Thematic birthday for adults and children

Thematic birthday is a special kind of celebration. Today, more often in the whole world, celebrations are held in this vein. They are interesting and exciting, but they require serious preparation.

Choose an idea for an event

themed birthdayTo thematic birthday was a success,should, first and foremost, determine its subject matter. Adults can choose for the celebration of such ideas as a pirate or gangster party, a secular ball of the 19th century or a disco dance party. For teens, it may be interesting to see directions like a vampire party, a holiday in the style of halloween or a meeting of aliens. For kids, a more cheerful themed birthday is more suitable. You can refer to the heroes of your favorite children's tales. For example, the birthday of Neznaika in the Flower City or a holiday of flowers. Of course, the main core of the celebration is always the presence of all the guests of masquerade costumes and writing a special scenario of the event.

Organization of the feast

On the theme birthday should be prepareddishes decorated appropriately. For example, a vampire party will require the preparation of bloody beverages, a special "blood-like" sauce, which will need to be watered dishes. Celebration for the birthday of Neznaika decorate desserts in floral thematic.birthday party

Organization of thematic birthdays

You can refer to another famousthe product of children's literature - a fairy tale in verse "Fly-Tsokotukha" by Korney Chukovsky. Such a holiday also implies the obligatory presence of fancy dresses.organization of children's birthdaysAnd the event of this subject is beautifulcan pass and among adults. One has only to work on the script, for example, rewrite the storyline into a new, adult way. Organization of children's birthdays can also be based on the story of the birthday of Mukha-Tsokotuhi. Although you can put in the basis of other works: about Pinocchio or forest animals, about Cipollino or toys from the fairy tale "The Journey of the Blue Arrow". Then the treats can be decorated with golden clavicles or muzzles of animals, have the appearance of a forest clearing with mushrooms and ladybirds on leaves, be made in the form of machines or trains.

Games and contests

Of course, we should not forget about the riddles andgames during the celebration. It is possible for each correct answer to give guests a colorful postcard or token, which after the competition must be counted. The main prize is a toy for children, and a souvenir for adults. Children are extremely sensitive, so it's worth taking care that none of them are left without a gift, even the smallest. Really like children playful games at the event. You can organize team competitions like "Merry Starts", play the game "Third Extra". And also an improvised concert can turn out great. For performances artists can give out lottery tickets, which are then very amusing to play. True, this entertainment is suitable for children who are already familiar with numbers. If the company has picked up a different age, it is appropriate to organize the older children for the performance before the younger ones, to arrange a kind of theater with entrance tickets, calls before the performance, sitting in the "auditorium".

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Thematic birthday for adults and children Thematic birthday for adults and children Thematic birthday for adults and children Thematic birthday for adults and children Thematic birthday for adults and children Thematic birthday for adults and children Thematic birthday for adults and children