Traffic predictions, or what the dream of the bus

Do you often think about public transport? Surely not. Then why dream of a bus, can you explain? Naturally, when every day you have to push in it, then at night the tired brain throws up experienced plots. And if not so often use it? What kind of sign forms an inventive subconscious? Let's see, so as not to guess.

The plots are different

When pondering over what the bus is dreaming about, be sure to remember what it was. It turns out this is important. Sometimes the meaning of the interpretation depends on the color of the surrounding landscape. A transport involves various actions. To go in it is one picture, to expect is another meaning. Especially if you saw that its doors slammed in front of his nose, leaving you on the road.why dream of a busYes, and sensations give peculiar nuances to interpretations. Now, if a guy asks: "I dream that I am going on a bus surrounded by beauty queens, why would it?" Here it is clear.It is time for a young man to search for the only beloved one. He is just tired of temporary relationships. And when he is surrounded by young smart men in transport, this is probably for the army. Will soon bear the service.

Ride in transport

Family dream book, arguing why dream of a bus, predicts competition in matters. If you had to take a ride in it, then you will get a fiasco where you rightly expected success. Opponents will be faster and more eloquent. The given source also answers the question of why the full bus is dreaming. It is believed that this is a sign of fierce competition. Brave people are encouraged to rush into battle, bearing in mind the need for success planning. But timid is to stand on the sidelines. The chances of winning will be so small that only a miracle will save from failure.dreaming I'm on the busWhen in a dream, sitting in a transport, you find that you have taken the wrong route, you need to think about the path you have chosen for yourself in life. In any case, the higher forces are trying to hint that it does not prevent you from jumping into another direction, while you still have the opportunity. Your goals are unreal, and relationships do not give happiness.It is necessary to change all this - this is the prediction.

Why dream of waiting for the bus?

why dream of waiting for the bus

Such a vision suggests that your soul is ready for "big love." Even without suspecting it, you are already in search of that person with whom you can adequately meet old age, not ashamed of the years lived. As you ponder over what the bus is dreaming about, remember, did the waiting for annoyance cause you? If the car does not come, and you, nervous, look into the distance, in reality there will be an unpleasant surprise. You can miss your destiny because of your distraction or disorder. For example, don’t buy a gift and don’t go to a friend’s birthday party, and she will be there waiting for you. Remember, it will be almost impossible to correct this mistake! Sleep is designed to push people to a more serious attitude to events (even random). But if the bus quickly came and opened the door to you in a friendly way, the meeting will take place under the most favorable circumstances.

Why dream of a bus driver?

Girls - to love. In your life will enter not only a great feeling, but also a very loyal and reliable person. He will become the patron, leader, gentle lover. Good dream.Just do not miss your happiness. In general, the driver symbolizes a wise friend. When he talks to you, try to remember the meaning of his words. This is information that will affect the future life. If grumbling and swearing, then you made a mistake. It is necessary to comprehend what, think how to fix it.why dream of a full busJust to see the driver at work - to the appearance of a wise mentor who can lead you on a thin blade among the raging intrigues and malice of competitors and envious. Great sleep.

Transport accident

A crowded bus crashing at full speed into an obstacle is a bad sign. Such a plot predicts a certain event that will affect not only you, but also those around you. One person said: “I dream that I am going on a bus, which collapsed into a ravine. People survived, and the car completely crashed. ” After some time, a fire occurred at the enterprise where he worked. People were not injured, but they were all fired. Approximately such an event is worth the wait, if in a dream you get into an accident on the bus. Even worse, if you are driving yourself, you will become the main cause of future unhappiness. When you witness a bus crash in a dream, you will have to help a friend or relative whose life will be overshadowed by public misery.

Strange scenes

what dream bus driverSome sources do not stop interpreting ordinary situations. So, sitting in a standing vehicle means that the weather will change. Most often, such a vision, as a forecaster, predicts precipitation. If you also feel discomfort in your sleep, you will experience a period of sudden mood swings caused by a surge in atmospheric pressure. If you had to run for the departing bus, then you will fall into time trouble. Events will gallop around you like macaques, forcing you to manage to solve ten questions in a day. If in a dream you managed to jump on the bandwagon or stop the bus, then you can cope with everything. And if they stopped, sadly looking at the retreating car, then the chances of success are slim. Taking up a lot of cases, you will surely fail a couple of them, which you will become worried about when you anticipate a beating from the authorities.

Dreams of a bus still symbolize unfinished projects. Just survive the trip - a recommendation to return to an abandoned case. If there are a lot of people, then it is worth more seriously to choose goals. Some of your plans are more like “castles in the sand”. If you are traveling far away, with large suitcases, it's time to take on the “main” thing in life.Soon an idea or a chance will appear. Do not yawn, so that elbows do not bite!

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