With the arrival of spring, many motorists are forced to decide the choice of summer tires. The safety of the driver and other road users will depend on them.

Change tires tediously on timeChange tires tediously on time
Road conditions in our country are significantly different in winter and summer. That is why the use of winter tires in the summer and vice versa, may require a tow truck. Therefore, consider the main features of the choice of summer tires.

Why change tires?

So why do you need to “change the car”? This is done because the tread pattern on summer tires is different from the pattern on winter tires. Material specifications are also different. Winter tires are made from softer grades. In the summer heat, they may become too soft and, accordingly, lose their qualities. Summer tires are tougher and they are not able to provide traction in the winter cold.
There is a huge selection of summer tires on the market.There is a huge selection of summer tires on the market.
It should be noted that there are all-season tires, suitable for use in any weather. Despite this, they have many drawbacks.Such tires cope with their duty much worse than highly specialized colleagues. By purchasing this rubber, you should consult with a specialist, because they can be made in countries with hot climates, where the temperature in winter may not fall below - 5 degrees. Their use in extreme cold will be impractical. Otherwise, you may need a car evacuation service.
How to choose summer tires? Which is better to buy?
Do not immediately dismiss the possibility of buying used rubber. Tires made to conscience have a very large wear limit. On this, of course, you can save well, but they will serve you a little less than the new ones.

Signs on the sides of the rubber wheels

Products that are represented on the market today are diverse. Experts recommend that when choosing to pay attention, first of all, to what is indicated by the manufacturer on the side of the wheels:
All season tire markingAll season tire marking
1. made in - an inscription which indicates the country of the tire manufacturer;
2. tradewere - rubber wear index on which the durability of such a product depends;
3dot - indicates the country of manufacture, day, month and year of release;
4. temperature is the maximum tire temperature;
5. Load index, which determines the maximum allowable weight for one wheel of the machine.

When do I need to change winter tires for summer?

The right choice of summer tires, as well as winter, is a rather important process. The good controllability of the car on the road, its directional stability, economical fuel consumption, braking efficiency and other characteristics depend on this. As a rule, the replacement of winter tires for summer ones is made with the onset of spring, when the weather finally settles and frosts disappear.

Tips for choosing summer tires

How to choose tires for an SUV?
The main criteria for the selection of high-quality summer tires are as follows:
1. The chemical composition of the rubber compound from which it is made. Wheels made of hard rubber are best suited for summer due to weather conditions. With that, over time, such a material is capable of losing its properties. Therefore, it is not recommended to choose tires, released more than 2 years ago.
2. Tread pattern affects how the car will feel on the road.An asymmetrical pattern allows you to feel more confident on a dry road, and a symmetrical one, on the contrary, on a wet one, since its grooves best drain water. Most tires have “grooves” that push water out from under the wheels.
3. Properly selected size is a guarantee of safe driving and long operation of your car. This indicator should correspond to the declared by the manufacturer. R- means the radial design of the wheels, and the figure beside it is the radius of the wheel in inches. In addition, the profile height and the width of the tire are indicated.
Summer tires for crossovers
4. A very important characteristic of tires is the ability to balance them. If the tire is difficult to balance on the disks, then it should be returned to the store. The same should be done when a large number of weights are required for balancing. Unbalanced tires cause beating at high speeds, which leads to rapid wear. When you can not solve the problem on the spot, you can always call a tow truck. Thus, there are some nuances when choosing summer tires, to which every motorist should pay attention.
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