Toyota Tundra. Features and description

Toyota Tundra car can not be calledtransport of the average European (or Russian). This is a traditional American with a huge engine volume, endlessly devouring expensive fuel. How can we explain the secret of the popularity of this pick-up truck, which is unusual for European roads?

Why buy the Tundra, for example, the Russians? Who are they, the domestic owners of Toyota Tundra? The characteristics of this pickup allow you to admit that behind his wheel could be some hunter or forester. However, neither the first nor the second will simply not be able to buy such a car, even a second-hand car: so much is the miracle of the American car industry, not to mention the fact that it "does not feed." Cars of the 2008 version and older consume in the city at least 20 liters of fuel for every hundred miles (15 liters can be met outside the city). The younger cars are a little more economical, but in themselves they are very expensive, for example: Toyota Tundra 2012 will cost 2.5, and even 3 million rubles.

Tundra is more likely to be bought by a resident of a large city,enough to afford such a gluttonous machine. But driving in the mode of urban traffic jams or narrow streets is simply unrealistic, because Tundra has serious dimensions.

toyota tundra specificationsIt turns out that the Tundra is rather the second(third, etc.) car of a wealthy Russian, on which he can go out of town, for fishing, hunting, or just for fun on the highway. Tundra can be a good helper for an athlete who needs to carry a bulky, but fragile inventory, such as a diver or surfer.

Despite its size and weight, the car behavesvery quickly and quite well dispersed. At the same time, it's comfortable in American interior: comfortable seats, plenty of options available even in the base configuration. But the suspension is harsh, which is typical of all pickup trucks, and this is especially felt with an empty trunk. Thus, the Toyota Tundra, which attributes it to both the executive car and the truck, is not acquired for practical reasons, but rather for the soul.

toyota tundra 2012When surrounding pedestrians and drivers of otherscars freeze, looking at the beautiful and majestic Toyota Tundra, the characteristics of the car no longer matter. Any person will want to become at least a passenger of this huge and beautiful truck. And if the driver presses harder on the gas pedal, the growl of the 5-liter engine (the minimum volume of the engine is 4 liters, the maximum - 5.7) will make the American monster give way to even the representative cars.

As for the fight against fuel consumption,such engine volume, which is completed with the Tundra, it is almost useless. However, high consumption is typical for most American cars, since in the US fuel is much cheaper than in Russia or in Europe. A good way out of the situation with fuel could be a diesel engine, which the manufacturer planned to start installing on the Tundra in 2008, but to date the Toyota Tundra diesel has not seen the world. Although the manufacturer has a great opportunity to complete the Tundra diesel from the Land Cruiser, but such machines still do not exist.

toyota tundra dieselIt is possible that after receiving a diesel engine, the Tundrawill lose its charisma, which, probably, confuses the producer. Perhaps, he has other motives, but the beautiful Toyota Tundra, whose characteristics cause admiration and some perplexity, while everything remains as huge and dynamic, predatory and beautiful, comfortable and gluttonous, which causes pride among the owners and a certain envy among those around them.

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Toyota Tundra. Features and description Toyota Tundra. Features and description Toyota Tundra. Features and description Toyota Tundra. Features and description Toyota Tundra. Features and description Toyota Tundra. Features and description Toyota Tundra. Features and description