To import is what does it mean? The meaning of the word "import"

The word "import" and its derivatives are used in Russian quite often. But do we always understand their meaning well? What does it mean to "import"?import it

On the meaning of a word

Soviet man on the question of the meaning of the word"Import" would answer without hesitation: "Foreign junk." Accordingly, to import - is to supply to the USSR things produced outside the country. In conditions of total deficit, the goods of foreign production remained one of the few options for Soviet people to improve their modest life. Therefore, the people very much appreciated the opportunity to obtain imports. Foreign goods were attributed special properties, which are not always inherent in them.

By the way, folk interpretation is quitewas consistent with the definition of other sources that understood imports as importation of foreign goods into the territory of the state, which were not subsequently exported. But this explanation can not be considered exhaustive.

what does it mean to import

On the origin of the word

The word "import" comes from the Latin importo. Import - it really means "import" or "enter". And here there is a certain ambiguity: after all, it is possible to import differently. In which cases is it appropriate to talk about imports? It is important to clarify those dictionaries, where it is not just about entering the country of goods from abroad, but about their importation into the customs territory of the state. That is, a sweater or jeans bought by a Russian tourist during a holiday in Turkey, or personal belongings of an alien, which he will then take back, will not be called imports. Import - is to engage in targeted foreign trade activities in accordance with the laws of their country (including customs). This activity is based on economic and political state interests.

What can I import?

What goods are produced in foreign countries and in whatquantity to import on the territory of the country is a question of the state strategy, supported by the appropriate legislative base. By the way, not only material values ​​fall under the concept of import. Work, services, intellectual products can also become the subject of foreign trade, which is also regulated by law.import the meaning of the word

It must be said that since the times of the USSR in the structureImported goods and in its quantities there have been significant changes. A Soviet man, if he suddenly appeared in a modern store, would be amazed at the abundance and diversity of the once coveted foreign things. What is Russia currently importing? Yes anything! Food and light industry products, scientific technologies and modern equipment, machinery and much more. True, the structure of import-export is difficult to call balanced, but this is another story.

On some political terms

The one who has studied the communistliterature, will probably remember the following formulation: imported Marxism. It is a question of political doctrine, not born in Russia, but got here from other countries. For the modern man, the historians' arguments about how Marx's ideas developed in Europe, conquered Russian spaces and inspired local minds are hardly important. But the very practice of using the word "import" and its derivatives to describe political and economic phenomena may seem interesting.imported inflation

Something about inflation

"Imported inflation" is a relatively new term. But the essence of it is the same as in the previous cases: something is imported to us from the outside. What has got into our land this time?

Inflation (from the Latin Inflatio - "swelling")called steady growth in prices for goods and services, as a result of which the purchasing power of the local currency becomes lower. That is, as a result of some internal cataclysms, there is a devaluation of money, and a person can buy fewer goods today than he could buy yesterday for some fixed amount. Inflation is a very unpleasant phenomenon, and it is doubly insulting if its causes lie outside the country. For example, as a result of the increase in the cost of imported raw materials, prices for local goods dependent on it rise. Sometimes imported inflation can be the result of a complex financial relationship between the national currency and the monetary units of other states.

Import as technical term

The use of computer technology has determinedthe new meaning of the word "import". As digital technologies developed, there was a need to exchange data from different sources. Adding (inserting) external information into the current document, file, database is usually called import. The current information space, suddenly deprived of the ability to draw data from the outside, it is impossible to imagine. Microsoft was one of the first companies to provide information exchange between their applications, and not only. So, working in a text editor Microsoft Word, it's easy to supplement the text with "other people's" pictures and tables. Importing data into the Microsoft Access database is possible using information from the Microsoft Excel application, and so on.import bookmarks

It is difficult even to imagine all possible conveniences,which opens up the prospect of using information from other people's databases before working on the computer. Speech, of course, is not about espionage. Imagine a regular online store selling household appliances. The store cooperates with the owners of the goods, and it is important that every change in the supplier database is followed by appropriate adjustment of the store information (for example, about the presence or absence of a particular product). Therefore, you need a service that allows you to keep the online store database up-to-date. This service, in turn, is based on the ability to import vendor data into client information files.

What is "import photo"?

The current computer user is prettyspoiled. He no longer has enough texts and figures - he craves for new services, more diverse and colorful information. One of such possibilities is the import of photographs. What does it mean?what is it to import photos

For digital cameras (cameras) photograph -it's just a file that can be processed in one way or another (it all depends on the camera's functionality). But it is most interesting to work with a photo directly on the computer. Import - is to move or copy the file there, which is achieved by technical manipulation (both devices are connected) and software (the ability to import is provided for both the computer and the camera). That's all! Next, the imported snapshot can be simply stored, but can also be processed with the help of some computer program (for example, Adobe Photoshop). Such an exchange of information between different devices makes their possibilities truly limitless. After computer processing, an ordinary photo can become a work of art. But the computer text, illustrated with the necessary photo, immediately adds value and value.

The ability to import photos allowssave your favorite photos, create thematic photo albums, share pictures with friends, etc. Import files can be not only from the camera, but also from memory cards, scanners, other devices. In addition to photos, they import texts, music, clips. The combination of different ways of data exchange allows you to create unique multimedia projects, and just enjoy your work at the computer.what imports russia

About bookmarks

A bookmark was once called a device (more oftenstrip or string), with which the necessary page was marked in the book. The meaning of this word has not changed too much these days: bookmarks are the ability to choose (lay) favorite Internet sites in order to go to them the easiest way. When you change your computer or the program to access the Internet, and sometimes when you change the software, there is a considerable probability of losing the addresses of the selected sites - all the more, each browser organizes bookmarks in its own way. But in many cases, the problem can be solved by the ability to import bookmarks (that is, they can be saved in a certain way, and then reintroduced into use). How to do it technically, in each case is decided separately, but the convenience of this service is difficult to overestimate.


Data exchange is now everywhere. Imported files and databases, imported e-mail contacts and bookmarks of individual social networks. The concept of "import" is now applicable even to address books of mobile phones. And, perhaps, tomorrow we will hear about some new meaning of this interesting and multifunctional word.

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