Tour to Florence - a charge of beauty and inspiration

Italy.... How many bright emotions and impressions are contained in this word! Virtually all of its cities are historical open-air museums that contain half of the cultural values ​​of the whole of Europe. All the streets here are full of beauty, grace, and at the same time are filled with energy. Fragrant air, warm sun, holiday atmosphere and carnival inspire adventures and exploits. Only here the question arises: "Where to start your journey, so that gradually, step by step, get more and more pleasure from this colorful bouquet?".
Tour to FlorenceAccording to experts, it is best to startTo study this country, having ordered a tour to Florence. This amazingly picturesque and beautiful place, which was named Fiorentz - "city of flowers", according to legend, was founded in 59 BC. by Caesar himself. In it were born and created their masterpieces Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci and other world-famous medieval masters.
The main tour to Florence covers onlyThe main attractions, which include: the Cathedral of St. Mary of Fiori (the third largest in the world), the golden bridge of Ponte Vecchio, the collection of most of the works of Michelangelo, the Gallery of the Academy (in it there is a statue of David, Perseus, etc.), the palace of the Medici and some others. It is impossible to see and understand everything in one visit to the city. There are 87 museums in it. There are many beautiful streets along which you can wander endlessly, admiring the buildings and discovering something interesting. Therefore, if you want more to see, you can choose an individual tour to Florence, where you can independently determine the duration and route of travel.
Quite often you can find combined tours to different citiesTour of Venice FlorenceItaly. Thus, for one trip you can visit at once several desirable places. For example, the tour "Venice - Florence" will allow you to get acquainted with the sights of both cities. Who would not listen to the Venetian stories while riding the gondola along the ancient waterways? In addition, walking along the pedestrian paths, you can see a large square with a beautiful cathedral, ancient palaces and bridges, as well as a tower that shows not only the time, but the zodiacal position of the Moon and the Sun. Venice of the Middle Ages has not been rebuilt ever since its foundation. This city and the nearby islands still fascinate with its beauty.
Tours Rome FlorenceStill there are tours "Rome - Florence". The ancient capital deserves no less attention than all other Italian cities. But we can say with confidence that even two visits here will not be enough to examine all the legendary places. Situated on the Tiber River, Rome is the spiritual center of all Catholics and the custodian of a huge number of ancient architectural and cultural monuments of history. The Colosseum, the Pantheon, St. Peter's Cathedral, as well as many other famous churches and temples make up the main attractions of the country.
There are so many beautiful things in the world, but everyday lifedoes not always allow this to be noticed, so it's so important to travel. Tour to Florence will allow you to plunge into the world of art and fill bright colors with pleasant memories.

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Tour to Florence - a charge of beauty and inspiration Tour to Florence - a charge of beauty and inspiration Tour to Florence - a charge of beauty and inspiration Tour to Florence - a charge of beauty and inspiration Tour to Florence - a charge of beauty and inspiration