Transit is an area of ​​economic relations

In the economic literature, the meaning of the word transitis disclosed as follows: it is transportation of goods (passengers) from one point to another through intermediate points without the need for transshipments (transplants) in them. In the sphere of international economic relations, this term indicates the movement of goods (goods) through the territory of the state when they are followed from one country to another.

Goods transit

transit isTransit is the right to transport goods from oneState to another through the territory of the third without the possibility of selling them in the latter. This term refers to the regime when the cargo moves between the two Russian customs authorities under their control, but without levying taxes and duties. The economic measures of the country through which it moves are not applied to the transit goods. Such goods must be in an unchanged state and not used until they arrive at their destination. Transit cargo should be delivered to the specified place within the time limits established by the customs services of departure. But these terms should not exceed the maximum (for 1 month 2000 km).

Customs transit

When a foreign goods is transported to a placedestination through the territory of a third state, customs transit procedures apply to it. What it is? Customs transit is a regime that allows you to control the transportation of goods through third countries from the point of departure to the destination. It can be of two types:

  • interior;
  • international.

The first is applied for the carriage of cargo from the placecrossing the Russian border to the customs post. When transporting goods in this way, you do not need to pay customs duties in the form of taxes, duties, fees, as well as present licenses. What is transit international? This is a regime whereby foreign goods are transported through the Russian Federation, the route of which begins, and also ends outside the Russian customs territory. In this case, there is also no need to pay duties and taxes. To the goods being transported, restrictions and prohibitions of an economic nature are not applied.meaning of the word transit

How is the customs transit of goods

The order of transportation through the territory of the Russian Federation mustcoordinated with the customs posts of the arrival of goods. Transported goods can be reloaded from one transport to another in Russia. But only after prior notice to the customs authority. In this case, the procedure is performed without damaging the seals and seals imposed by such organs. Transit is a regime that occupies an important place in the economic relations of different countries. It is designed to ensure the correct control and rapid movement through the state of goods, which must arrive at the destination in an unchanged form. The established customs regime applied in transit characterizes economic relations and the degree of trust between countries.

The importance of transit for the Russian Federation

what is transitTransit international messages are beneficial forstate. They provide convenience for export and import firms, free from the transfer of goods and the need for additional documents. Established international communications free exporters from the need to make settlements at border points, ports during transport. Economic agreements in the field of customs control, concluded by the Russian Federation with other countries, ensure the rapid delivery of export and import cargo to the destination. Apparently, transit is an important area of ​​economic relations. It characterizes the state of the country, the degree of its openness and the willingness to cooperate with other states.

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