Thomas Anders is an actor, music composer, and also a well-known German singer who became famous all over the world thanks to his participation in the Modern Talking group. The name at birth is Bernd Weidung.

Thomas Anders: biography

A well-known artist was born on March 1, 1963 in the small German town of Muensterfelde, Rhineland-Palatinate. On this earth and to this day his parents live and his elder brother.

Thomas Anders

As a child, Thomas Anders (photo of the singer can be seenin the article) appeared in the church choir. The artist was trained in a music school for piano, and at home he tried to play guitar on his own.

But the parents of the musical boy saw hima builder and showed concern, attracting a guy to physical labor. So, Thomas's dad was engaged in building a house for his older brother, and the guy helped with pushing cars with cement, while wearing a strict jacket with a tie.

After completing schooling, Bernd WeidungI studied German language and literature, and also allocated a certain time for musicology. At the age of 16, the future member of the popular disco band "Modern Talking" won the competition "Radio Luxembourg", interested in his person several record companies. One of these companies offered the singer to use the pseudonym Thomas Anders and record the composition of Judy, which became one of the 9 singles released by the musician before meeting the composer and producer Dieter Bohlen.

After that, two or three joint works in German and the English-language single Catch Me I'm Falling were released. The song Wovon träumst du denn reached the 16th position in the hit parade of Germany.

Thomas Anders of Modern Talking

At the age of 21, Thomas and his new acquaintanceDieter Bieter joined forces and began to perform in the duo called "Modern Toking". The first released hit of the band was the single You're My Heart, You're My Soul, which has held a leading position in many European countries. The recorded song was able to hold on to the first lines of numerous hit parades for 6 months.

tomas anders singer

Almost 3 years the musicians performed together in onegroup. During this time, 6 collections and 9 singles were recorded, 5 of which occupied the leading positions in all the music charts of Europe. Disco-group sold more than 60 million sound-speakers, received 40 "platinum" and about 200 "gold" premiums. In 1987, the contract expired, and Anders went on a world tour with a solo program.

Solo career

Two years later, singer Thomas Anders released hissolo album. And a year later he created his own music publishing house. For 11 years, the former member of the popular group "Modern Talking" developed as a musician and creative personality. In the late 90's the singer could find for himself an additional stimulus in his work, carried away with jazz. Anders even released an album with recorded songs that were designed as a jazz concert. The collection includes songs by many famous singers who perform songs in this style.

tomas anders modern naming

Return of the popular band

However, in the spring of 1998,fans of the famous singer's creativity there was a triumphant reunion of the famous disco-collective "Modern Talking". Thomas and Dieter released a collection of remixes and old compositions of the group, which went on tour.

Modest and shy young people byThe passing of time turned into courageous men and professional musicians. The fame of the band increased significantly, and the new version of the single You Can Win If You Want became the main hit of that time.

However, the return to the group was far from easy. Speaking to the public, the men tried to seem like old friends, but they were openly enmity behind the scenes. The musical duet was reunited only for the sake of continuing his career.

In 2003, 5 years after the reunionpopular disco-group, the duo broke up forever. During this period of time, the musical collective "Modern Talking" released 5 collections, 3 of which became "platinum".

In the personal life of the singer, there have also been changes. In 1998, he filed a divorce with his wife, after living together for 14 years. The first wife of Thomas Anderson was Nora Billing, who was engaged in creating a scenic image of her husband.

tomas anders pictures

The second time the famous singer legalized the relationship with the translator Claudia Hess. Acquaintance of the couple took place in 1996, and in the summer of 2002 the first-born Alexander appeared at the spouses.

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