Tilapia in batter, pike perch and trout

More recently, we first saw onthe counters of our fish shops are new varieties of fish. Pangasius is already very much said and written, but the other fish remained in the shade. It's about tilapia. It, like any other fish, contains a huge amount of vitamins and minerals. High protein content with low fat content is the main advantage of this miracle fish. Try to cook the next dish - "tilapia in batter" - and it will become a frequent guest on your table. Whisk two eggs with a pinch of salt and a little milk (50 grams), add flour (100 grams) and mix everything into a homogeneous mass. The clay, which you will get, in consistence should resemble sour cream. The fish itself should be cut into small pieces, salt, sprinkled with lemon juice, lovers can add dry herbs such as Provence. In this marinade leave the fish to marinade for about twenty minutes. Tilapia in batter is dipped from all sides and fried in a hot frying pan, greased with vegetable oil. In five or seven minutes the fish will turn golden-you can turn the fish around. The same time we fry on the other side, and a wonderful, gentle tilapia in batter is ready! Put the prepared fish on a plate covered with a paper towel, this you will remove excess oil.

"Fish of St. Andrew", and that is how it is in the peoplecalled tilapia, not the only fish that turns out very tasty with this method of cooking. A very interesting recipe will help you quickly cook a light dinner, where the main dish of the evening will be pike perch in batter. The meat of this fish becomes dry with ordinary frying, but the batter will give it juiciness. For a batter, you will need half a cup of kefir, flour, 3 eggs, salt and sugar. Egg proteins are separated, and everything else is mixed into a homogeneous mass. Flours at the same time add so much that the claret resembled thick sour cream. Whisk the whipped into a foam and gently interpose them in the total mass. Fillet of pike perch is cut into portions, salt, sprinkled with lemon juice, and lovers can add chopped greens. In this marinade, the pike-perch should be about 20 minutes. Then each slice is dipped into the cooked dough and laid out on a heated frying pan with vegetable oil. After about seven minutes, the fish roasted to golden color must be turned over to the other side and waited for the same color. Prepare a pike perch in this way and invite guests. Success is assured to you!

A lot has been said about the beneficial properties of fish. Trout is no exception: polyunsaturated acids contained in this fish quickly remove all the harmful that our body has the ability to accumulate in the process of vital activity, and Omega-3 cleanse the walls of the vessels, the elasticity of which depends on the health of the whole organism. Eat trout more often, and you will forget about stress and depression, and your mood will always be excellent! Trout can be prepared in many ways, I suggest you cook trout in batter. Pieces of fish need to be washed and dried with a paper towel. Salt and put aside for 15-20 minutes. Any fish during this time has time to collect just as much salt as necessary. For a batter on 1 egg, you need to add half a glass of milk and 3-4 tablespoons of sifted flour. You can cook it in any of the above ways, or you can cook it using strong beer: eggs (2 pieces), half a glass of sifted flour and a little more than half a glass of beer. All this is well whipped. Pieces of trout dip into this mixture and fry in warmed-up oil for 5 minutes from each side. We put the prepared fish on a plate, sprinkle with fresh herbs. Whatever fish you cook, be it tilapia in batter, pike perch or trout, on the table there must be a large sliced ​​lemon, the juice of which you will sprinkle a delicious dish.

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Tilapia in batter, pike perch and trout Tilapia in batter, pike perch and trout Tilapia in batter, pike perch and trout Tilapia in batter, pike perch and trout Tilapia in batter, pike perch and trout Tilapia in batter, pike perch and trout