Thermos "Arctic": customer reviews

Even if you do not like to go fishing, hunting or traveling, a thermos can still be useful to you. With it, you can easily go on an autumn walk to the city park and at any time have a cup of aromatic coffee or tea on the bench. Modern models of thermoses can be used for food and take them with you to work. They have a wide neck, which allows you to store in them even solid food. In general, it is a very useful acquisition for all occasions.

In our article we present reviews about thermos "Arctic". But first, let's take a closer look at this brand and its wide range.

Brand information

"Arctic" is a young but rapidly developing trademark, founded in Russia in 2008. The development of the company was at a time when the demand for thermoses around the world began to grow rapidly, and in our country, on the contrary, to a minimum. This product caused associations with the remnants of the Soviet past, was considered dull and outdated.The company decided to radically change the outlook of people and presented a stylish and convenient thermos, which quickly gained popularity among young people.

thermos arctic wide-mouth reviews

This is how the most recognizable brand of isothermal products appeared in Russia. Today, these thermoses are used not only by travelers and students, but also by young moms, schoolchildren, truckers and fishermen. A distinctive feature of this product is reliability. You can be sure that the thermos will not spill at the most inopportune moment.

Product range

The company "Arctic" offers customers a wide range of thermoses for home and garden, for the city, for children, women and men. Product catalog includes the following categories of goods:

  1. Thermoses for drinks. The collection includes classic models with a narrow neck, gift sets with two thermo mugs in a set, universal series for food and liquids, special thermoses with American design and different types of outer cover, as well as jugs and flasks.
  2. Thermo mugs. This type of product will appeal to absolutely everyone: tourists, city dwellers, lovers of nature and leisure at home, sportsmen, motorists, office workers,fishermen and hunters. Such a mug, thanks to double walls, perfectly keeps the temperature of the liquid for a long period of time.
  3. Thermos for food "Arctic". According to reviews, thanks to the wide neck you can put anything in them, from a light snack to a full hot lunch. And even the ice cream does not have time to melt in the summer heat, if you keep it in a universal thermos for food.
  4. Cooler bags. They are suitable for picnics, for traveling long distances, for the beach, for hunting and fishing, when it is necessary to keep food fresh, regardless of the weather and transportation conditions. The company's range includes classic cooler bags and a set of dishes.
  5. Thermal containers. Such carriers are versatile and are used at the same time as cold batteries.

Reviews of thermoses "Arctic" with a wide neck

Versatility is the main advantage of this type of product. The wide-mouth thermos has a compact size, can be used simultaneously for food and drinks, has a more reliable, double stopper and a pair of bulk cups.

thermos arctic 201 reviews

The most popular model of the thermos "Arctic" - 201, according to reviews, has a number of advantages:

  • thanks to the double cork, it can be used simultaneously for both the first and second courses;
  • suitable for all occasions: for traveling, lunch at the offices, walking in the city park;
  • made from high quality and safe materials;
  • It does not require special care;
  • maintains the temperature of food throughout the day;
  • does not absorb foreign odors.

Some customers note that after 12 hours, the food in the thermos begins to cool and becomes not hot, but warm. Otherwise, this is an excellent acquisition for all occasions.

Thermos sudkovy series 403

food thermos arctic reviews

Neither at work nor at a picnic you no longer need to eat dry homemade sandwiches. Sudoku thermos has a complete set: three containers for food with a spoon and fork in a special case. This is the optimal solution for carrying the whole lunch. The volume of a thermos container is 1.5 liters. Its weight is 1 kg, the diameter of the bottom and neck - 120 mm.

In the reviews about the thermos "Arctic" series 403, customers note the following benefits:

  • in the presence of 3 plastic containers of different sizes;
  • maintaining the temperature for a long period of time;
  • stylish and modern design.

Disadvantages of the model:

  • after several months of operation, the plastic from which the containers are made loses its presentation and turns yellow;
  • containers included in the kit periodically flow;
  • Thermos lid is not sealed.

Thermos for drinks

The company "Arctic" offers a wide range of products of this type. Thermoses for drinks are presented by modelswith both narrow and wide neck, which allows them to be used not only for tea, but also for first courses. The volume of the flask models presented in this category varies from 350 to 3500 ml.

Reviews of thermoses "Arctic" for drinks are as follows:

  • excellent quality of materials and assembly;
  • a flask made of food grade stainless steel that retains heat well;
  • preservation of food temperature for a long time;
  • excellent assortment;
  • removable strap;
  • shockproof case for most models.

Below we consider the features of the most popular thermos from this category.

Reviews about the model series 105

thermos arctic 105 reviews

This thermos has a stylish and modern design, lowered design and excellent functional characteristics.The body and the inner flask are made of food grade stainless steel - a quality material that is safe for humans. The narrow neck prevents the loss of heat. A special feature of the model is a special lacquer coating, due to which no prints remain on the surface of the case. According to reviews, the thermos "Arctic" 105 series maintains the temperature of the liquid inside the flask for 28 hours. If you pour boiling water inside, then after the specified maximum time the temperature will be not lower than 60 °.

According to buyers, the thermos of the presented model has no flaws at all.

Thermos "Arctic" 106: customer reviews

The presented model is one of the most popular among buyers. This is a classic thermos with a narrow neck, which, regardless of volume, lies comfortably in one hand. The model of this series has a special coating in the form of hammer enamel, which is very difficult to spoil or damage. Due to the vacuum between the walls, the thermos well keeps the temperature of the liquid contained in the flask. Even after 32 hours you can enjoy warm drinks.

thermos arctic 106 reviews

According to customer reviews, the 106 series thermos "Arctic" has the following advantages:

  • big time of preservation of heat or cold;
  • two cups in the set;
  • the ability to choose a thermos of the required volume (from 500 to 1200 ml);
  • convenient form;
  • narrow neck.

As disadvantages, buyers noted a possible marriage, since the products of this brand are assembled in China.

Thermos-sitterm Series 702

This model has a compact size and a small volume of the flask. It fits easily into the bike holder and fits most car holders. The convenient cover of a thermos easily opens one hand. The presented model is able to keep the temperature inside the flask for 10 hours.

thermos arctic reviews

Thermos "Arctic", according to reviews, is so convenient and reliable that even schoolchildren can use it. At the same time, thanks to a special narrow neck, there is no need to completely twist the lid. Thermos has good ergonomics and is comfortable in the hand. You can take it with you to school, to work, and to training.

Reviews of thermomugs

In appearance, the models of the category presented more closely resemble a car glass with a lid. You can use them in the car, and while exploring the city. Most thermo mugs do not have a side grip.In the lid there is a special small hole, thanks to which you can drink drinks from a glass directly in the vehicle while driving. Thermocup "Arctic" are designed to maintain the temperature regime up to 8 hours.

Thermos Arctic Reviews Buyers

Feedback on these devices is inconsistent. On the one hand, the thermomug is convenient. On the other hand, they do not keep the temperature declared by the manufacturer. Otherwise, customers note only the advantages of the cup: it does not heat up, it is easy to wash it, thanks to the tight lid the liquid does not spill. The design of the device is concise. Thermocup volume is 400 ml.

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