Thrombophlebitis: treatment of pathology

What is thrombophlebitis

thrombophlebitis treatmentThrombophlebitis is a complication of varicose veins. Sometimes it is a consequence of infectious diseases, childbirth, malignant neoplasms and various surgical interventions. The origin of this disease can be based on a huge complex of factors, the main of which are:

  • infections;
  • reducing the reactivity of the patient;
  • changes in the chemical composition of blood;
  • a significant increase in blood clotting and, as a result, slowing blood flow.

Blood clots

With varicose veins, inflammation of the blood vessel wall occurs and blood flow slows down significantly. This is one of the reasons for the appearance of blood clots, which are an aggregate of blood cells stuck together. Because of its size, it is able to completely clog the small vessels, which can lead to a stroke. Thrombophlebitis, which can be treated for a long time, can cause a huge number of problems and even lead to death.

Acute thrombophlebitis: treatment depends on the symptoms

Most often, patients begin to be disturbed by severe pain in the limb affected by varicose veins. At the same time, the skin over the vein reddens and reacts painfully to palpation and touch. The affected limb swells severely. Redness of the skin is characteristic of the first days of the disease. After a week, it becomes blue, and a little later - brownish.

Thrombophlebitis: home treatment

what is thrombophlebitisMost patients can be treated at home. The need for hospitalization and immediate treatment, which includes surgical intervention, arises only when there is a threat of the passage of thrombosis into deep veins. Patients in this case need immediate surgery. The treatment regimen should exclude excessive loads on the diseased limb and include bed rest. It must always be remembered that the activity of the venous-muscular pump of the lower leg contributes to the occurrence of intensive blood flow and prevents the occurrence of blood clots in the deep veins. In the very first days of the disease, the affected limb is rewound with sports elastic bandages, and as they recover, they are replaced with various sports knitwear: stockings, golf or elastat tights.

Thrombophlebitis: treatment with traditional medicine

acute thrombophlebitisIt should be remembered that this is a very serious disease. It can be fatal, so you should always consult a qualified doctor. In no case should the injured limb be massaged, as this may cause damage to the fragile venous walls and tearing of the blood clots. Being in “free flight” a clot can easily travel throughout the body and clog one of the small vessels in the brain, causing a stroke. However, there are several popular recipes that can help in the fight against the disease. So, for example, one of the best means is the use of horse chestnut. It is very easy to make tincture from it. To do this, you need to take 10 grams of fruits or flowers of chestnut and, having finely detailed them, mix with 100 grams of regular vodka. This tincture should be stored in a dark place and occasionally shaken. Take should be 30 drops before each meal.

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