the fulfillment of their obligations by the latter, was recognized as reliable, today some failures in its work can be observed. In particular, some clients talk about delays in calculating wages, about which no one says anything. There is an end to the acceptance of deposits, including the replenishment of existing ones. This order was issued by the Central Bank on April 16 for a period of up to 6 months. All contracts, according to representatives of the financial institution, which were signed before April 16, will be executed in accordance with the regulations. This includes the accrual of interest on deposits, and their withdrawal.

What do customers and employees of the bank say?

Bank "Transportny" faced certaindifficulties, but this did not affect the fulfillment of their obligations. Most of the feedback on the financial institution still speaks about it from the positive side. According to the Institute staff, nothing in their work has changed. Timely accrual of labor fees and full fulfillment of obligations in accordance with the employment contract take place. It will not be possible to find a flurry of responses, in which people complain that the institution does not pay. Based on the analysis of this information, we can talk about the bank's efficiency, despite certain obstacles, which, in principle, in 2015 almost every institution offering its services within the financial sector had to face.

Forecasts for the future and level of reliability

Bank "Transportny", whose rating was loweredrecently to category "B", is on the scale of the agency "Expert RA" within the framework of a satisfactory level of creditworthiness. The forecast in accordance with this rating sounds like "developing." This promises a high probability that in the near future the financial company's performance will not change. Bank "Transportny" received a mark "rating under supervision", and analysts pointed to low profitability indicators. It is very difficult to talk now about what the financial institution is waiting for in the short term. All that's left to do is watch the latest news and keep your hand on the pulse.

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