Tips: how to fry mushrooms

Champignons are one of the most popular mushrooms inRussia. They can easily be found in stores even in winter, and they are not at all expensive. These mushrooms can be fried, boiled, eat raw, bake in the oven, add to the pizza. From the champignons prepare delicious soups and pates. They can be served as a separate dish or with a side dish.

These mushrooms are extremely useful: they are rich in iron, potassium, B vitamins and PP, E and D vitamins. They can compete with seafood for phosphorus. Champignons are a very rich product, and their calorie content is less than 30 kcal. They lack sugar, the amount of sodium is low, which makes these mushrooms a dietary dish. These mushrooms are a natural source of fiber, which improves digestion. The folic acid contained in them is useful to future mothers.

Perhaps the most popular dish is fried champignons. How correctly to fry champignons, to make them soft and juicy?

First, you should decide which mushrooms youwill use: fresh or frozen. Frozen mushrooms are already soft on their own. Therefore, they need to cook quite a bit - no more than 3-4 minutes. Especially if they are thawed, before frying. Champignons frozen are kept in a pan for at least ten minutes, during which time they are cooked and even covered with a golden crust. First they must melt and release the water, then it is necessary to wait until all the water boils, and only then you can add oil.

Fresh mushrooms are more dense, and they should be cookedA little bit longer. Before frying, mushrooms mushrooms should be thoroughly washed, cleaned of dirt and remove all the films. If the mote is densely adhered, they can be rubbed slightly with a brush. After washing, before frying mushrooms, they must be dried, or get wet with a napkin. If this is not done, they will absorb the moisture and become watery.

Purified mushrooms are cut. The shape of the pieces can be absolutely anything, it depends only on the preferences of the cook. Before frying, mushrooms can be cut into strips, cubes, divided into four parts or cut into pieces along the length. Prepared mushrooms are spread on a skillet with preheated oil. The oil can be any: vegetable, creamy and even olive. It is important to remember that champignons easily absorb fat, so do not add too much oil. Then mushrooms are fried in a pan, stirring occasionally for 4-5 minutes. During heat treatment, mushrooms lose a lot of moisture, and, therefore, greatly decrease in size. For the same reason, it is not worthwhile to put too many of them in the pan: a lot of water is allocated from them, and the mushrooms are not fried, they are stewed. To avoid this, they are fried in small portions on high heat.

If you add onions and vegetables before fryingchampignons, mushrooms will be much more delicious. To do this, cut the onion half-rings or cubes, carrots rubbed on a grater and add to the mushrooms for a few minutes until tender. When the onion darkens, the frying pan can be removed from the fire. Cooked mushrooms in this way can be served as an independent dish, and with a garnish of potatoes or rice. Fans can experiment Add mushrooms spices, herbs, dried and fresh herbs: basil, celery, parsley. Ready mushrooms can be sprinkled with grated cheese; when the dish gets cold a little, it creates a very tasty crust.

Champignons - excellent nutritional and dietaryproduct. If you know how to properly fry these mushrooms, you can prepare a tasty and satisfying dish at any time of the year. To fry them you need only a few minutes, which saves time and makes life easier for housewives.

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