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Now, dear reader, you will find out howEnglish company Dunlop has changed the view of humanity on the usual, it would seem, thing - the tire. You will see the way from simple bicycle wheels to the masterpiece of Dunlop SP Sport 01 full of work and perseverance.

In 1889 in English Birmingham was foundedthe company for the production of pneumatic tires, which was named "DUNLOP" in honor of their inventor - John Dunlop. At first bicycle tires were produced, and only in 1893 the production of automobile tires was launched. There are branches in Europe: in Austria, Germany, Canada and France. In 1896, the company created the first testing laboratory for tires, analogues of which in the world did not exist yet. Within two years, solid rubber tires were replaced almost everywhere with pneumatic tires.

dunlop sp sport 7000Over the next 30 years,production of aviation and agricultural tires. By 1956, DUNLOP introduced the first tire with a rain protector for the competition "Formula 1". Two years later, nylon cord was used in these tires, which significantly reduced the weight of the wheel. Until 1977, the company was the only supplier of tires for these races. Since 1962 in the production of tires began to use synthetic rubber. Currently, this technology is used in all plants and allows you to increase the speed when driving a car. The Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT is specially designed for sports cars. It has a double cord of steel and gives the driver the perfect handling at high speed.

dunlop sp sport 01In the next few years the company's specialistsbecame the first in the development of tires of the Denovo system, (predecessors Dunlop SP Sport 01), which allows to move with a punctured tire a sufficiently long distance - more than a hundred kilometers - at a speed of 75-80 km / h. The cost of such tires was quite high, but the introduction of new technologies allowed it to be reduced. Due to this, Dunlop was able to start supplying such tires to the leading automobile manufacturers, which install them in the base configuration. Of course, it's a pity that our Russian cars do not have such tires and are unlikely to be completed in the near future.

Some tire models, for example Dunlop SP Sport01, won the truly popular love of motorists. In the design of their tread, engineers combined the most important elements: safety, quietness, speed, which are achieved through an asymmetric figure. And the car is provided with optimal behavior on the road under any conditions and condition of asphalt covering. This model is an ideal option for all kinds of sedans.

, dunlop sp sport maxx gt

For all-wheel drive vehicles, a model has been createdDunlop SP Sport 7000, which has a versatile A / S pattern - all-season. And special additives in the rubber make it possible to use it both on hot asphalt and during the cold rainy season. This feature is most relevant for our country, when all motorists delay the replacement of rubber in the off-season, which is why it is simply unrealistic to get onto vulcanization after the first snow fell. These tires are popular in the same way as the Dunlop SP Sport 01.

It is impossible to overestimate the contribution of Dunlop todevelopment of tire production. Its engineers were virtually the first in everything: they created models with grooves on the sides and used both rubber and steel spikes, embodied the idea of ​​using a tire without a camera. SUMITOMO RUBBER Industries is the corporation to which DUNLOP belongs. To date, it has a solid scientific base, and this allows it for many years to remain one of the leaders in the production of tires throughout the world. Today, the tires of the brand Dunlop produce nine countries on three continents: in America, in Asia, in Europe.

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