To buy or not "Biolact" Theme "? Mom's comments say "yes"

Every mother experiences about the health of her baby. And in the light of these worries, one of the first places is eating crumbs. Especially it concerns those children who are just beginning to get used to the food they need with the help of complementary foods. One such novelty for kids is"Biolact" Theme. " Reviews about this yummy appeared soon after the appearance of this product on the shelves of stores. And in most cases, moms are happy.

New "Biolact": Do they need kids?

At some point in life, Mom carefullyis preparing to make a fairly responsible choice: where does one begin to introduce the sour-milk products into the diet? Known for several years, the brand of baby food "Theme" recently introduced a completely new sour-milk product - "Biolact". Let's try to figure out what is included in the composition of the drink under this name - "Biolact" Theme, "which testifies to the taste buds of children to him. What is its uniqueness?

biolactum theme reviews

For a growing body of babies it is necessaryconstant receipt of various nutrients that are needed for full development and healthy growth. And to solve these problems, the best suited are the sour-milk products.

There are additives? Hardly ever

"Biolact" Theme ", reviews of which moms write very often. And, probably, the main thing that sounds in them - it is in this children's yummy the least amount of unnecessary additives to the baby.

Biolactum theme sweet reviews

"Biolact" is recommended to give to children, starting withthe age of 8 months. It is excellent for starting to teach the karapuza to sour-milk products, little by little to introduce them into the ration of the baby of the first year of life.

"Theme" Biolact ", fermented milk, reviews of mothers that say that their kids drink it with pleasure, has a pleasant, delicate taste and practically does not contribute to allergic manifestations.

The strength of useful bacteria

So, taste. It is very soft, tender and milky. This mellow taste is due to the fact that this product has a much lower acidity than kefir. "Biolact" Theme "(reviews about him are not very bright - like, the kid does not want to drink biolact, preferring a cottage cheese or after the child drank a little from the sachet, blush cheeks in the evening. But this is a drop in the sea in comparison with the messages from mommies who share the joy that their chadushki with pleasure drink a tasty little galaxy) does not include a variety of fruit fillers, being a source of milk protein and digestible calcium. It contains lactobacilli useful for the baby, including an acidophilus rod.

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The weight of the standard package is 208 ml. Immediately before use, the package is shaken, poured the required amount into a clean boiled vial and heated in a water bath to a temperature of +36aboutС - +38aboutC. Do not store the opened packaging.

What is a drink?

In essence, the children's "Biolact" Theme, reviews aboutwhich is very numerous, is a natural, drinking sour milk product, which includes milk, leaven and a very small amount of sugar. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the leaven contains thermophilic streptococcus and acidophilus rod. It is this "Biolact" and it differs from the usual kefir, at the base of which is kefir fungi. Although both, those are the most sour-milk products that should be included in the ration of infants of the first year of life.

topic biolactum sour-milk reviews

Another novelty for babies is "Biolact"Theme" without sugar. Reviews about him moms say that the children eat it, perhaps a little less active than the one in which sugar is added, but usually no allergic reactions of the body are observed. And they buy it even for babies, who have atopic dermatitis.

That very necessary wand

So, it is already clear that the basis of the ferment "Biolact"Theme" is sweet "(reviews about this baby food product mostly contain words of gratitude to producers) is exactly the acidophilus rod. It is also in the intestines of a toddler baby. This lactobacillus is a kind of helper to the baby's body. Another of its undisputed plus is that it is especially viable. It does not collapse under the action of gastric juices. In addition, compared to others, the stick is much better established in the intestines of each baby, where day and night performs its such necessary and useful work.

Benefit for health

Scientists and health workers throughout theThe last couple of dozen years have been a lot of research. It was they who revealed how the acidophilic rod affects the body. It has become known that she is an ardent advocate of the gastrointestinal tract of the baby, reduces the risk of developing various infections by an order of magnitude and has a positive effect on immunity. In addition, being very resistant to antibiotics, the rod can suppress the development of pathogenic bacteria.

children's biolakt theme reviews

Another result of the research was the fact thatall products containing acidophilus can stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, improve digestion and reduce fermentation (that is, they are able to relieve bloating and gas formation).

Parents, remember: to introduce the baby to the new product should be gradually - the first few days to feed in small portions, and in ten days try to bring the amount of the product to 200 ml per day. This norm applies not only to "Biolactus", but also to other sour-milk products.

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