Tiny Love - small universal mobile, 2nd generation: overview, features and reviews

With the birth of a baby in young parents, excepthappiness and joy, there is one irresistible desire: finally to have a good sleep! In this situation, special gadgets are capable of capturing the baby and allow time for adaptation to adults. This is a small universal mobile phone of the 2nd generation Tiny Love, which, in fact, will be devoted to today's material.

tiny love small universal mobile phone 2 generation

How not to get lost in the variety of products?

In the modern market of children's goods, there are many different mobile phones with absolutely different characteristics, with many useful functions and original design, for every taste and prosperity.

Small Universal Mobile Generation 2 Tiny Loverefer to the average price category. This product is chosen for parents by their parents all over the world. This is evidenced by the huge number of positive reviews posted on the company's official website and numerous forums in the vastness of the Internet. What are its advantages over other models? This is what we will consider below.

small universal mobile phone 2 generation tiny love

Who invented a miracle mobile?

A company that produces such mobile phones for children,was founded more than 30 years ago in Israel. Currently, its branches are scattered all over the world: they are in America, Europe, Australia, Middle East. Its permanent leader and president Shoshi Oren believes that developing toys are necessary for every child, as food balanced and rich in nutrients. The slogan he advocates, calls for moving forward, striving for excellence. Perhaps, that is why the universal small mobile of generation 2 Tiny Love, like all its previous models, was able to win the universal love of children and parents. By the way, the company has developed a special series of developing cartoons for the youngest, who are able to give many happy moments to kids almost from birth.

tiny love small universal mobile 2 generation reviews

Small universal mobile phone 2 generations of Tiny Love: description and main features

In children's shops it is easy to findThe box in which the cherished mobile is packed. It is compact enough, with transparent plastic windows through which the goods are perfectly visible. A distinctive feature of the small universal mobile phone generation 2 Tiny Love, in addition to the corporate logo, is its weight: the product is felt in the hands of more other toys on the market. This is not surprising, because all the functions that the gadget can boast, it was necessary to fit something, but there are a lot of them.

A small toy with huge functionality and capabilities

reviews about universal mobile phone tiny love small

I would like to say that the manufacturerreally tried to take into account all the nuances in the development of a small universal mobile phone of the 2nd generation Tiny Love. Regardless of the chosen model - classical or with black and white spirals and night illumination function - they are endowed with the maximum of possibilities, on each of which it is necessary to dwell in more detail:

  1. The first and, perhaps most important, is the availability ofmobile black and white toys aimed directly at the baby's face. Scientists came to the conclusion that newborns can distinguish exactly such colors, and bright and motley at first do not attract them at all. Since the small universal mobile phone of the 2nd generation Tiny Love is designed specifically for toddlers from the first days of life, this feature gives it a significant advantage in comparison with the products of competitors.
  2. The second no less important detail in the Tiny gadgetLove is the presence of musical compositions embedded in the mobile system. Familiar melodies are taken from the works of world classics. Scientists have proved that classical music helps crumbs from childhood to join in with the beautiful, and soothes the nervous system, lulls, helps to fall asleep.
  3. Small Universal Mobile 2 Generation Tiny Lovenot by chance has such a name. It is really universal, because it is easily attached to virtually any children's furniture and strollers. Comes with a convenient and durable clothespin - "crab", which can hold on any surface. This is an indispensable assistant to parents during the growing up of the baby.
  4. On the official website of the company or on Youtubeanyone can find a video overview of the Tiny Love mobile phone and draw the appropriate conclusions for themselves. But looking ahead, namely in the next section of the article, which will be devoted to reviews of such a useful gadget for children, I would like to say that consumer conclusions are quite predictable.

Proceedings of the manufacturer are appreciated

small all-purpose mobile phone 2 generation tiny love description

Many young parents, or rather, almost allconsumers who purchased a mobile phone in the crib of the baby Tiny Love, were satisfied with the useful and multifunctional toy. Moreover, they are happy to share positive feedback about the small universal mobile phone Tiny Love in social networks and on special thematic forums. Knowing all the advantages of a gadget, having experienced it in practice and possessing all the necessary information about it, happy owners recommend it to their friends and acquaintances, and also get them as gifts in honor of the birth of the baby. Many mummies note that under classical musical melodies the kid quietly falls asleep independently and without motion sicknesses. I would like to say that the special modes of rotation attached to the mobile figures as a way to complement the truly perfect children's "carousel." They can be used as necessary and as the baby grows up, because as of 2 months the child will be much easier to concentrate on static figures and carefully study them. And a little later, he will have fun watching the butterfly, the frog and the sparrow gently swirling overhead.

Perfection still has a drawback

mobile tiny love review

Tiny Love, small universal mobile phone 2generation, the reviews of which are full of gratitude to the manufacturer, still has one small drawback. It consists in a rather short leg attached to the baby's crib, and if it is placed in the crib, then the site with the animals will be on the side, and not at the center of the child's face. This shortcoming looks along with the merits of the product insignificant. However, do not forget that if you place the mobile asymmetrically to the child's face, then it must be constantly moved to the opposite side (at least once a week). This will help to protect the baby from the twisting of the neck and other troubles.

Toys created to give happiness

I would like to note that Shoshi Oren is the founderthe company Tiny Love - rightfully considered the leader in the production of goods for toddlers and their parents. His huge team is working tirelessly to make families truly happy, and give children the best moments of growing up. Having met Tiny Love products once, it will not be easy for you to refuse it. And it's not worth it. A wide range of products of the company can satisfy the demands of even the most demanding parent, and he will be satisfied with the purchase.

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Tiny Love - small universal mobile, 2nd generation: overview, features and reviews Tiny Love - small universal mobile, 2nd generation: overview, features and reviews Tiny Love - small universal mobile, 2nd generation: overview, features and reviews Tiny Love - small universal mobile, 2nd generation: overview, features and reviews Tiny Love - small universal mobile, 2nd generation: overview, features and reviews Tiny Love - small universal mobile, 2nd generation: overview, features and reviews