Thermal battery: types and uses in everyday life

If you have a boiler plant in your house,working on solid fuel, then you should be aware that it can not function for a long time without human intervention. This is due to the need to periodically load firewood into the furnace. If this is not done in time, the system will begin to cool down, and the temperature in the rooms will drop.

If the electricity is cut off in the event of a firefurnace, then there will be a danger of boiling water in the equipment's shirt, resulting in its destruction. These problems can be solved by installing a heat accumulator. It also performs the role of protecting plants from cast iron from cracking, when there is a sharp drop in the temperature of the network water.

thermal accumulator

Using a heat accumulator in everyday life

The thermal battery has become for many modernheating systems an indispensable device. With the help of this supplement it is possible to ensure the accumulation of excess energy generated in the boiler and usually spent in vain. If we consider models of heat accumulators, most of them have the form of a steel tank, which has several upper and lower branch pipes. The latter is connected to a heat source, whereas the first ones are consumers. Inside there is a liquid that can be used to solve different tasks.

The thermal battery is used in everyday life quiteoften. At the heart of his work is the impressive heat capacity of water. The operation of this device can be described as follows. To the top of the tank is connected the pipeline of boiler equipment. The tank receives a hot coolant, which is heated to the maximum.

The circulating pump is at the bottom. He picks up cold water and starts up the heating system, directing it to the boiler. The cooled liquid for a short time is replaced by a heated one. As soon as the boiler stops working, the coolant begins to cool down in the pipes and pipelines. Water enters the tank, where it begins to displace the hot coolant into the pipes. Heating space will continue for some time on this principle.

heat accumulator

The role of the heat accumulator

The thermal battery in everyday life is capable of performing many useful functions, among them:

  • stabilization of the temperature in the house;
  • provision of premises with hot water supply;
  • increase the efficiency of the system to the maximum possible;
  • reduction of fuel costs;
  • accumulation of excess energy from the boiler;
  • Combining several heat sources into one circuit;
  • the possibility of disconnection of heat sources.

thermal battery for a rocket

What else is necessary to know about the peculiarities of using heat accumulators in everyday life

To date, several methods are knowncalculating the volume of the tank. As experience shows, for each kilowatt of equipment capacity, 25 liters of water is needed. The coefficient of efficiency of the boiler, which provides for the need for a heating system with a heat accumulator, increases to 84%. The peak of combustion is leveled, due to this, energy resources are saved up to 30%.

The thermal battery ensurestemperature thanks to a reliable thermal insulation made of foamed polyurethane. In addition, it is possible to mount TENs, which allow you to heat water if necessary.

heat accumulator for heating

When you need a heat accumulator

The accumulation of heat is necessary when there is a great need for water supply. This case extends to cottages, which are home to more than 5 people.

The accumulation of heat is also necessary in those houses,where there are two bathrooms. A thermal battery is also required when using solid fuel boilers. The devices described smooth out the operation of equipment during high-load hours, collecting excess heat and excluding boiling. With this device, you can increase the time between the fuel tabs.

heat accumulator by one's own hands

Other types of heat accumulators

A thermal battery for a car can alsobe used. It is a thermos, which provides easy starting of the engine at low temperatures. This device accumulates and gives off heat. It works autonomously and almost does not require the application of additional energy. The principle of its operation is that the antifreeze is heated from the running engine to 90 ° C, and if it is placed in a heat accumulator, it will remain hot for another two days.

Before starting a cold engine,The consumer will need to turn on the electric pump, which pumps the liquid into the engine. A few minutes later the engine will be warmed up, which means that it can be connected to the car alarm.

Thermal battery for the rockets "Earth-Air"also was invented. Its production was adjusted, that it was possible to increase the effectiveness of air defense. Today, thermal batteries, unfortunately, can be used to create mined vehicles that are remotely controlled.

thermal battery for rockets land air

Manufacture of a heat accumulator by one's own hands

The simplest model of the battery isto make independently, while it should be guided by the principles of the thermos. Due to walls that do not conduct heat, the liquid will remain hot for a long time. For work it is necessary to prepare:

  • tank;
  • Scotch;
  • concrete slab;
  • heat-insulating material;
  • copper pipes or heating elements.

When a thermal battery is manufactured byhands, when choosing a tank it is necessary to take into account the desired capacity, it should start from 150 liters. You can pick up any metal barrel. But if you choose a volume less than the mentioned, then the meaning is lost. The container is prepared, dust and debris is removed from the inside, the areas where corrosion has started to form should be treated accordingly.

thermal battery for car

Methods of work

The next step is to prepareheater, it will need to be wrapped around the barrel. He will be responsible for keeping the heat. For homemade construction, mineral wool is very suitable. On the outside, it envelops the tank, and afterwards the entire structure is protected with an adhesive tape. In addition, the surface can be covered with foil or metal.

When a thermal battery isheating, it is important to ensure the heating of water inside, for this, one of the existing methods is usually used. This can be the installation of electric heating elements or a coil over which water will flow. The first option can not be called safe, in addition, it is quite difficult to implement, so it is better to abandon it. But you can make a coil from a copper tube, the diameter of which varies from 2 to 3 cm.

The length of the product can be equal to the limit of 8 to 15mm. A spiral is assembled from the tube, which must be placed inside the container. In this model, the upper part of the barrel will act as the accumulator. From the bottom it is necessary to arrange one more branch pipe, which will be an opening one. Cold water will flow through it. Pipes should be supplemented with cranes.

On this we can assume that a simple deviceheat accumulator is ready for operation, but for the beginning it is necessary to solve the issue related to fire safety. Such an installation should be located on a concrete slab, and if possible, it is fenced off with walls.


A thermal battery for a rocket is a device,which is far from understanding the ordinary consumer. But you can connect the heat accumulator for the heating system yourself. For this purpose, a return pipeline must pass through the tank through which the outlet and entrance are provided at the ends.

At the first stage, you should connect the tankand the return of the boiler. Between them is a circulation pump, it will drive the coolant from the barrel into the cutoff valve, the heaters and the expansion tank. On the second side, a circulation pump and a cut-off valve are installed.

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